2020-the Year of Doing Things Differently

This morning as I was reading a post by Carolan Dickson, I realised the importance of our Imagination in a new way, and its potential. My writing process takes me to my place of Imagination and Creation – Grace’s Office. Everything happens in this non-physical realm first, through Imagination, Inspired Thought and the nudges to take action, tapping into Source Energy, where thoughts transform into experience. To focus on what we want, regardless of what seems to be happening around us, is transformational.

As I write this I am sitting in a cafe in Feilding in New Zealand, my husband John now in Australia helping with the bushfires, I wonder for a moment – how did I get here?! Weren’t we travelling the country housesitting? But that chapter has ended, we have been guided here and together we are writing a new story, of new experiences, doing things in new ways. As I completed a reading for a client yesterday, I received this message:

2020-The Year of Doing Things Differently.

I feel this is a message for the whole of humanity – we need to do things differently NOW! Each of us individually, in partnership and as a collective community. I don’t know what this looks like, but know that we can all do our bit, one step at a time. It all beings with our thoughts and attitudes towards what is happening to our planet and communities. To see these challenging times as stages of transformation – that change is inevitable, to stop expecting things, to remain the same. This is not the nature of the Universe of which we are a small part of. It’s very essence is of creation, and sometimes things need to be dismantled before that new creation can manifest – clearing the space for something new.

I cannot imagine what these people and animals affected by the bushfires must be experiencing, but I can imagine the wonderful things which will come into being because of it. Yes there is loss, incredible, heartbreaking loss, and this makes us even more appreciative and compassionate towards those who have survived, of those we share our lives with now. To remember that we are caretakers of this amazing planet and its inhabitants. To care for, respect and nurture with more awareness.

What can I imagine? People building new homes and businesses which are more sustainable and durable, with consideration to the environment they are in. Farming that works with the land and climate, instead of trying to shape it into something else not truly compatible. Of people working together to create new ways of living. To help and support each other through these changes. Of a government who listens to its people and what they need….to me, that feels good, and I will hold that thought, because ANYTHING is possible…

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