Chapter 16 – It All Happens In Spirit First

Needing a break from The Attic after that last experience, Molly decided to sleep back in her own bed, wanting a decent sleep before Will arrives home the next day. She had a day of driving ahead of her tomorrow, leaving for the airport early to meet Will. Running a bath seemed like the perfect solution to wash the day off. Dinner would have to wait. Adding some sea salt and lavender oil to the bath, she eased her body into the soothing hot water and it doesn’t take long before she is dozing, her head resting back on a folded towel, steam rising around her face. Beyond the haze of her mind floating in and out of consciousness, Molly can hear voices. Not quite able to make out what was being said, they sounded like they were on the other side of the door, in the kitchen. Too tired to be bothered, again she wrote it off as her imagination and lack of sleep. Her body relaxed and her mind drifted peacefully. Some time must have passed as the water had gone cold. Stepping out of the deep bath, she dried her body with a soft fluffy towel. Wrapping the towel loosely around her, she opened the door to the kitchen to find a hot dinner laid out on the table, together with a lit candle and a glass of red wine. It smelt delicious. She stopped mid step, unsure of who might be in the house, and tightened the towel snuggling around her body. Who had done this? There was no evidence of anyone having been in the room, and whatever had been used to prepare the meal had been washed and put away. From her peripheral vision, Molly caught a glimpse of a young woman in a white apron with a bib who smiled, did a curtsey and vanished.

“GRACE!” Molly yells as she darts up the stairs to find Grace sitting in the captains chair casually filing her nails!! She smiles warmly at Molly and says, “Thought you needed a hand tonight.” 

“Who was the woman I saw in the kitchen?” Molly asks, her voice shrill with excitement.

“Ah, so you have met the culprit?” Grace replies, talking over her shoulder towards the daybed, “Lucy, please step forward, it is time for you to meet Molly. Molly this is our delightful maid of many talents, Lucy.” Lucy walks out of the shadows and into the light in the middle of the room. Politely and a little nervously, she again curtsies, “Pleased to meet you, M’am,” she addresses Molly. Communicating with thoughts instead of actual words, Lucy’s lips remained smiling. More than a little surprised, Molly becomes aware of her attire and nervously tucks the edge of the towel in more securely. Gathering her thoughts, she replies, “Less of the formalities, Lucy, please call me Molly. I am so happy to meet you,” Molly said, awkwardly holding her towel with one hand whilst holding out the other to greet Lucy.  “Wow! Here you are with me in the year 2017.” Lucy kept her distance, curtsies again and looks up at Molly, her eyes sparkling, her lips continue to smile but Molly receives the sound of her voice in her head “It’s a pleasure to be here, M’am, I mean Miss Molly.”

“Oh my god Grace, this is amazing! Is there anyone else hanging out here that I am yet to meet?”

“Why of course!” Grace exclaims excitedly, “There is Patrick, but that can wait for another day. Your dinner is getting cold, as you must be, and you do need to get yourself to bed. Lucy and I are just going to have a wee chat here for awhile. We’ll see you tomorrow darling Molly, good night to you.”

“Good night, and thank you Lucy, you have no idea how much I appreciate you taking care of dinner for me.” Lucy blushes, a warm smile lighting up her face. Molly returns to the kitchen to enjoy her dinner before slipping between the sheets and soon after her head touches the pillow, peaceful sleep washes over her.

As Molly slept undisturbed, up in The Attic the candle burnt late into the night, as Grace and Lucy discuss matters of concern, none of which Molly was to be privy to just yet. There was much planning to be done here first, the lining up of people, timing and places through the spiritual network, not dissimilar to using social networks on the internet. The road trip to the South Island was of great importance, much of which was to be taken care of prior to Molly and Will’s departure. And there was to be a slight delay…all perfectly timed of course!

The alarm reached into Molly’s dreamtime. It had been a mishmash of thoughts and people from her past, nothing special. However, what did surprise her was that the people in the dream were calling her Grace! Under the duvet she stretched out in the bed, slowly waking, taking in her surroundings. There is a ray of light dancing across the floor, coming through the curtains as they gently billowed in the warm morning breeze. How she loved living here! And the amazing experiences she was having upstairs in The Attic, and of course sharing it all with her soulmate Will. Will! Yes, today is the day he comes home! It feels like such a long time that he has been away, probably because she has not slept much and therefore the three days have felt longer, because they had been!

With great earnest, she threw off the bedcovers, eagerly jumped out of bed, wrapped the bathrobe around her as she walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Whilst in the shower, Lucy was busy in the kitchen quietly taking care of breakfast for her. Busy towel-drying her hair as she walked back through the kitchen she did not even notice her breakfast prepared on the table, however the smell of freshly brewed coffee did grab her attention once she had reached the bedroom. She paused for a moment sniffing in the rich aroma, “Coffee? Nah!” She said out aloud, shaking her head in disbelief and continued to get dressed. Coming back into the kitchen with intention to make something to eat, the delicious enticing scents of coffee and a hot breakfast stopped her in her tracks. “Oh my goodness! Grace?” And there it was again, a brief image out of the corner of her eye, of Lucy, standing with her head modestly bent downwards, hands folded in front of her, dressed in a crisp white bib apron over a black floor length dress, and a white mop hat. Lucy looked up at Molly with a polite smile. In a flash the image was gone. “Lucy? Was that you? Did you do this?” Molly sat down at the table, gobsmacked. Staring in disbelief at the very real plate of hot breakfast and a pot of brewed coffee, she looked up to the ceiling, smiled and said, “Thank you. Thank you Lucy.”

The drive to the airport was always a long one, Molly silently counted each tree, each road she had to turn into, it seemed to take forever to get there. For a small airport, it was always quite busy but much more pleasant than trying to find someone in a city airport. The staff were familiar with her, Molly having been there countless times to drop off and pick up Will. She loved the anticipation leading up to that moment of when he came through the Arrivals door, always pleased to see her. And there he was, his gorgeous smile filling his face. Hugging like they had not seen each other for years, they caught the attention of one of the airport workers. 

“Awww, you two are always so sweet, how you keep romance alive!” To which Will grabs Molly dramatically, kissing her passionately, the small crowd breaks out in applause! To ramp it up, in front of his attentive audience Will bends down on one knee, took her hand and said to Molly, “ Miss Molly, will you marry me?” Now he really had the attention of the growing crowd, and Molly blushing, played along with his game and she replied earnestly “Yes! Yes! Yes!!” Little did most of their audience know that they have been married for almost two years. How she loved it when he was being so playful. The work venture must have been very successful.

On the drive home they stopped at their favourite cafe Le Petit for lunch, the girls there always happy to share the couple’s reunion, which always created such a buzz in the cosy cafe. Over lunch Will shared with Molly the events that had unfolded over the past few days. He’d been saving the details to share with her in person. It had indeed been a very successful venture, Will being offered a contract for something that involved Molly. During a previous meeting with The Little Book Publishing Company, Will had left with them a copy of Molly’s first book. In discussion at lunch yesterday, Will had been asked what he was planning for the New Year. He mentioned how he and Molly were intending a road trip to the South Island soon, researching old forgotten towns, enabling her to download stories for her next book, of which he would be doing the illustrations for. This had aroused great interest in this group of entrepreneurs. So much so, they quickly put together a proposal for Will and Molly’s consideration, an idea Tom had been playing with for some time now. They had found Molly’s writing to be inspiring, of a unique style, and suitable for a project they wished to create as an incentive for their staff, to encourage their individual contributions into the company. Instead of the annual end of year bonus they had offered previously, Tom and Delilah were wanting to present something of greater, lasting value. They had such faith in their business, its growth and their staff and were interested in taking on a different approach. They had seen  a similar idea being trialled in a company in Sweden with great success. To express their appreciation and generate more incentive in their employees, they were going to invest back into their staff as share holders. They would each receive 5 shares in the company. They would be invited to attend board meetings and encouraged to provide feedback as to how they individually felt about their work and how they could improve upon product, sales and staff management. They wanted their staff to be interactive with the company beyond their current roles within it. Even if the feedback was to state what they felt could be improved upon, regardless of their role, experience or qualifications. Their collective intention was to be a people-based company, where the employee’s came first, as they believed that this was where the company’s greatest investment and assets were. Thus encouraging a valuable product attracting like-minded clients.

The roughly hand written proposal that Will now shared with Molly was for the both of them to create a inspirational package, a company story. They were to interview each staff member. Molly was to take down a personal story from each employee, including management, a little about them personally and of how they each saw themselves contributing to the company. It was to create a book called ‘In The Company of Friends.’ Will’s job was to photograph each person, then one of these photos were then to be personalised into a sketch, to capture a little about their personality and their position, head of staff included, and together create this into a book. The bosses wanted to have this ready for a Staff New Years Party. They required Molly to interview each employee with the questions of what they did, what they had to offer and how they would run the business if it were theirs. The finished package will be a portfolio of their shares and a copy of the book.

Molly lent across the table and kissed Will. “Oh Will, I love it! What a brilliant and innovative idea! When do we start?” 

“Well, there are a few things we need to consider. The Little Book Publishing Company is based in Wellington and therefore all of the employees live in the vicinity of Wellington. We will need to interview each one individually, in person and preferably at their homes. And I have no idea how long this will take, however, in the proposal the Company have offered will be a contract for both of us for a three month period, an apartment and car with all expenses paid. This will require us to leave the house and move to Wellington for 3 months. It would not interrupt our road trip plans as the contract is to begin on the 25th of October,” said Will.

Molly’s heart sank, and Will could see it on her face. “But Will that’s next week!” She sighed disappointedly. Will took both of her hands. “Molly, Honey, this is an opportunity that enables us to help others make a difference and contribute towards an inspiring new business model. And who knows what may come from this. The House will be fine without us  being here and if need be we can get someone to housesit for us,” Will reassured her.

“But what about Grace, and Lucy?” Molly whined.

“Lucy, who’s Lucy? Molly…what have you been up to whilst I was away?” Will looked at Molly tauntingly, teasing her.

Over desert and coffee, Molly told Will a little about what had been happening at The Muse, and of the amazing writing she had been doing with Grace.

“Now do you understand why I felt disappointed?” Molly explained.

“Ask Grace, she’ll let you know from a higher perspective what is the best for us to do here,” Will suggested.

Torn between staying and writing in The Attic, or taking up the offer of the contract with The Little Book Publishing Company, Molly was silent on the drive home, deep in thought. 

“Oh come on Molly, lighten up! It’s not that serious, we just need to follow the breadcrumbs remember? This is a great opportunity, do you agree?”

Staring out the window, Molly sighed, “I know Will, it is just that…well, I have been having these incredible experiences with Grace…and so much has been unfolding and evolving with my writing because of it. It sounds like a great opportunity and I would love to do it, but….” Her voice trails off as she stared out the window at the passing landscape.

“But? Please continue, come on, out with it Molly. What is the resistance here?” Will encouraged her to share what she was feeling.

“Oh dear, am I holding on Will? Is that what it is? You caught me out didn’t you!” she wags her finger at him, playfully scolding him.

“Honey, Grace will always be there. As I said, ask her what is best here for us, she will help you work it out.” He smiled at her and turned on the radio, signalling that that was enough of this topic. It was the classic radio station Will loved to listen to and the song filled the car with reassuring words by James Taylor….”You just call out my name, and you’ll know wherever I am, I’ll come running….to see you again….Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there, yes I will. You’ve got a friend……” and Molly started laughing, a stifled giggle at first. Will, pleased to see the shift in Molly’s energy, began to giggle himself and the infectious nature of a good belly laugh grabbed them both, so much so that Will had to pull the car over on the side of the road, tears streamed down his face. Gasping between hiccoughs, he said to Molly “I think we have our answer!” Molly leaned over and kissed him, holding him with her lips, drinking in the delicious moment. Releasing her lips from his, she replied “Well, I guess Wellington it is!”

Arriving home before dark, they had time to walk around the garden and adjust to the idea of moving away for awhile. Later that night, when Molly had gone up to The Attic to visit Grace and check her emails, she found a handwritten note on the desk from Grace. 

“Enjoy your trip to Wellington and don’t forget to write!”

Scrolling through her emails, Molly found one from her best friend who was now living in Australia. She had not heard from Annabelle for awhile, being busy with the move of house and the road trip up North. They used to do readings together through what they had nicknamed the ‘Psychic Circuit’ at the Mind, Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney and Melbourne prior to Molly meeting Will. She had written to Molly to tell her of a dream she had the other night. She had been shown an old house with an attic room….and in this attic was a portal, an access  to some kind of alternate dimension between Heaven and Earth. Did Molly know anything about this, what did she make of it?

Molly gasped with surprise and then started giggling, realising that this was what Grace had been working on late into the night with Lucy and others! Then she started laughing at the simplicity of it all lining up so perfectly. She wrote a simple reply to Annabelle, “Hey Baybee! Perfect timing! How cool would it be to stay in an old house with an attic that is a portal to another dimension between Heaven and Earth? We need a house sitter….”

Bursting with excitement, Molly called to Will from her desk, “Will! Will! Oh Will, come and read this! You won’t believe what’s happening….” Unbeknown to Molly, sitting on the daybed were Grace and Lucy, watching on as Molly shared the email with Will. They were both beginning to grasp the understanding that there was a lot more to Grace and The Attic than they had been aware of.

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