The Roadtrip 18th September

18th September.

On their way to the cafe for a morning coffee, Molly and Will walked hand in hand along the beach, enjoying the warmth in the spring sun and the gorgeous blue-green of the water gently lapping onto the sand around their bare feet. Something caught Molly’s attention, out of the corner of her eye she saw a splash in the water. Was it a bird fishing, or a fish jumping? Then she saw it again, this time whilst looking directly at the water. It was a pod of dolphins! Oh bless, this is what she had wished for! To be able to see dolphins in their natural environment. It stirred a fizzy feeling inside of her, one she has never had before. So magical! Smoothly they cruised through the water, cresting, occasionally releasing water from around their blowholes and then diving just below the surface of the water again, effortlessly, playfully. She felt deeply privileged to see them so close up, within a meter from the shoreline.

Whilst drinking coffee Will checked his emails and Molly looked out across the water to Russell in the distance and her thoughts reflecting on the previous day, when they had caught the ferry across to Russell. Sitting on the top level of the boat, they had a 360 degree view across the waters of the Bay of Islands. As they walked off the ferry and along the pier Molly had the sensation of chills run up her arms and down her back. It was a good feeling, like when she knows that she is going in the right direction. And the day continued to unfold in that way, the lining up of people and experiences felt as exciting as seeing the dolphins just now.  They had walked around the small village, enjoying the art galleries, beautiful architecture and decided to visit one of the local tourist attractions – Flagstaff Lookout. The history here in Russell was very colourful, in days gone by there was much unrest. The view from Flagstaff was amazing, overlooking the Bay of Islands in all directions, being the highest point of land in the area. But up on the hill the energy made Molly’s head spin and she sat down on the grass feeling unwell. She felt the shift walking up the hill, thinking to herself, ‘Oh crap, am I really that unfit?’ Her chest felt tight and her body heavy, her legs unwilling. Walking back to town through the bush brought her relief. In the coolness of the Kawakawa bushes (Native pepper tree with heart-shaped leaves) they did their magic on her as she and Will walked down to the water’s edge and into town along the shore line. They picked some Kawakawa leaves to put into the spa bath when they returned to the motel. She wanted to understand what was happening to her and would see if she could visit The Attic later that night.

Whilst they were waiting for the ferry, they sat on the wharf and ate fish and chips  watching the sun set behind Waitangi on the other side of the water. It was breathtakingly beautiful, against the silhouetted backdrop of the hills, the yachts bobbed gently on the calm, still waters with reflected shades of oranges, reds and yellows of the setting sun. It was postcard perfect.

With dinner taken care of, and having enjoyed a deep, hot bath with Will, Molly sat on the lounge and wrote to Grace.

Dear Grace,

I do hope I am able to meet with you in The Attic. There are so many questions I want answers to, Maybe you can help me?

She closed her eyes, felt her body relax more and more with each breath, as her consciousness made that shift into another reality, her pen slipped from her fingers onto the floor… 

Molly imagines walking up the stairs and reaches out to turn the porcelain handle of the door into The Attic. She smiles at how real it feels, cool beneath her hand. Opening the door, she finds that Grace is indeed in The Attic, sitting in her armchair by the fireplace, sipping tea from a fine bone china cup. Grace she is indeed! Everything about her is graceful, the way she moves, the way she talks, even the way she laughs.

“Oh hello, I thought you would come this evening. How are you today?” she enquires.

Molly pauses and replies, “Well, a mixture of things really.” She sat down in the chair next to Grace and told her in detail about her day.

“So what do you think Grace?”

“Remember Molly, everything is energy, comprised of varying vibrational frequencies, which determine whether it is perceived as physical or non-physical. What you were experiencing Honey was the contrast of this. In the Physical World these fluctuations can be felt by those whom are sensitive to perceiving the shift in energetic states, a notable change in the frequencies, of what I call ‘wobbles’. These may be felt as temperature variations, a rush or drop of energy, sometimes like the ground is giving way beneath your feet. 

These are the strong points of co-existence where one dimension overlaps another, active places in the physical world where spirits can be felt easily. There are many of them, especially in areas like this where there is a heavy history. You can have fun with this, as some spirits do, hence mischievous hauntings or poltergeist activities. They can be playful or forceful in their attempts to reach between the fabric of the Universe into the Physical World.”

The vision of The Attic faded and Molly opened her eyes to see that Will was in bed asleep, having left just one wall light on for her, and a note on top of her journal….

‘wake me when you are done xoxo.’

Molly looked around for her pen, finding it on the floor by her foot and put this recent vision into words whilst the images were still vibrant in her memory. Another hour had passed by the time she was ready to get into bed. Still feeling wide awake, she snuggled up to Will and kissed him on the back of his neck. He stirred at her touch, turned over, and pulled her body close to his. Her senses already heightened, the touch of their bodies was like the taste of warm honey, soothing, sweet, delicious and energising. The idea of going to sleep faded as Will’s sleepy, gentle kisses become more passionate, responding to Molly’s eager body….

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