Hug Rugs

When I sat to write to Grace this morning, this is what came to me.

I have completed my third Tunisian Crochet Entrelac rug, where each square weaves into another. They are fun interesting to make. The name ‘Hug Rugs’ came to me. This one, the first of its kind is made from Odd Balls of, each representing the individual members of a family and how they are all woven together, some wools appear thicker and stronger than others, the finer ply wool squares are supported by the stronger ply ones, the bold colours and the softer colours – all held together by a unifying colour representing Spirit/God, the Divine Energy that combines us all, holds us all together and yet allows us to process life in our own unique ways. 

A Hug Rug is made with Love to represent someone you feel is missing in your life, be them In Spirit/Heaven or living in another location. It is to help to feel these loved ones closer, helping in the healing process of grief, the feeling of missingness, until one day, this shifts and the Hug Rug becomes a joyful reminder of how that person you have been missing is closer than ever before. 

This may be for a mother or father who’s grown up child has moved away, living their own lives, there is a grief in that. 

It may be a family member or friend who is receiving treatment in hospital to assist in their healing – it is to support those who are supporting others, there is a grief in the loss of what was.

It maybe for a family going through divorce, to remind you that there is always family, that it is now taking on a new way of being – and there is grief in that.

It maybe an unexpected change of career, a new direction in life – and there is grief in that.

It maybe when someone whom you love more than life itself has passed into Spirit, is now hanging out with relatives and friends in Heaven – there is grief in that.

Grief is bitter sweet, but actually a wonderful process. It pushes us to grow individually, it is the guide through change and leads us into a new way of living. We can accept this process or resist it, and even this is a part of the personal process. Eventually we reach a point where even the grief must let go of to open us up to a new life, and maybe the understanding that there is so much more than what we can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear…the sixth sense of feeling something more. Love floods into the heart and a new way of living evolves, and communication with these loved ones takes on a new way – of Feeling them around, of seeing them in nature – the birds, the wind, a flower…of lights flickering, or of when things wont start or you need a hand with something and maybe curse at that loved one – hopefully the experience will make you laugh…and realise that they are right by your side offering a helping hand, a encouraging thought. A reminder of the eternal nature of the soul and its journey through life and beyond.

Directions for use: 

Sit in a comfortable chair and wrap the Hug Rug around you or lie down beneath it. Close your eyes and feel the texture of the wools and recall a wonderful moment with your loved one, or with what you are needing to let go of, but recall a positive, good feeling moment. Imagine it as it was. Take a deep breath and let that feeling go. Open your heart to receive a new way of relating to this person or situation. Be patient and gentle with yourself, it is a process, one step at a time. Welcome in a new way of being with this person or situation. You have no idea just now how this is to be, but you can feel it, feel them in a new way. And feel at ease with the bigger picture unfolding for you.

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