Letters To Grace – The Angel Diaries Introduction

Weaving Dreams into Reality—The Power Within Imagination 

Reality: (Oxford Dictionary meaning) A thing that exists in fact, having previously only existed in one’s mind. 

We want to make the dream a reality. 

Imagination: (Oxford Dictionary meaning) The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. 

We want to make the dream a reality. 

What is the difference between reality and imagination? 

Meditation opened my mind to a whole new world of imagination. Through the discipline of attempting to empty the mind, I discovered a new state of being. Creative Visualisation is a technique that has been used for decades to assist in health and wellbeing, simply another form of imagination. Combining the two, I discovered ‘Grace’s Office’. 

As children, our imaginations are very real. The games we would play, acting out things we would like to be when we grew up, pretending we had things that were not in our physical reality (for me it was a stable of horses), playing in the cubby house, or in a secret garden, or a tree house, or with toys in the bath, or sandpit—they were all with active imagination. However, as a child, they were very real. My Teddy came everywhere with me, and he was my best friend. I could tell him anything, and he would be bound by the childhood code of secrecy. 

I also had a friend only visible to me. Her name at that time was Patricia. My mum had always encouraged me to pray to my guardian angel before I went to sleep to ask to keep me safe. To me, these angels were very real, as was Patricia and my Teddy. In some very dangerous situations during my childhood, I was always guided to a safer place. Was it just my imagination or did I really have a guardian angel? As I got older, these became less of a presence in my life until I learned yoga and meditation when I was 21. It was then that my imagination was activated again and reading ‘Out on a Limb’ by Shirley MacLean made so much sense to me. My awareness of a guardian angel shifted. At the age of 24, I was given a deck of tarot cards by my sister. She lived in a very old stone building on the old goldfields in Victoria, and I had many experiences of sensing ghosts in her house whenever I came to visit. It scared the crap out of me. I would sit up huddled in the bed, desperate to go to the toilet. The room I stayed in was at the opposite end of the house to the bathroom, and I was terrified (at 13 years of age) of going down that hallway alone, as I could see a lady walking about in the house in a white night dress. 

Tarot felt familiar to me, and I felt comfortable with the cards immediately. How I have used them has progressed over the years, and now they are simply a channel for information from Grace, a communication tool, insights that help myself and others from a spiritual perspective, one which is not distorted by the ego. 

I first became aware of Grace as my guardian angel, formally known to me as Patricia my childhood friend, when I had a Massage and Reiki Clinic from home in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Memories of her were reactivated when I did my Reiki training in 1998. I would call upon the angels to protect and guide me with each client. Her name did not come through until 2008, during a bush walk in the National Park at Wentworth Falls. Communication developed rapidly, although I chose to ignore her at times, thinking that I could do it on my own. By 2009, I was working with her consciously, channelling information from her to help me work out problems in my life and that of others. Through meditation, I would sit with her, present my idea or problem, and write whatever came into my mind. This came after reading a book by Julia Cameron called ‘The Artist’s Way’. This book has a wonderful writing exercise that opens the higher mind, releasing precious wisdom from within. This technique allowed me direct access to a whole new realm, the sacred creative space known as imagination. It helped prepare me for the readings I was to do at The Mind Body Spirit expo in Sydney and Melbourne, other smaller venues, and internationally by phone or Skype. 

Why is it that as we start to ‘grow up’, we lose contact with this magical realm? More often than not, some peer tells us, ‘Oh, it’s just your imagination’, brushing incidences aside as childhood fantasy. What if we were to embrace our imaginations as the creative space that they are and use this as an active, functional tool in our lives? Where does this information come from that presents itself to us through imagination? Many great arts, music, and inventions came through imagination. I believe it is when we allow ourselves to be connected to the divine. Inspiration – In Spirit. When we view the universe as energy, that everything is comprised of energy, it helps to open the mind to infinite possibilities. Looking at the night sky always humbles me, thinking of all of those stars, of what they are relating to and with, of just how big the universe is, and that we only see a small portion of it which is filtered yet again by the atmosphere of our planet. 

This book is inspired by my amazing Grace—my guardian angel, my spirit guide, my wise voice from within. She is the one who has been prompting me all of these years to write. As a child, I had dreamt of being a writer. In those days, it was to write about horses or magical creatures (thanks Christine Pullen-Thompson and enid Blyton and more recently Beatrix Potter). 

As I write this, it is now 28 July 2016, and I am living in Feilding New Zealand with my beautiful husband John. I have asked him  to contribute his photography and art work as visual descriptions of experiences shared in Grace’s Office. Grace’s Office has become my creative safe place where I am able to visit through meditation and creative visualisation. I want to share this concept with you so that if you desire, you too are able to create your own creative place of imagination as an adult to reactivate this amazing energetic force that lies dormant within all of us, waiting patiently for your attention. Who is your Grace and where is your creative space to explore your imagination? May this book help you to find it for yourself from within. 

I would like to share with you some of my visits here, through the journal entries I have written, of the wisdom and truths I have gained through the insights Grace has given me of my daily experiences. I have always viewed my life as a journey, similar to that of a long train journey. I am always on the train going somewhere, observing the views out of the windows and of those who join me as I travel—family, friends, and partners. Some travel with me for a bit, others travel with me for a long time, and now someone who I know will travel with me beyond this life, John. This beautiful soul came into my life in 2014. I knew this soul immediately, of the long history of many lives shared and the deepest connection. But due to life’s circumstances for both of us, we did not meet up again until late 2015. I could not deny the lining up of events that brought us together again, and I left my life in a rural town in Australia to live with him in New Zealand. In May 2016, we were married on Foxton Beach in New Zealand, which began this new chapter, this new train station, where John ‘boarded my train’ so that we can share the rest of this life and into the next together. This taught me how important readiness is and the knowing of when something is right, so very right, that when we ask for divine guidance, the angels do intervene and support us, when we agree to follow through with these prompts in life. Yes, the ‘signs’. These messages from the divine are the answers to our prayers and are always around us, We simply must choose to see them. 

Some memories are cherished and some best left forgotten, left in the past where they belong. I love to gain some learning out of each encounter I have had. Some of these experiences have been challenging and the outcome not to my liking but have always provided the deepest understanding of life and relationships with others and ultimately, myself. 

I have used different styles of texts to differentiate between my words and Grace’s—Grace’s being in Italics and mine in plain type. My intention for writing this book is to provide a different experience for you, the reader, to finally bring my dream into reality, that of writing and publishing a book, the first of many, and because I simply just love to write. I have written so many journals since my teens, most of which have been cathartic therapy and ceremoniously burnt. I have enjoyed immensely doing readings with Grace for others and would love to share this experience with you also. So now, after agreeing with Grace to share her words and my writing, I would like to present to you my Letters to Grace—The Angel Diaries. 

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