The Roadtrip – 10th September.

10th September.

Enjoying the warm sunny Spring day, Molly and Will decided to do the walk to Cathedral Cove. The well-maintained path took them along the spur of elevated rocky outcrops and down some steep stairs to the small beach. There were many tourists from all over the world, and conversations in languages she did not understand. People of all ages were making their way up and down this track. It was like a pilgrimage. There was even a lady on crutches! What a wonderful experience walking through the massive open-ended cave. It was like walking into a cathedral – Nature’s cathedral. The sound of the waves gently lapping the sand along the beach were amplified inside. It lifted her spirits and her awareness – there was more here than the physical eye could perceive. And she felt them, The Ancestors of this area. Molly closed her eyes and said a silent prayer of respect and appreciation. Tucked away from other popular beaches, the Cove was quite a special experience. 

In the evening, Molly was eager to do more writing. Will was happy to review some of the photo’s he had been taking to see what was suitable for a job he was working on. Having found something of a comfort in her writing, she had kept journals for  many years, most of which were cathartic writing exercises, helping her to understand the events that had occurred in her life to that date. However, as she worked through these writing exercises, she would find her fingers connecting with information that she wasn’t actually sure where it had come from. Usually it was when she had asked for help. And the help came in the form of words and transcripts, from what she referred to as her guardian angel. Could this really be the same…energy…as this other worldly being she now knew as Grace Forrest? Physically tired after such a long walk, she sat propped up in bed, her mind busy with questions. With her journal on her lap, she relaxed into meditation, hoping to make contact with Grace again, and began to write…

Dear Grace,

What is this that I am experiencing with you? An over active imagination? Are you my inner guidance? Can you, and what I had known as my Guardian Angel, really be the one and the same? Have you come from the past, are you a time traveller? Or some wise spiritual counsel, some extension of what many perceive as God? Are you God? And what is happening to me – that I am able to experience visiting The Attic from so far away, as if I am physically there? Am I experiencing alternate dimensions of this reality, or time travel?

With these questions drifting through her mind as she slipped into a quieter state of meditation and quickly finds herself at the bottom of the stairs to The Attic  again! She was ecstatic about this, the fear of her maybe losing her mind having dissipated as she became accustomed to visiting Grace in this way. 

Opening the door Molly could see Grace sitting at the bureau absorbed in reading. 

“Oh hello!” I was just reading over your journal…..,” she showed Molly an identical copy of  her new journal, even with the same old world map binding on the outside.

“Oh Grace, I have so many questions for you! What is happening here? I want to understand how I am able to meet with you here in The Attic, whilst my body is several hundred kilometres away.”

It was a cool night, Grace has the fire burning and they sit together in the armchairs, watching the flames dance hypnotically. After a long silent contemplation Grace begins, “I will explain it as simply as I can….After Callum’s death, the process of grieving was a life changing one for me. The longing to be reunited with him was overwhelmingly strong and this helped me to get through that initial stage of missing him. The longing became a desire and then the desire became a knowing – I simply knew within my heart and mind that I would see him again. Initially I thought this could only be when I too had died. I began to question life and why I was still here, and then Callum began to visit me in The Attic, each time I meditated (which was daily). He was pleased  that I had been studying his collection of books on theology, philosophy and spirituality in the library downstairs. I craved an understanding of what I was experiencing with him, that I could see him even though I knew his body had died. Studying the writings and teachings of these Grand Masters and practising meditation, gave me the ability to see into this other world – this world that exists between Heaven and Earth, between the Spiritual and Physical. I discovered that this room provided an access, a portal or a doorway between dimensions. What I was experiencing enabled my consciousness to move beyond the confines of this physical reality and through a crack in Time and Space. When Callum did eventually come for me, I didn’t ‘die’ a normal death. There was no body found. Maybe it was more like the ascension of Jesus’ body disappearing from the physical world, transcending the concepts of Time and Space, which are only but a measurement, something to compare existence to, a calculation as humans try to grasp an understanding of what is actually a limitless, timeless universe. Is Time but a limit, a confinement of energy into an acceptable gauge, that life can only exist in the here and now? But what of the past and the future? Can one move between them? Yes, Molly, indeed one can!

Jesus, Buddha, Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagorus, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Viktor Schauberger, Madame Blavatsky and the likes were all ‘time travellers’. They appeared to have advanced thinking for the era they were born into, and others saw them as being fanciful, their concepts and ideas beyond the understanding of most.  They had accessed the Secrets of the Universe, respected The Laws which govern these and were able to recall what we actually do remember when we return to our greater state of being, our soul state. There is only a portion of our soul that engages in this physical experience. We are actually continually connected to the Spirit World through the larger portion of our soul, our connection with what most can understand as being God. We never will be seperate from this source of energy. These are all meagre words to describe life beyond death, but it is the best I can do for now. 

There are places on the Earth which are more receptive of these energies than others, creating these portals between dimensions. Similar to the present day location of TV, radio and cell phone towers, as points of reception, so it is in The Attic. Spirit People are attracted here. It is like someone has turned on an electronic flashing “open” sign outside the door. Callum used to come here, and others, and you have been here before when I was in the Physical World and you were My Angel Muse. Now we have swapped locations! How a-musing is that!! (she chuckles at her own play on words) Ah… there is so much more to life than what most people perceive it to be, and so much more beyond what they think is death. I had believed that death was the end when I was in the Physical World! The finality of Death is but a belief, a concept that has been continually thought of and passed down through the generations, an illusion that there is an end to life. It is purely a transitional phase, not dissimilar to birth – of the entry of the soul into a physical body. However, it is only the physical body which ceases to exist. As people look back on the superstitions of earlier civilisations, and think them archaic, so will future generations look back on the beliefs that surround death now.

Humans are evolving into a more expansive awareness that they are eternal Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience – not the other way around – and that life exists before birth and after death. Some believe in reincarnation, of being born into another life on Earth, again and again. Some believe that there is nothing after death, and some believe that they must be accountable for their choices which will determine whether they go to Heaven or Hell. You only need to look at the night sky to see the millions of stars and planets that exist in a different time frame to Earth, to realise that there is so much more to Life.  How can anyone believe that there is only life on planet Earth? This too will become an out-dated belief as when people believed that the Earth was flat. Different life forms take on different appearances, even on Earth there are many that are not visible to the physical eye, as it is too with the Spirit Realms from the perspective of the Physical World. When you are able to see with Spirit Eyes, you will have access to many, many worlds, beings, life forms. Meditation helps you to see with Spirit Eyes, opens the door into other worlds of existence which co-exist with the Physical World or what some call your reality.

Oh, my apologies Molly, gathered a bit of momentum on that one! That’s quite a bit of information  for you to take in, isn’t it! Shall I make us some tea?”

Molly nods her head quietly contemplating what she has just heard. Some of it was familiar, some of it new.

“I love this new electric kettle Honey, what a brilliant invention!” Grace comments. 

Molly felt her head nodding and as she opened her eyes it felt like she had been in a vivid dream. Unsure of what she had just experienced, she started to write before the memory faded…

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