Why would people want to have a reading?

Dear Grace,

Why would someone want to have a reading?

Some frequently asked questions are:

“I feel drawn to having a reading but am unsure what to ask,”

Questions are important for a reading, they help with specifics, detail. If you just want a general reading to see what the Universe has in store, that is ok too. The cards will show were you need to be focussing in your life, maybe something that is unseen to you that needs your attention.

“I know what to ask but feel a little awkward in being so upfront” 

Email readings are a great way to obtain information or validation. Some people feel a little shy when having a reading done in person, this way they can write about what they want to know or the problems requiring solutions and feel a little more at ease.

“What if the answers are not to my liking, or not what I expected.”

The answers to your questions often do not come in the way you think they might, Spiritual Perspective is quite different to that of being in the Physical World – there is no drama or attachment to outcome. We are only showing you the possibilities of which there is a limitless supply, but select the ones which are lining up with where you are in your life now, helping you to move forward. A reading will help you to be more aware of the subtle signs and the serendipitous moments guiding you onwards, for you to listen to and trust your own intuition. With the information you receive you can then decide what feels right for you and set your focus on that. The readings we offers tools to empower you through choice. Being aware of what some of these choices are helps you to get ‘unstuck’, is uplifting, brings clarity and the feeling of liberty.

“I am feeling lost, unsure of what I should be doing, there seems to be nothing obvious to me and a friend suggested having a reading.”

This is a common reason for having a reading. Most people who find themselves in this situation are answering the call of their soul to grow and do something new. We are able to bring to light opportunities waiting for you to catch up to and this can be both fun and exciting, usually indicating new places, and new faces.

With Love Always,

Grace xoxo.

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