Chapter 6 – A Taste of Things To Come

It was early September and the three weeks of Will being away had passed quickly for Molly, every day she had kept herself busy. There was plenty to do around the house and in The Attic. Each night she would catch up with Will by phone or Skype. She had woken not knowing what the time was but felt the alarm would  sound soon enough. Like a racehorse at the starting barrier, she waited with anticipation for the alarm to go off.  “Today is the day! Today is the day Will comes home!” Molly shrieked out aloud as she leapt out of bed. Too excited to eat breakfast, she made a cup of tea and walked back out of the kitchen to The Attic. She was keen to see Grace before driving to the airport to meet Will. Molly felt her whole body buzzing, the excitement made her giddy and she had to remind herself to breathe! Standing at the bottom of the stairs, she felt like she could run up and down them several times. Instead she made herself walk up them purposefully, wanting to savour every moment of this part of the day too. But she was in for somewhat of a surprise of a different kind….a glimpse of the kind of magic possible in The Attic. On opening the door, she was greeted by Grace! 

“Oh wow! Good morning Grace, you look almost real!” Molly laughed, as the apparition before her appeared more solid than ethereal. 

“Good morning to you. Are you up for an adventure Molly Ferguson? I think it is time to give you a taste of things to come. Come on in and have a seat by the fireplace,” Grace invited her in, taking her by the hand and sitting her down in one of the winged armchairs. Continuing to hold both her hands, Grace looked deeply into Molly’s eyes, holding her gaze and asked seriously, “Do you trust me?” To which Molly keenly replied, “Absolutely! Without any doubt!”

Not letting go of her hands, Grace asked Molly to close her eyes, as she guided her into meditation  by simply quieting the mind and focussing on her breathing, similar to what Molly had been doing with her morning meditations. 

“Focus on my voice and remember to pay attention. When it is time, I will whisper in your ear letting you know when to open your eyes, but (she said sharply, making Molly jump a little)… not before we count backwards from ten!” Her slow breathing took her to that place of Imagination, and with her minds eye Molly looked around to see the room had been transformed into a clearing in a forest. The rich variety of lush green foliage glistened in the filtered light, emphasised by the contrasting shades of brown of the tree trunks and the earthy ground which provided the perfect backdrop for this small masterpiece of Nature’s art. The warm sunshine broke through the high canopy of the trees in shafts of brilliant light illuminating patches of undergrowth, giving them an iridescent glow. Soft green grass provided an inviting place for them to sit amongst the Tane Mahuta’s, the gentle giant guardians of the forest. Molly had such an affinity with trees, more so since travelling beyond the accustomed environment of  her home town. She had become aware of their secrets, of the wisdom within them, seeing them as the massive record keepers, silently observing the world change around them, decade after decade, century after century, millennium after millennium.

Mesmerised by what was happening in the usually small space of The Attic, she looked around for Grace. Half closing her eyes and letting them adjust to the softer light, Molly becaomes aware of a magical energy within this light, everything seems to shimmer and sparkle, the energy being quite visible. Her attention is drawn to an unusual tree which stands out amongst the others, the shape of which captivates her, resembling the curvaceous shape of a naked woman. She sees the outline of a face and two eyes open widely staring back at her, one of them winks and she realises it is Grace! Molly watches in amazement as Grace steps out of the form of a tree, into something more familiar to her and easier to relate to. She sat with Molly on the lush, soft grass, the sunlight sparkling like diamonds in her hair. There was no need for conversation between the two of them. Peaceful and relaxing into this environment, Molly closes her eyes, embracing this beautiful, magical world which in this moment surrounds her. Grace takes her hand and she feels her perception shift again, her body floating, aware that they were now high above the glade looking down at their “physical” bodies sitting holding hands on the grass below. The trees provided a safe cosy place, a sanctuary, protecting them. As they move higher above this, Molly can see the busy world below, that is being kept at a distance by this mystical ring of trees. The bigger world unfolded around this, oblivious to this place of magic and them of it. Molly can see people going to work and school. As she and Grace move higher, the small town below gives way to a more aerial view of landscape of New Zealand. She can see the oceans which surround this amazing part of planet Earth. The colours are vibrant, shimmering, phosphorescent – a variety of shades of green and fawn, the rivers appear as veins coursing through Mother Earth’s body, the deep sapphire blue of the water ways, an exquisite blend of shades of green and deepest blue of the oceans which encompass Her.

Molly felt a drop in her stomach and feels her body  speeding downwards towards the ocean. For the first time she felt fear and it slows her her rapid descent, hovering just above the surface of the water. She smiles, realising she actually has control of the speed in which she is moving, purely by the impression of her thoughts.  So close to the water now she can see the swell rising and falling as if the planet is breathing. Molly paused for a moment as she watches Grace diving into the water before her. Without another thought, she follows her, diving into the ocean, swimming deeper, effortlessly. She looks around to see Grace, who now has a mermaids tail. She playfully flicks it at Molly and dives deeper into this peaceful environment. They are exploring another dimension of this world between worlds through her Imagination, a higher state of consciousness. Molly can hear the conversations of the sea creatures who live in this watery world. Surprised and delighted by the sounds, it is not quiet at all! Their thoughts are as active as her own, but they are using a different form of communication to that which she is accustomed to. The sea creatures thoughts weave and interact effortlessly with each other. The sound of their chit-chat tickles Molly like champagne bubbles under her nose and make her giggle – she had never imagined that fish could talk!

Abruptly, Molly feels herself being pulled back up to the surface of the water. Her mind had wandered to thoughts of Will,  of how he would love this! Suddenly her lungs feel pressured,  fit to burst and she gasps for air just as her head breaks through the surface of the ocean. Treading water Molly breathes deeply, trying to get her bearings as she looks around to find herself in the middle of a vast ocean.  Her body rises and falls gently with the ebb and flow of the swells. Taken completely by surprise, she is plucked up out of the water by a giant albatross. Flying safely, her whole body swaying gently, securely held in its huge claws by her arms. Below her Molly can feel the water rushing past, the uprush of wind in her face causing her eyes to water and she is unable to see anything clearly. Molly’s fear subsides and she relaxes into the ride, feeling her body swaying, the wind tugged at her hair and clothing, the ache of her arms being stretched upwards by the birds large claws. The vision begins to fade, replaced by a calmness, a stillness. She hears Grace whisper in her ear, “Ten…nine….eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…

Silence. Not a sound. No movement, no sensation at all. when Molly opens her physical eyes again, she is back in the safety of The Attic, sitting in the armchair, her clothes and hair dripping wet. Grace is sitting in the chair opposite her with an all-knowing look on her face and without explanation hands her a warm towel and said, “Welcome home, that was a bit exciting don’t you think!” 

Stunned to say the least, Molly disbelieving of what she had just experienced, slowly dried her hair, looking gobsmacked at Grace, completely at a loss for words. Grace could not help but laugh at her, “If only you could see what I am seeing!”

As her body started to feel more like her own, Molly realised she had lost track of time and must get to the airport – Will was on his way home! 

“Slow down, Molly, there is plenty of time. I think it would be best if you made us a cup of tea first – give yourself a little time to get your bearings in the Physical World again,” Grace’s voice brought her back to the present moment, and the need to rush subsided. Feeling slightly disorientated, she quietly went down stairs to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Grace leaned back into the winged armchair, swinging her legs whimsically over the arm, a smile of contentment on her face. 

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