Just Imagination?

Here I am sitting in a cafe, where I do not know anyone, it feels odd to be in a place where there is not much personal connection. However it does provide an undistracted place to write. because it is time to go to Grace’s Office…

As my fingers touch the keyboard, my mind slips to that place of Imagination. Standing at the bottom of the stairs to Grace’s Office, I look up and wonder…what is this place, really? My mind drifts back to my childhood, of standing at the bottom of the old peppercorn tree in the back garden of our home, looking up into its branches and wondering what adventures await me when I climb up to that amazing branch which grows at right angles to the trunk. To me it was like The Far Away Tree, from Enid Blighton’s book. It was sitting up on that magical branch that I knew I wanted to be an author, to write stories like she has, of magical places. Now I know that these stories are for adults, to remind them of their Imagination and to Daydream a little, or a lot…

“Going to stand there all day, or come and share a cup of tea…” Grace calls from the open door at the top of the stairs.

I look up at the door and smile. My dear Angel Friend! I run up the stairs, two at a time and bounce through the door, like that 8 year old child climbing that peppercorn tree. “Good morning!” I chirp. Grace has tea and what looks like brownies waiting for us. Mmm, the aroma of chai is delicious and oh…my…god…these brownies are sooo good! I begin to feel relaxed and wonder what she has put in the teapot this time! I look at her questioningly, and Grace just smiles at me. Sipping her tea, I notice that she is not eating the brownies, me having scoffed a whole one. It was very, very good…and then I realise….oh it was not the tea this time, but the brownies… “Grace…what have you done?

“Me? I just baked brownies…” she replied innocently.

I feel the walls of The Office dissolving into a thick mist, or is the mist seeping through the walls…I am fascinated, as it is more than seeing this, or watching this, I feel the very energy of the mist, I feel it penetrating my body, or is my body becoming mist-like. And then I realise there is no difference, it is all about perception. Am I a part of it, the observer, or is it a part of me, or am I creating the experience? Trippy….

My attention shifts to a rustling sound, seemingly amplified, like it is inside of my ear. I look around and adjust my focus to find that I am standing in the middle of a sandy track weaving through the rainforest…and I know all too well where it leads. Excitedly I begin to run, ducking and weaving through the vines and long stems of supple jack vines and large fern leaves atop of tall mamuka’s (tree ferns), breathing in deeply the delicious damp, earthy smell of the air around me. Effortlessly I run on and on, the track leading up towards The Cave of The Ancient Ones. Short of breath now, I reach the entrance and pause just outside of the wide mouth of the cave to prepare before going inside. I wait for my breathing to slow down and I bring myself to a place of respect, for this ancient space, and these ancient beings. I stop for a moment and realise that I had not brought a gift for the Taniwha! Something jiggles in my pocket and I reach inside to find a small parcel. Wrapped in waxed paper and tied with a string, is a small hash brownie! I giggle at thought of giving this to the Taniwha. Is this respectful? I wonder, and hear Grace’s voice inside of my head, “Remember the Maori Oracle Card we gave you this morning – Poi, nothing serious going on here, remember to play! He will love it!”

I step inside the cave, gift in hand and move towards  the back of the entrance where the cave narrows and leads into the Greater Chamber of the Cave, where The Ancient Ones will be waiting for me around the central fire. I stop and wait, seeing a dark shadow behind me, and I realise that the Taniwha is standing behind me. I turn bravely, look up and smile at him, holding out the wrapped gift in both hands. He picks it up delicately between two of his claws and sniffs it. His face lights up, licks his lips and winks at me! He bows and points towards the tunnel leading deeper into the cave sits down and unwraps the tiny parcel.

As I walk down the darkening tunnel, my hands feeling the dry walls of the cave, the light of the fire guides me forward. I can hear murmuring voices and I stop at the entrance into the Greater Chamber and wait for permission to enter. Hearing my foot steps, the voices stop and Jordana turns to welcome me in, waving for me to join them. I walk in slowly and sit cross-legged on an animal skin by the fire, next to her. The familiar fragrant scents of burning sage, sweet grass, eucalyptus, and manuka (teatree) wafted around in the air above me.

“Mamuka,  Time you remember some more,” she pats me leg affectionately. There is a gentleness to her today – no slapping! Hearing my thoughts, she chuckles, “Slaps when you not listening! Much to share today, we know you ready.” She reaches inside of a little pouch and brings out a small handful of dried herbs which she throws into the fire. The flames snap and crackle and then die down to reveal red hot coals. I am mesmerised by them, I feel the same sensation as the mist in The Office, looking into these red glowing orbs, I am both the observer and the observed. I feel incredibly hot, my face burning….I look up to see a large sphere of red molten rock, and look on as it transforms into black and then flecks of colour begin to appear within this, swirls of many shades of blue and green, and I realise it is Planet Earth forming, evolving. I see brown patches, growing and the green lessening, the rich vibrant blue of the oceans become grey…then there is a whiteness taking over, covering most of the planet…and as this decreases, the green and blue areas increase again. And like tides of the oceans, it changes in waves, eons passing as seconds.

“She forever changing. She jus’ going through another cycle. Purging, cleansing, humans jus’ another mammal to her, loved by her jus’ as she loves them all.” Jordana smiles reassuringly at me. “No big deal, from here ai!” She takes my hands and squeezes it. “Many human beings come and go, many…settlements come and go. Each one improving, but mostly the same, making same mistakes. Hmph! But not really…it all perfect! She will be fine again. She bin here before, this what you call it….Climate Change – Hmph!” She grunts her disapproval of the term. “Climate always changing! Perfect rhythm. You’s forget how old this Girl is! This Mother Earth, she older than any human being, but not older than the Universe… no time frame there. It forever, always was, always will be. But She be ok! Humans? Well, them need  remember Respect ’n’ Reverence. Not jus’ what they do, in here ’n’ here…” she thumps her chest and then taps her third eye. “We feel the helplessness of many, but ‘em must do it from here…” Jordana taps her forehead again. “Them forgotten how it really done, from here… what you call it girly?”  She prompts me.

“Imagination?” I suggest.

“Hmph. Them think it nonsense, but it all start there, you receive information in there…vibrational stuff, information is energy, vibrations. You get it ai!”

I nod my head. “But Jordana, it seems to be taking so long, the changes needing to be made. There is so much pollution and waste from us, from what we have created. Animals are dying, trees are dying, rivers are dying, people are dying!”

Evolution – It be Cycle of Life. It all happening perfectly according to Her. She knows what She needs. You measure by human time, make it seem slow. When you look through Spirit Eyes, you see it perfectly!” I nod in agreement – I get what she is telling me.

“So there nothing you need worry about, it being taken care of. It’s all good.” She pats my hand and then holds it tight, feeling like her bony fingers are penetrating into my very  skin. “Ouch! Jordana, that’s a bit heavy!”  I look down to see that my hand is inside the claws of the Taniwha, who says, “I take you home now,” and I feel my body travelling through time and space, speeding through the stars of many, many galaxies. I feel slightly nauseous, my gut wrenching and I feel like I am going to vomit…the visions changes and I feel my body lurching upwards. I look down to see through a glass bubble the ground below and I realise I am sitting in a helicopter! John is by my side, he smiles at me, not surprised to see me here at all. He has headphones on and I am unable to read his lips, so he gives me the thumbs-up and laughs at me. The nausea settles and I look down at the hazy landscape below, as trees and fields pass quickly beneath us. 

I realise that there is nothing wrong with what is happening in Australia, and other parts of the world. It is all perfectly orchestrated, as are our lives. And that all we need to do is to tune in to this amazing innate wisdom to know what it is we are to be doing, one day at a time. To not look too far ahead, and to trust in the process, knowing that everything is always working out for us, perfectly, in Divine Timing, which has little to do with clock time, dates, days, months, or years.

The vision fades, my awareness returns to where I am sitting in the cafe. The table of ladies opposite me are so noisy!! I now realise they have been there for quite some time, and so have I. Enough now. Thanks Grace!

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