Tides of Change

Dear Grace,

There are times in my life where I feel like I have lost contact with you. That maybe you are off-line or busy doing something else.

Where do you go Grace, when I feel like this?

Dear Monica,

I never, ever leave your side. It is you that has tuned out, distracted by too many matters belonging to others, not of your concern. When it all feels too hard, know that you have dropped off the radar – my radar! And this is ok. It is a part of the tides of life and an essential part of your soul’s journey, of your personal evolution. In particular, these cycles herald Change, the end of a chapter and the beginning of something new. 

These new chapters have a slight variation in vibration, all things new do. And therefore you need to adjust your vibrational state of being to be able to connect with them.  Just a little fine tuning is all that is required. Be ok with this, be more than ok when you are feeling flat, overwhelmed or find yourself experiencing unpleasant situations and remember that this is indicating to you something new coming up along your path. That you have outgrown your current situation or life experience.

Be gentle and kind to yourself in these moments of transition. It is not dissimilar to change gears in your car before climbing a hill – a little adjustment makes it smoother, easier. Being aware of these shifts in your energy are a gift, not something to resent. After all, you do not live a normal life, you live an extraordinary life. So stop trying to fit into normal because…well… we just don’t do normal!

Know that I am always with you, I always have your hand. Just Feel your way, let your emotions guide you and stop try to sort it out mentally. The tide will change, it always does.

With Love,

Grace xoxo.

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