Chapter 9 – A Little Understanding Of The Spirit Realm

It was 3am and Molly laid in bed staring into the darkness, wide awake. Not wanting to disturb Will, she silently slipped out of bed and into her bathrobe, tiptoed out to the kitchen to make a cup of hot milk. Walking up the hall in the darkness she caught a glimpse of a soft light emanating from The Attic. Even with this wakeup call at some ungodly hour, she was excited. She loved going up those stairs, of the sensation of the worn tread under her bare feet, that dip in the middle of each one,  of where the varnish had been rubbed to bare wood from years of Grace’s feet passing this way, the smooth finish on the hand railings polished by the once daily touch of her hands. This morning the door was ajar, and the soft light spilled down the stairs, somehow comforting, despite knowing the fact that she had not lit the candle herself…

As she entered the room, she saw Grace’s slightly glowing presence sitting in the armchair by the fireplace.

“Morning!” Grace chirped. Molly loved how there was a casual nature growing in their relationship. “How are you enjoying my journal?” Grace asked.

“Oh Grace, it is amazing! But I am finding it very intimate, I mean, these were personal conversations between you and Callum.”

“Ah yes they are! However, it is the concept of spirit communication done this way that is to inspire you to explore this for yourself, not that you are to rewrite it word for word. Maybe it is time to explain a few things to you first…hmm….yes that feels right, it is time. Come, take a seat.” Grace reached across and patted the seat of the armchair next to hers, inviting Molly to join her.

Grace sighed contentedly and leaned forward in her chair with anticipation of what she was about to share with Molly. “Remember that I wrote these letters and journal when I was still in the Physical World. Since I have returned to the Spirit Realm, there is so much more I have a better understanding of and wish to pass on to you…” There is a long, silent pause as she summons the necessary information. “There are many levels to the Spirit World, which some refer to as Heaven or In Spirit. Let me find the words that you can relate to more easily.” Grace pauses again. “I want you to listen carefully, absorb this information – it will resonate with you. Everyone who enters this physical world must one day depart from it – they are born and they will die, as you know. However, what most people in the Physical World do not know, is that you do not actually die. It is only the physical body which ceases to exist. The soul, is on an eternal journey, like a Time Traveller, through many, many life times. What is really interesting are the bits in-between life experiences or incarnations, when you do not have a physical body, when you have returned to what we will call Home, in the Spirit World, or Heaven. Everybody will leave life on earth through the transition of the soul separating from the physical body, the process you call Death, and the timing  of this  is already agreed upon before you are Born. Everyone of you has a Sacred Contract which you helped create and have agreed to whilst your soul was still in the Spirit World. There are several opportunities during one’s life to leave the Physical World and return Home, this is when a choice needs to be made.  It is not your logic mind which makes the decision, but your Soul. Depending on the strength of the desire to remain in the Physical or return to Spirit designates the outcome. Once the soul has separated from the physical body, it begins its journey Home. Now sometimes, depending on the method of departure, during the transition and the separation from the physical body, the soul gets a little disorientated and can get lost between worlds. The World Between Worlds is a very big place, quite a large portion of The Universe and there are many varied dimensions to it also. Some souls stay on in their spirit form to help guide loved ones who continue to live in the Physical World. Some stay around waiting for their partners to join them and some are just stuck, not realising where they are, confused, they cling to the only reality they can remember – that of  the Physical World. From within the World Between Worlds you can see the overlaying dimensions that co-exists within the Physical World, visible to only those who remember how to see into the Spirit World. This is what I shall call a Memory Field, an historical imprint,  where memories of past events dwell. In some locations on the planet there are Spirits stuck in a loop, in one of these Memory Fields, living a life of the past, energetically still vibrating as a presence in these co-existing dimensions, not quite the Spirit World and not quite The Physical World, a blend of them both. Sometimes they need to be left alone and sometimes they need to be moved on. And sometimes they continue with a purpose, as Keepers of The Past, or Guardians of an area of land, or family group. There are multiple dimensions here, far more than you are able to comprehend through the perception of your logic mind. 

You have already experienced some of this when you perform the art of tarot readings, connecting with the souls you referred to as the Spirit People. What has been created here in The Attic, is a portal or doorway between the Physical World and the Spirit World – a sort of transit lounge midway of Earth and Heaven. What you are about to experience in this magical place, at first through the transcribing of my journal, will change your perception forever. Your life will never be the same and isn’t that a wonderful thing! 

After Callum’s passing, whilst sorting through his treasures, I came across a selection of books in The Library, the area below the stairs. He was very fond of books and had collected them in his travels, from  many countries.” Grace sighed  recalling the fond memories of this time.  “Such a variety of different topics. Some are manuscripts written about spiritual teachings that offered a different view of life after death. Amongst them were hand written notes containing information deciphered by Spiritual Teachers of the likes of Madame Blavatsky a co-founder of the Theosophical Society and the Spiritualist Movement, Master Koot Hoomi (Kathumi) and Master Morya, both great spiritual teachers. One of books was of the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna on the importance of spiritual development through meditation. These particular books I found fascinating. They were written on a topic that was new to me – Spiritualism, and how to develop the ability of communicating with the spirits of people who have passed over. I sat for hours at a time mesmerised by the information, reading book after book….As I began to meditate, my ability to ‘listen’ was magnified. It was during these meditations that Callum began to visit me. The first part of the journal was of my experiences with him when he came. He could only visit with me in The Attic, because of the doorway created there between the Physical World and the Spirit Realm, it was a safe place for us to meet. He wanted me to record our stories, and that is what the journal initially was about. Meditation opened me up to a whole new world, the perception of the multiple dimensions within Spirit. Callum was not the only visitor I had. And then there were the visions of Times yet to come, of you and William finding the house and the encounters that now await you. It was at this time that you came to help me and through the meditation process, you would communicate to me, all that you wished to experience as you prepared for your next incarnation. That is why so much of the writing will be familiar to you, because you helped me write it!

So there we have it! Now, let’s get cracking on this book of ours, shall we?”  Grace’s presence faded and Molly was left on her own to contemplate the information she had just received. This was going to be interesting. Very interesting…

Reading on through the journal, Molly found some of the text too personal to re-write for general reading. She was unsure of how to continue with this. Was Grace’s journal to Callum just to inspire her, to open her mind to other ways of spirit communication? It was something she was passionate about. And then there was the information Grace had written about her and Will…

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