Change – Opportunities for Improvement

Seasons, feeling the change of seasons. Not many of us think too much about it, it is just something that happens and we roll with it. The change in temperature prompts us to get the firewood stocks filled up for the coming cold, hang heavier drapes, and change the duvets maybe. Winter clothes get aired out….and yet some changes seem too hard to accept and there is much resistance. Change is the most frequent occurrence in our lives and yet we cling to what has become familiar, even when we have outgrown it. Blindly we ask for a sign from the Universe and they are everywhere, but unless we look with new eyes, we continue to see things as they have been. Change keeps knocking at the door to which there is no answer.

The most common thread in a request for a reading is either the desire for change, the need to make change or the resistance to change. When life becomes uncomfortable, this is usually a good indication that it is time for change. Something new in our lives, or a new way of relating to others. Out dated beliefs that need to be surrendered, false premises that once rang true, and relationship problems are all indicators of growth. It is more than growing older, or wiser, it is the evolution of the journey of our souls – where change is constant and the most natural thing to do. It is when we resist the change in even one small direction, it causes a ripple effect and everything seems to snowball  on us. To the point that we are unable to make a decision on how to move forward. The focus has become fixated on what is not working in our lives, instead of solution oriented.

A change of perspective, shift of focus is all that is required. How do we do this? Sometimes a list of gratitude can free things up…of looking at one area of your life and writing down what you like or love about this. Keep it simple and start with three things and build upon this. Then choose another area of your life and do the same, until you have written down enough to cover every subject you have been feeling stuck on. As we begin to focus on the positive aspects of life, something shifts within us. But this is not just a one off. It is good to read over this every day, until the momentum grows and before you know it new opportunities are being presented to you and can have a chuckle at yourself and say – “I did that!”  

Each day we can start afresh. It may seem like the same problems presenting themselves, but you can shift your focus to wanting to see the solutions instead. Once you have asked for this, do not mention them as problems again. Not even to yourself, especially not to yourself. Begin telling a new story, from your new perspective and watch the little miracles of Life happen effortlessly. Play with this and have fun. It will help you lighten up. Life always has a way of working out just perfectly for you, regardless of how it may have been presenting to you to begin with.

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