Practical Spirituality

My intention for this blog is to share with you, the reader, a taste of my interactions with Grace, to get a feel for what it is like to have a reading with us. For years I have written to her and by stilling my mind with simple meditation, she has answered through my writing, I just allow the information to flow through my fingers. 

Dear Grace,

Why would someone want to have a reading?

“Some people are curious, some people want to test you, and some people think – “that is just what I have been looking for!

When you look at Life on Earth, and the greater Universe from a physics view point – all matter and non-matter is made up of vibration, right down to a molecular level. Even empty space has a vibration. More solid structures consist of a denser, heavier vibration, lifeforms such as humans, animals and plants are a lighter vibration. Water, clouds and wind are lighter still and then there is the non-physical forms of spirit people. The eternal essence of you, what some call Soul is this, a high vibrational state of being. When the body ceases to function in the process known to you as death, the Soul continues on. Many religions have a variety of views of this – all of which are correct. This view that I am speaking to you of is what you resonate with Monica. It is a collection of the experiences you have had over this life time. The logic mind functions on reason and facts. We go way beyond this. When you return to Spirit/Heaven, you will not be thinking in the same way and what has seemed important, no longer is.

So why would someone want a reading with us?

Because they have a desire, a yearning to know more, to have a better understanding of what is happening in their lives and how to benefit from this, for themselves and others, and how they can improve upon this.  

To help them navigate their way along the Journey of Their Soul in this life time. If you were to look at your life as an adventure and that all of the events which have occurred and are yet to come, all have happened for a reason – this reason being The Journey of Your Soul. 

This is our offering – a Spiritual perspective to everyday challenges, solutions to everyday problems – Practical Spirituality. There are many tarot readers in the world, all offering their unique way, a match to the many people wanting answers to a variety of questions.

If it is you, the reader, seeking answers, understanding, to feel more at ease in your life experience, something different, then you have found us! And you know what to do…..send Monica an email and lets do a reading for you – it would be my pleasure!

With Love Always,


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