Out With The Old – In With The New

In these days of very obvious change, many of us are needing to recreate ourselves. The nudge came to pick up and refresh my skills in healing – no better way than to start with myself. I meditated and went to Grace’s Offie and asked her what I need to do and she said, “Apply it to yourself. Do daily Reiki sessions,”…and this is what was revealed to me.

And so I did. I stopped writing right then and there and laid on the floor and did Reiki on myself. I saw a vision of a Japanese woman dressed in a kimono kneeling at my feet. She bowed her head at me and said, β€œI am Sumi. I am here to help you with Reiki. You had become stagnant, gone to sleep. Reiki too is a process of evolution, there is no end product, or destination. Your evolution is calling you forward. Do to yourself first and then to others.

She went on to say…

Reiki clears the stagnant energy of the past, and shines the Light which paves the way forward, by relaxing the multiple systems of the physical anatomy down to the cellular level, unwinding the mind, reconnecting you with your natural state of wellbeing, and your soul’s awareness – reminding you of this amazing Journey we are all travelling on, each one of you in your own unique ways, that is called Life.

Reiki is subtle and yet so profound.

If you are feeling stuck, stressed, depressed or depleted and do not know where to start – 

Reiki provides a means to help you move forward.” – Sumi- 

When I finished, I looked up on the internet what ‘Sumi’ means – Black Ink used for Japanese Art or calligraphy. And I was reminded of the ancient Reiki symbols and the importance of reviewing this information and energy of what I had received with my Reiki II and Master Attunements back in 1998….

Already I feel the shift within myself as I prepare to offer Reiki sessions again. Everything feels clearer, lighter and I feel more at ease with where I am in my life right now and where this too is leading me…

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