Animals Behaving Badly?

Bear taught me to Listen. Wanda has reminded me from InSpirit. They join The Pack who now walking by my side… leading me forward.

Animals behaving badly? Or Humans not listening? Are they simply wanting our attention for another reason?

From my experience, reflecting on what was considered naughty or unacceptable behaviour, I now see as an attempt at communication from our dear furry friends. Recently I received an impression from Wanda, a family dog we had in what now seems like a lifetime ago. Her presence was very clear and confirmed by another family member around the same time on the other side of the planet, who also had a strong sense of her being around. But what was Wanda wanting me to know? She is InSpirit now and I have not focussed on her for a very long time…

That night, after a lot more crying over her passing and my guilt around my part in that, I felt her tail banging against the mattress of my bed at what must have been the early hours of the morning and I heard her all so familiar, wooo wooo woooo….Staffy-kind of talking. I could even smell her!
Now as I am writing this, I feel tears prickling my eyes. But these are tears of joy and understanding as I realise she is still close by. It has just been me who has not been tuning in to her. It has been 17 years, and I realised I had not really forgiven myself for the choices I had made then.I felt her reassuring body next to my bed. And have felt her by my side since, calling me. Summonsing me…because there is work for us to do with the animals and their humans…

Thank you to Wanda, Ben, Strider, Frodo, Mr Darcy, Bear, Bailey, Kali, Rocket, and a recent arrival another Ben guiding me from Inspirit. Also to Susan Scott – Animal Herbalist and Communicator who over 30 years ago I met in Katoomba and started me on this journey of animal communication and natural therapies. She is still very much alive in the physical and now living in Mexico!

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