The ability to listen is a key component in Spirit and Animal Communication, and trusting in your Intuition. Clear Listening requires an uncluttered mind, even for just a moment, which will improve your ability to hear with more than your ears. It is a sensory experience – feeling the energy of the information, be it an inspiring thought, a nudge, prompt or urge to do something or go somewhere. This helps you to tune into a higher frequency of vibration, to hear the whisperings of your guides, angel and loved ones in Spirit/Heaven.

All information is a form of vibration. Verbal conversation involves more non-verbal communication than most of you realise. Body language, gestures, and what is actually NOT said are all exchanges of energy. But how you each receive that information is unique.

As are the various techniques or tools used in receiving information through having a reading – Palmistry, tea leaves, coffee grounds, tarot cards, angel cards, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance. Such a variety to match your levels of readiness to listen, to receive information from Spirit/Heaven, until you are ready to receive it for yourself.

Meditation only needs to be very simple. Get comfortable in a chair or lying down, listen and feel each breath coming effortlessly in and out of your body. Or listen to some gentle music or even a repetitive sound, waves lapping on the beach, rain on a tin roof, a clock ticking or the sound of an air conditioner. Fifteen minutes is all that is needed. And it may only be for a second within these fifteen minutes where you realise you have experienced a blank moment, where you have been unable to feel your body and all thought vanished. But you will feel it, the sensation of stillness, ease, calmness. Do not struggle with your thoughts or try to bring them into submission, keep your mind coming back to the process of focus that you have chosen. Keep it simple and enjoy the relief and ease which comes, every time and always different. Try it for a month, each morning create 15 minutes for yourself to sit still and listen. Be surprised and delighted as to how your life will change! Sometimes subtly, sometimes magically, with serendipity. But all in a way you are ready to receive.

Enjoy! With Love Always,

Grace xoxo.

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