Chapter 12 Home Again

The last stretch of any journey homewards always seems the longest. With Will driving, with a jersey scrunched up beneath her head, Molly dozed, fleeting dreams of her recent experiences drifted through her mind. As they drove through the village near their home she stirred from a light sleep and realising where they were, woke with excitement. She loved how the road wound along the waters edge and the welcoming feeling of the tree-lined driveway leading to their home. Will purposefully drove slowly as they eagerly took in the changes that have happened in the garden whilst they were away. The trees were vibrant with fresh new growth, the leaves glowed an iridescent lime green colour in the evening light. Leaving the unpacking until later, with great excitement like children they explored their own Secret Garden. Molly’s senses heightened as she felt the damp grass soft under her bare feet. The roses were budding and there were freesias, violets, daisies, daffodils, cherry, plum, lemon, lime, orange and apple blossoms….the fragrant scents which filled the air were intoxicating. And the herb garden that Will had been working on before they left had sprung to life with fresh new growth – lavender, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, oregano, pineapple sage, Angelica, garlic, amongst the roses, adding more delicious scents to the air. The melodic call of a Tui welcomed them and Molly looked up to see him sitting above them in the tree. The evening lights filtered through the leaves highlighting the beautiful blue-black of the Tui’s feathers and his white wattles glowed iridescently. They all felt the magic in the air.

“Oh, thanks Molly for organising someone to do the lawns for me, what a nice surprise,” said Will, relieved by the thought of not having to mow lawns and be able to focus on completing his illustrations and get on with  the next stage of his studio. 

“Hmm….what? The lawns? No, no… I thought you must have….” Molly’s voice trailsed off as they looked around the garden to find that everything looked immaculate, neatly trimmed and weeded too! “Someone must have been around, look at the house, it even looks like it has had a fresh coat of paint, or at least been washed down. Do you think maybe your parents did this as a surprise Will?” Molly asked. “Doubt it,” Will replied disbelievingly, “but maybe they organised someone else to…..” Now they were both intrigued. The house looked great! Tiredness catching up with them, they unpacked the car and Will made a pot of coffee, leaving Molly to create something for dinner. Inside the house was tidy and clean, like someone had done the housework for them whilst they were away. Being an old house, Molly would have thought it to have been dusty at least, and maybe some spider webs… She was eager to go upstairs to The Attic, but it would have to wait until after dinner, if she was not too tired.

After they shared a simple meal and a glass of wine, she realised that a visit to The Attic would have to wait a little longer. Both of them exhausted, Molly decided to go to bed with Will. Snuggling up together under the duvet, satisfied with their travels and happy to be in their own bed, Will quickly fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Although Molly was tired, her mind was restless. Her dreams were of discussions with Grace, appearing to her in a variety of ways,  a jumble of visions, snippets of words, drifting in and out of her dreams, like a scene of the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland.

“You needed reminding that nothing remains the same, even in the Spirit Realm. It is not like you ‘die’ or come Home and retire or stop living!”….

“You can simply take on a different form, any appearance you like.”….

“The Physical World is much slower, heavier in vibration. Not like in Spirit where thought becomes things instantly. How Fascinating…..” Grace’s voice drifted off.

The restlessness finally gives way to a deep sleep and it is late in the morning when they eventually woke. Easing into the day, Will went out to the kitchen and brought back to bed a pot of tea and crumpets, planning to read over the notes for the presentation he was required to have prepared for the following day. Molly curled up next to him, taking in the contented feeling of being in their own home again. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cat on the bed with us Will?”

“Hmm…..” He replied, his attention on his work. “Hmmm?…what was that Honey? Something about a cat?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cat curled up on the bed with us now?”

“Soon,” Will answered, distracted.

Molly missed Oscar, her old black cat. Before Molly met Will she lived in a studio apartment above the cafe where she worked. Oscar had come as part of the furniture. No one really knew where he had come from, he just turned up the day Molly moved in. It seemed like he knew the place and Molly felt like she knew him. This majestic black cat became her room mate. They shared such a special relationship, very telepathic. Being a stray, he had made his home with her as an older cat. He had lived a good life and eventually his time came to return to Spirit. And on occasions since, he visited her in her dreams. Another cat would be very different, and she had learnt to trust now that these things happened when the timing was right. After all, they were planning a road trip to the South Island in the New Year to collect more information for her next book. Animals and pets would have to wait a little longer.

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