With respect and thanks to My Dog Sighs for this street art,

Dear Grace,

What are we to write about today?

“How delicious it is to see when you perceive Life through the Eye of Your Soul – to see it as an adventure – oh the places you will go and the people you will meet!

Every day demands and stresses melt away and a sense of freedom, which you all crave, is released.

Have Faith and Trust that everything is always working out perfectly for you, even the challenging bits, especially the challenging bits, because they are the forerunners of change, of new stuff, of growth and evolution. The outcome depends on your personal perspective. When You choose to see things differently, from a new view point, a new attitude, Your whole world changes and you feel the positive momentum of the flow of Life – Your Life, Your unique experience supporting you.

Be In Awe! Be Inspired! Be Amazed! Be in Love with Life and feel the joyful uplifting of this profound knowing deep from within you, that every experience is enabling you to grow.

See the beauty in All, through the Eye of Your Soul, with Love, Acceptance and Grace.

With Love Always,

Grace xoxo.”

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