About Grace’s Office

About Grace’s Office, 24 July 2016 

I am Monica’s guardian angel. I have shared many lives with her. I am known to her in this life as Grace. 

From early childhood, she has been aware of me, seeing me as what many may refer to as her ‘invisible friend’. With the effects of school education and impressions of others as she grew older, I became less of a presence in her life, being brushed aside as her imagination. 

At the age of 7, she experienced a motor vehicle accident where, whilst she was unconscious, we took her Home for a brief visit to remind her why she  had come to earth in this lifetime. This information was downloaded into her vibrational memory for future reference when she was ready to receive it. 

Over the years, she has gradually remembered more and more as I waited patiently for her to give me her undivided attention. (Needless to say, during this time, I have developed the most beautiful set of manicured finger nails, having applied and removed many, many coats of nail polish whilst waiting patiently for her undivided attention. Had to do something to occupy myself) I watched as she attempted to find her own way through some very dark places when she had turned away from me completely, believing she could ‘do it on her own’ (yeah, right!) and needing to learn the hard way until she realised that there was a completely different way of living—with me as her guide. 

At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief (and I can put away the box of nail polishes and files) as she has made the commitment I have been waiting for—of allowing me to be of service together with her team of angels with her through doing readings and now, writing the books. 

We are very excited about this. 

We have created a place for Monica to connect with us, and she has called it ‘Grace’s Office’. We introduced her to the visual of this during a meditation. It is a little like the Tardis in Dr Who, it looks small from the bottom of the stairs, but she never knows what awaits her on the other side of the door. We love to surprise her! 

This space is where the magic happens, countless things are created, and a place of learning and of many spiritual truths realised. It is here Monica comes to during a reading and whilst writing text for our books, through meditation and visualisation. This is in a lower level of the Non-Physical/Spirit World (or what some refer to as heaven), where we hold and protect her whilst she translates our information. 

We are by her side every moment of every day and available whenever she asks, regardless of where she is located physically or whom she is with. 

We welcome you to Grace’s Office. 

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