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Getting older is something that does creep up on you. One day I woke up, looked in the mirror and asked, “Who are You! And What have you done with Monica?

And yet, every stage of our human life is evolutional. We do not remain as infants, toddlers, school children, teenagers….we become adults and some of us parents ourselves, getting lost in the Wild World of Parenting, until  that ‘One Day’ arrives and we realise we are getting older – wrinkles now decorate my face, streaks of grey have taken over my hair, and despite doing yoga most days, my body has slowed a little, its bendiness not as it used to be and there are ‘cuddly bits’ that were never there before!

I have never been one for makeup, unless required for work, so there has not been a focus on trying to stay looking younger with this. I have opted for the ‘mature gracefully’ look. But this still takes me by surprise when I look in a mirror or see a photo of myself.  I am aware of the growing generational gap and enjoy seeing that no matter what the year is (be it 1970’s or 2020’s), there is a rhythm in this process, a similarity in what we do as we ‘grow up’ stretching the boundaries and tasting life searching for our individuality and yet wanting to be accepted by others. Getting older, like death, is a natural process, one I am learning to embrace and be totally ok with.

As our bodies begin to age and slow a little, they do need more attention. No longer able to take for granted youthful exuberance, I am aware of the changes happening in my own body and how beneficial it is to listen to this, as in paying attention to how it feels and moves and adjust how I am living and how I use my body. I have slowed down, I am not in such a rush to get things done. I have realised that there  is a rhythm and reason to everything and sometimes that is not in the time frame I anticipate it to be. I still do Hatha Yoga, a routine taught to me in my 20’s and am aware of how my body feels if miss a day. My body loves to be stretched. And sometimes it is good to have it stretched by someone else. Massage stretches the body for us, and Reiki massages the energy within the body – the best description of Reiki I can think of is that it is like a full body hug from someone you love – warm, tingly, makes you melt and restores your vibrant energy. And my beautiful 30 year old Tarot Cards continue to help myself and others feel at ease, giving a deeper understanding of Life.

I have never stopped doing Massage, Reiki and Readings, it was my focus on who I did this for that changed – from a professional career to myself, John and the animals we have cared for whilst house sitting. And now full circle to providing treatments in a professional way again. But differently this time. I have grown. I have learnt so much more from Life. I am calmer, more accepting, patient and more willing to listen – to myself, to my inner guidance and to others. My view on Life has changed and I am pleased with what I see, or rather, how I see now. Is it wisdom? Maybe. But it has come through the experiences I personally have had throughout my life and how they have helped me to grow into the person I am now and will become. For we are forever changing, evolving, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Looking forward to all the new people I am to meet in this new chapter of my life. Maybe it is you…

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