Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George (I’m just a farm moggy in a Ragdoll Body) and The Midnight Mouse Fest.

In the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep, in creeps George for his Midnight Mouse Fest. Each night it is at a different time and a different place. The first night was just as we were getting ready to get into bed, he thought it was a good time for a cat and mouse chase – Under our bed! Round and round the bed he ran, the mouse had the better hand, until exhausted the mouse ran into the bathroom to escape the furry feline and into the hands of his rescuer – John, who took him outside.

The next night it was just on 3am. From the depths of a dream I could here a rustling. At first I thought it was John out in the kitchen, but then I felt him get out of bed to see what the persistent noise was…to find Gorgeous George in the bathroom with a mouse in a paper bag!! Easy removal that night!

Last night just after 1.30am we heard George at it again, this time in the shower! Saved by John again, the Little Mouse lives another day! I have a sneaking suspicious that it is the same mouse, just in it for the game. Maybe we should paint a white stripe down its back…

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