New Life – Rising out of the Ashes

With so much focus being on the wild bushfires in Australia, the loss of property and lives of people and animals, I have been asked what my thoughts are about the reasoning behind these. So I went to Grace’s Office to ask for myself. I would like to share with you this writing with the intention of bringing some relief and to help you and others feel more at ease with the necessary changes we are all experiencing – because these events do affect us all.

In meditation, I see myself opening the door to Grace’s Office, inside the room has transformed into The Cave of The Ancient Ones. These Spiritual Guardians of mine are sitting cross legged around a fire circle sipping tea in fine bone china cups! Slightly puzzled and amused, I look at them wondering, what the f*** is going on?

Jordana points at a space for me to sit amongst them, holding her finger to her lips indicating for me to stay silent and listen.

“Nothing serious going on here girl! People on Earth at this time are witnessing a historical moment in the life of the planet. There is nothing ‘wrong’ going on. No punishment for misbehaving, no bad or poor choices. If you were here to witness the journey of the dinosaurs, you would have thought it to be devastating too. Extinction of a breed is a natural process of evolution. You must look at the bigger picture of the life of Planet Earth, of Mother Earth, and remember that She is a living breathing entity, who has not been respected for that which She is. She is the one who provides life, supports life and can change that, which She is. This is a natural process. Humans have a tendency to expect ‘normality’ of life to continue as it has always been experienced. However, change is inevitable and necessary for evolution of humanity and of the souls experience beyond this life. Remember this….this life experience is only but a small one in comparison to the eternal existence of your soul – life after life after life… But if you were to remember all of these experiences, it would cloud the current one with what is considered the past and distract you from why you are here now. It has only been through extreme disruption to the present ways of living that have inspired change. Change has been knocking at the door for long time now, Mother Earth, She waited patiently, but Her alarm bells have gone off long ago and the changes required will now be implemented through these remarkable events.

People are coming together in ways they would never have done if their lives had continued as they had been. New ways will be forged because they must. People will decide that this must not happen again and together will rebuild their lives, and change their lifestyles to create a new way of being. All ‘catastrophes’ manifest necessary change, arouse compassion like never before, and renews the sense of community. 

This is not about a malevolent god punishing people for misbehaviour, or benevolent god intervening to ‘save’ them either. Nor is this god choosing who should live or die. This is about the individual soul’s journeys and you must remember the eternal nature of the soul beyond this life time. And the soul of the planet you know as Earth, Mother Earth and Her evolution, and her part in the bigger Universe which you are all a part of. It is not that she is unhappy, but is instigating the necessary change for Her evolution. You are no different to another species of mammal to Her. She has no favourites, She loves and nurtures them all. But if there is an imbalance, She will rectify this – and this is what She is doing. Re-balancing Herself. 

Some may see it as a consequence of actions taken or not taken. It just evolution. The normal progression of the planet. A brief moment in Her life. There have been many more of these experiences before recorded history, silently etched into the landscape.

What can we do?

Personally. Pay attention…meditate, listen, feel and then do. You are all only responsible individually. You can help others who are willing to improve how you live, be more aware of what you eat, drink and consume. Recycling is good, but there is so much waste on the planet already….the balance has tipped and watch in wonder at these events which are unfolding, that everything is happening perfectly to reshape and recreate a new way of living together, more in harmony with Mother Earth allow you to tap into her abundant supply respectfully. Know where to place yourself for safety. But remember, your Soul’s Journey too is unfolding…

These fires are but one incident calling for your attention. These are remarkable times indeed, and there is so much you can do through the power of your personal intention, attitude and inspired actions.

The vision fades, and my awareness shifts back to the cafe I am sitting in whilst writing this. To me these words make sense and bring the feeling of ease, as I hope it will do for you too.

With Love Always,

Monica & Grace xo.

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