Welcome Home

Welcome Home, 28 April 2016 

Dear Grace, 

Oh, how I love sitting with you in the mornings! The sun is just breaking across the sky, and I am living in Feilding New Zealand with John Page, my husband-to-be very soon indeed! I have been here for almost six weeks now, three of which have been without John. I was pioneering again and will continue to do so. 

I would like to have a small office to do readings and healing from. Where is the best place to be Grace? I would like to be able to begin work after our wedding. I feel hesitation about working from the shop in Palmerston North. What is it Grace? What am I missing? Is it just that I do not want to work there or that it is not the right place for us? 

Closing my eyes, I breathe into meditation. As I visualise myself climbing the stairs this morning, I am dragging my heels. What is going on? Resistance, I have been trying to make it happen. This is old stuff and must be dealt with. I feel the cool reassurance of the porcelain door handle in my hand. What is waiting for me behind the door to Grace’s Office this morning? 

Darkness. I wait for my eyes to adjust. Grey light. The curtains are drawn. I walk over to the window and pull back the heavy velvet drapes. The sunlight streams in, lighting up the room. There it is—the old familiar desk and chairs. As I look around the room, I see a few new additions—two comfy winged armchairs (with beautiful, colourful patchwork upholstery) and a circular coffee table. In the corner is a massage table draped in a rich red velour blanket. Taking a seat in one of the winged chairs, I see Grace sitting in the other. How beautiful she is! Her pure essence of light is radiating out of her being. She is Grace personified in human form today. I am in awe of her presence yet again. She stops me in my tracks. I am reminded of her magnificent energy, which is in me also for Grace is within me, the higher part of my consciousness, my wise council, my advisor, my guide, my protector, my provider, and my angel. I had forgotten, seeing her as an external source of light, but she is an aspect of me. I cannot see the keys for the tears spilling down my cheeks. I had forgotten, and now I remember. She is the part of me that provides the bridge between the Non-Physical/Spirit World and the Physical World. 

‘Welcome home, Monica! It has been a long journey this time. But now you can rest at ease in the knowing. Know that you are safe, provided for, cared for, looked after, nurtured, and respected. Ask and it is given, the rest is in the allowing, the acceptance. The work will begin after the wedding. The divine union with John is your only focus now. Do not get caught up in the physical and the practical just now. Keep it simple, do not fuss. Allow others to help and provide for you. Yes, you are a pioneer, and you will always be creative in thoughts, words, and actions. Have faith in what you do and that you do it well. We do it well. 

‘Regarding the work and a place to be, this shop you are considering is not for you. It was just showing you the way. Have faith in yourself and what you are capable of being and creating. A space will be provided for you. Trust in the information and prompts that come to you. Not all will be the direct answers but important people to meet along the way. Pay attention and do not be directive but be directed. Listen. Ask questions and be patient in the answers coming to you. Create your own space, not restricted by the rules of others. You are not to share a space but to create what is yours, to hold that energy that is uniquely you. 

Rest, chill, relax. It is all being taken care of. Now that when you are ready to return to the work, people, places, and things will come to you. Good day to you. I am with you always.’ 

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