Why Written Readings?

Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney 2013.

Why are Monica’s readings in written form?

Previously over the years I have done readings in person, in my clinic and at big and small festivals and markets, on-line by Skype or phone. The purpose now for doing written readings began due to my present lifestyle as John and I travel around the country housesitting. Internet access fluctuates from area to area and the most consistent way that came about was to do a written reading. This technique is personal, intimate and private. It was prompted by Grace, so I trust that there must be another reason to support this technique.

Dear Grace,

What is the benefit for doing readings by email?

“There are several reasons supporting this. Yes it is easier and more convenient whilst you are travelling to do readings by email. It also helps to keep you focussed on receiving information from us and to not be distracted by the emotional energy when doing a reading in person. The fluctuations in internet access can disrupt your focus during an audio visual or phone session.  This too will evolve as will your lifestyle. For now, it works well for us too, as writing is the most direct way for you to receive the information from us. It also provides a written record so that the person you are reading for can take their time to digest the information, process it in their own way and can reread it as required. Just as good is an audio recording if that is preferred.

There will be times to come where you will be called upon to do readings in person, with individuals or groups, or by internet. The desire of others will determine this. Sometimes your physical presence will be…helpful. We understand the positive effects of a well timed hug and how this can assist in uplifting others.

We trust that this is helpful.

With Love Always,


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