Non-Verbal Communication

There are so many similarities between Spirit Communication, Animal Communication and Telepathy. My experience has been that each conversation is unique. As there are a variety of personalities in the people we converse with, so too are there with animals and spirit people. Some are subtle and shy, some audibly loud and clear, some use body language or move things to get our attention. And some reach us through what is referred to as Imagination.

For me, Imagination is an amazing ability we all have and is now being seen with a greater understanding. In the past it was under-rated or brushed of as a childhood thing, a distraction from attention in class or simply pretending. But how has anything, ANYTHING come into being without Imagination? All art, music, novels, poetry, architecture, buildings, vehicles, boats, engines, aircraft, spacecraft, bridges, surgical procedures, medical breakthroughs, problem solving, came through inspired thought – Imagination, seeing an idea in the minds eye, visualisation.

Imagination – a powerfully creative tool and we all have one and it is free! Have you used yours today? I am sure you have in some way…

Explore it, exercise it, feed it, nurture it, listen to it and play with it!

A different perspective that I have experienced is that Imagination is inspiration – messages and guidance from source energy, god, angels, spirit guides, loved ones passed over – communication with those in the Spirit World/Heaven, the non-physical aspect of the universe who continue to exist as a presence, energy, vibration, and are eternal. Grace, my guardian angel, my guide, my mentor, my inner guidance, my intuition, has shown me this since I was a child. And I am so grateful for being aware of her. She helps me to relax into Life with an understanding that everything is working out perfectly, maybe at times it does not feel like that, but from a higher, divine perspective – it always is.

There are so many levels of existence in the massive energy field we call the Universe, beyond our solar system, our galaxy. Far bigger than the logic mind can comprehend.

So take a new perspective, a look at everyday Life with Spirit Eyes and Spirit Ears, fine tuned to the subtle frequencies, the whispers of the animals and people in Spirit, and be inspired and delighted by what you will discover.

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