The Roadtrip – 12th September

12th September.

Molly had noticed her awareness of subtle energies increasing, feeling the fleeting presence of Spirit People from time to time throughout her day. When they drove from Hahei, she and Will stopped to visit Hot Water Beach. They had missed low tide, the best time to dig in the sand to access the stream of natural hot water and create a hot water spa pool on the beach. It was there that Molly felt the presence of someone else in the car with them. She brushed it off as her imagination, or just one of those fleeting moment when a Spirit may pass her way. But this presence in the back seat of the car persisted. She began to receive a vision of this Spirit Person, not when she looked directly into the back seat, it was more of a feeling, an impression of energy. It was a Maori woman, solemn faced, stern and persistent.  She felt like an older woman. There was a hidden softness to her, something that she kept close to her heart, protected by her stoic appearance. Molly felt like she was being watched, and that there was an occasional twitch of a knowing smile on the corner of the woman’s lips. But in the vision of the woman Molly could see her looking away, into the distance, seemingly busy in thoughts of elsewhere, like she was looking for someone or something. There was a playful sense of humour hiding behind her serious demeanour. This woman had an air of importance. Intrigued, Molly wanted to know more, so she decided to visit The Attic later that day and see if Grace could help her understand the reason for the presence of this woman in the backseat of their car. She appeared to be waiting, not willing to communicate yet.  

Leaving the Coromandel Peninsula, Molly and Will stopped at Miranda for a night before driving north through Auckland. After dinner they had a soak in the mineral spa pool in the garden beneath a starlit sky which looked like sparkling diamonds sprinkled on the darkest of blue velvet. Looking up at the sky, her body immersed in the hot water, she sighed contentedly, enjoying the cool night air on her face. There was little light pollution here and the sky seemed filled with more stars than usual. Relaxed and satisfied Molly got herself comfortable on the bed with Will beside her reading a book, and began to write to Grace. She loved how this process of writing combined with the meditation opened her consciousness up to a different state of being. She began to write in her journal, her pen gliding smoothly over the page…

Dear Grace,

We seem to have a hitchhiker. Any ideas as to what we are to do for her? Is she just here for a lift, or for some other reason?

Closing her eyes, Molly saw herself at the bottom of the stairs again. This process was becoming so familiar now, no different to when she was at home and would walk up the stairs to meet with Grace. Each day this way of communicating became easier and easier. She felt a little light-headed this time, almost woozy, dream-like. Inside The Attic, Molly is met by Grace at the door, who pulls her aside by the arm, and whispers in her ear, “Thank god you are here, you took your time! They have been waiting for you, for what feels like days, has it been that long? They won’t talk to me and have just been sitting here waiting.” As They become aware of Molly’s presence, the small group of Spirit People mutter quietly amongst themselves, then turn to look at her. There are four women, older in appearance than Molly, all with a serious look on their faces. One of them beckons Molly to come and sit with them. She politely nods a greeting, respectfully acknowledging them all individually, feeling a little unsure as to what is the right thing to do. Sensing her hesitation, one of the women looks up at Molly and breaks into a smile, gentle and reassuring, She is the one who has invited Molly to sit with them. She begins to talk, but there is no sound coming out of her mouth. The others are nodding in agreement, obviously they are able to hear her. 

“Why can’t I hear her Grace? Can you?” 

“There is still some resistance indoor energy, some fear within you, of being here and of not being able to communicate with them. I can hear them, but I am not permitted to translate for you. You must be ready to do this. This is a part of your spiritual development.”

Molly feels her body tingle all over being in the presence of these Spirit People. She does feel afraid, dizzy and light-headed. What could they possibly want from her? 

“Kia ora. Whangarei is a gateway to The Pathway of Spirit. We are here to help you improve your skills in translating spirit-physical communication. We know you to be a translator. You receive information from Spirit and transform it 

into a language that is understandable by people in the Physical World. We are your 

Maori Spiritual Guardians – known here as The Manaia of the Four Winds. Be open minded and willing, make yourself available to receive information from us. We are to be known to you as The Aunties.

“And what of the other lady sitting in the backseat of our car?” I ask them. 

“Oooh!” Together they take in a quick, sharp breath simultaneously. After a long pause, one of the Aunties explains, “Hmph! She Who Must Be Obeyed!” and they lean into the middle of the circle they are sitting in and giggle quietly with hands over their mouths like little girls, as if they must not be heard, knowing that She is capable of hearing and seeing everything. Quickly they compose themselves, sitting up straight, and look uncomfortably over their shoulders, hoping that She has not appeared in the room to catch them being mischievous or slightly disrespectful.

As The Aunties settle, bringing their attention to more important matters, one of the women indicates for all of them to join hands. The energy being transmitted between them increases. A hot wind starts to generate, spiralling upwards from within the middle of the circle, the heat intense like there is a fire burning. Sulphur fumes fill the room, the smell and heat in the air seems as if it has come from the very middle of the earth. The extremely hot air makes Molly’s eyes sting and it becomes difficult to breathe. Struggling to keep her eyes open, she can feel her consciousness slipping, like she is being pulled into a deep, hypnotic sleep. Unable to keep her eyes open, she curls up on the floor with her head in Grace’s lap, listening to the fading voices of The Aunties….

‘Good, now she is asleep we can get to work, for she is unable to resist when she is asleep. Quickly, for now is the time before She Who Must Be Obeyed arrives…”

Molly woke curled up on top of the bed covers in their accommodation, her journal and pen having slipped onto the floor. Will was in bed next to her, in a deep sleep. She got out of bed to look for her phone, wondering what the time was…12.45am. Getting undressed, she slipped back into bed, snuggled up behind Will and wrapped her arms around him. Sleepily, he snuggled back into her.

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