The Roadtrip – 11th September.

View of Hahei Beach from the Pa
Cathedral Cove Walk

11th September.

On the last day of their stay in Hahei, Molly and Will made the most of enjoying the beautiful warm weather and went for a walk along the beach. The hours passed quickly playing on the beach and collecting shells. Soon enough it was evening and Molly was eager to get writing. Could she visit The Attic again today? And if so, what will she experience? Excited, her heart raced as she began to write to Grace in her journal.

Dear Grace,

I am so excited at the idea of continuing to visit you in The Attic, whilst we are travelling. Will and I have decided to explore a wee bit more. He is fascinated about the progression of my visits to you through meditation.

Sitting quietly now, Molly imagined walking up the stairs which lead to The Attic.  She imagines opening the door to find Grace sitting by the fire talking to someone whom Molly is unable to see. As she gets closer, she can see that Grace is talking to a dog! He is whimpering and stands up as Molly comes closer, sniffing around the floor at her feet and up her legs. Having finished his inspection he sits at Molly’s feet and looks up her expectantly.

“Well,” he says, “Have you found her yet?” Molly looks at Grace, not knowing what the dog is referring to, both surprised and very curious to know more about a talking dog! Instantly he picks up on her confusion and begins to howl, flopping to the floor dramatically, one paw over either side of his head. She had never seen a dog sob before, but there he was sobbing on the floor by her feet. Molly sits down  next to him, soothing him with long, slow strokes from head to tail, until his sobbing subsides. Grace encourages him, “Tell us your story. What is your name?” The dog breathes a heavy sigh and looks up at Grace somewhat calmer. “Roger,”  he replies. 

“Okay Roger, what is the last thing you remember?”

He pauses before replying “…..I remember losing my grip and falling over the edge of a huge cliff, and then….nothing, blackness, like I had fallen asleep. When I woke I found myself standing outside the door here.”

“Do you remember what you were doing before the fall?” Grace asks.

Roger began his recollection slowly, “Well…I remember being on a strong scent along a dirt track. I was following the tracks of a little girl….. Now, I remember!” With this realisation his story gathers momentum. “I am a Rescue Dog, and we were searching for a 4 year old girl who had been missing in the bush. Her family had been camping down at the bottom of the cliff by the river. Her older brothers had gone exploring and had told her to stay near the tent. But she had followed them on the trail leading up to the top of the cliff edge where there was a lookout. The boys had decided to make their own way up through the bush, exploring and climbing the rock face. But she was not yet big enough nor did she know what to do to be able to follow them. She wanted to show them that she was a big girl too. 

For some time the little girl scrambled through the bush off the track, thinking she was following her brothers but before long realised that she could not see them and was not sure which direction to go in. Confused, she stopped to think about which way to go to next. It was hot and she was thirsty and had not brought any water with her. Upset she began to panic, lost her footing and slid dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Desperately grabbing at some bushes she tried to hold on but helplessly slid over the edge falling several meters before landing on a small rocky outcrop. Stunned and slightly winded, she pushed herself backwards into the rock face, terrified of falling further. As the initial shock settled she began crying. Terrified she clung close to the wall of the cliff, as far from the edge as she could. All she wanted was to find her brothers. Curled up tightly against the coolness of the stone wall, exhausted she fell asleep.

Several hours had passed and the boys had returned to their campsite, unaware that their sister was missing. The family, unable to find her, had called for assistance and a search party arrived, including my boss. We were prepped and set off into the bush with a strong scent from some of her clothing. Through the scrubby bush we searched for hours. Just before dark I heard whimpering and sobbing. I found a trace of her scent and followed it to the edge of the cliff, where I could just catch the sound and faint scent of her on the up draught. Excitedly I leapt over the edge just as my boss was calling for me to wait. It was too late, momentum took over and I was falling. Landing hard on the rock shelf knocked the breath out of me, but I had found her, she was safe now! Landing heavily, I hit the ground hard, and I felt something ‘snap’. I had trouble breathing, wasn’t able to move and there was a terrible sharp pain in my side and I wasn’t able to feel or move my legs. It was quite a long fall and it took some careful climbing for my boss to reach me. By the time he was able to get safely down the rocks, I was fading in and out of consciousness, the little girl had my head in her lap, and was a stroking my cheek, telling me that I was going to be ok. That we were going to be ok. Then there was an all embracing darkness and I could hear their voices fading. When I woke I was here at the bottom of the stairs and the little girl and my boss were not with me. Is she ok? Where are they? Can you help me find them?”

Molly looked at Grace. This was something very new to her, but Grace seemed quite at ease about it. How can she explain to a dog that he has passed over? She could see Grace was thinking deeply about this. Roger looked at her pleadingly. It was pitiful and Molly just had to hug him, do something to help him feel a little more at ease. The soothing pats helped him to relax and he curled up next to her. Inspiration lit up her face and Grace got up, opened the door and whistled loudly. There was a rumble up the stairs as a pack of dogs rush past Molly, encircling Roger. The dogs snuffled into him whimpering excitedly and barking, they got him on his feet. These dogs are Roger’s family, his mother, father and some of his brothers and sisters. Playfully he leapt to his feet, crouching and pouncing with  them, chasing each other in circles around the room. Roger became illuminated as a light begins to glow from inside of him and radiates out filling the room and surrounding the others too. With one single brilliant flash, they are all gone.

Molly looks at Grace astounded.“Don’t worry Honey, you will get used to it, I did!” Grace laughs lightheartedly.

Her awareness slipping back to the Physical World, Molly realises she is sitting at the table in the holiday cottage. The sun had set and there was only the light coming from above the bench in the kitchen where Will was preparing dinner. She looked around the room and took in her surroundings, the quietness of the holiday bach (cottage), the distant sounds of the ocean breaking on the shore, the candles that Will had lit, breathing in the delicious aromas of dinner and adjusting her consciousness back into the Physical World. It felt like she had been time travelling! And just maybe she had….

“I have been waiting for you to return” Will said as he bent down and hugged her from behind, affectionately kissing her neck. He loved capturing those precious moments when she is unaware of him watching her.

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