Messages From Heaven

Every day, each one of us are faced with making decisions. Some are small and some are life changing. I have been reminded these past few days of how our loved ones in Spirit are ever so willing and ready to help us make these decisions. Or that it sometimes appear as if they have been made for us…

I choose to live my life guided by my guardian angel Grace, taking the prompts and impressions that come to me from her and others in Spirit, to “go here and go there”, and when to take action. It is an extra ordinary way to live and yes some days I fall out of alignment with this incredible guidance system and get swept away with ‘ordinary living’ – only for a moment because John taps my on the shoulder, hugs me and reminds me that we don’t do ordinary! And then I watch the interaction in our physical world as those in Spirit come to play, hinting this or that, nudging me to go this way or that. It can be so subtle and sometimes not!

The other night whilst driving home on my own, I asked Grace for her help regarding some decisions we needed to make, for clarity of direction. I was prompted to turn on the radio, not something I do that often, unless it turns itself on (which does happen often….) Instead of playing the classical music station it was set on, it went into Seek Mode and I almost turned it off because it took so long to find a station. Then it stopped on a song I am beginning to know well….Shotgun by George Ezra. This song was played at Rob’s (John’s Dad) funeral and it was a direct reply to my earlier request. It gave me the validation I was ‘seeking’ for – that we are definitely where we are best needed for now. I felt Rob’s presence in the car stronger than ever before. Goosebumps run up my arms, again validation that everything is unfolding perfectly, relax and just let it unfold. Keep asking and receiving the answers, which look nothing like the questions. And by the way, he thought the All Blacks performance in the World Cup that night was shit.

I discovered that it is indeed possible to laugh and cry at the same time! I am reminded me that we are never alone, that ‘help’ is around us constantly, we just need to ask and be willing to receive the answers or best outcomes. And not to take life so seriously, be playful and have fun, even in the seemingly mundane day to day things which need to be done.

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