Chapter 17 – A New Adventure Begins

Despite there being a bit to do before they left for Wellington, Molly and  Will indulged in the one last sleep-in they would have in their own bed for awhile. Molly had attempted to get up earlier, but Will had pulled her back under the covers, wrapping his arms around her. It had felt so long since they had done this, and it was delicious. “Molly, I want to stay relaxed about preparing for this trip, there is no need to get stressed, and really there is not much that needs to be prepared. Pack our bags, that’s about it. It would be good to give Annabelle a call today and see if she is keen to come over and house sit for us.”

Dreamily, Molly replied, “Mmmmm….yep, mmm…later……” as she nuzzled into his neck, and wrapped her leg around his, cherishing the feeling of being in their little paradise for just a wee bit longer. The spell was broken by the sound of Molly’s phone ringing. She reached across to the bedside table and tried to focus on the caller ID. She started laughing and said to Will as she answered it, “ It’s Annabelle!”

“Hey Baybeee!” Molly’s voice sang in a crescendo. “Why am I not surprised? How are you?”

Will left them to chat and went  to the kitchen to prepare something for brunch. To his astonishment, the kitchen table was already prepared for a meal, with a serving of hot French toast in the pan on the stove, and fresh coffee brewing. Puzzled, he scratched his head and shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to believe, knowing that Molly had been in bed with him the whole time. He looked around the kitchen feeling slightly unsettled. Molly wandered out to the kitchen, still talking to Annabelle, dressed in only a pair of fluffy slippers, having been too excited to be bothered putting any clothing  on. Irresistibly, Will kissed her belly, unable to contain a giggle, she told Annabelle it was time to go, that Will had brunch organised. Getting off the phone, she kissed him passionately, “Thanks Hon, wow, that was quick!” to which Will replied, “I…ah…..yeah….kind of…..ummm….Molly is there something you haven’t told me? Like, is there someone else staying in the house with us? Coz, I…I didn’t do brunch, and I know you…didn’t do brunch…but here it is fresh and hot and ready for us to eat…” his voice trailed off, a puzzled look on his face, gently demanding an explanation.

“Well, we haven’t really had time to catch up much on what I have been doing. Would you believe we have a maid?” Molly replied as she casually dished up the French toast. Over brunch Molly explained to Will her experiences with Lucy, of how she had prepared dinner for her, and breakfast yesterday morning. Together the two them now realised why the house looked so good when they arrived home from their road trip. Feeling bemused, more than a little perplexed, Will tried to get his head around what Molly was telling him. After a long silent pause as he processed this information he asked, “Is there anyone else we are to meet yet Molly?” Molly looked at him excitedly, “Yes, I believe we are to meet Patrick, Lucy’s brother, who has been taking care of the gardens and the maintenance of the house. I haven’t met him yet.” “That explains a lot!” Will sat back, feeling content from a good feed, sipped his coffee. He had a knack of being able to accept this, possibly even better than Molly did. He looked at Molly and said, “This is something quite unique eh! Wow! How cool is this! Who would have known an old empty house could have held so many secrets? So what did Annabelle have to say? Is she keen for an adventure?” Will chatted on excitedly.

Finishing the last of the crispy bacon, and licking her fingers, Molly brought Will up to speed with what Annabelle had to say, “Mmmm…that was soooo good. Thanks Lucy!” Molly addressed the kitchen. “Annabelle will be on the 6pm flight tomorrow night! Can you believe it Will? How easy was that! And yes, she can stay for as long as we need her to. She’s doing readings for an on-line company now and can do them from anywhere on the planet. Have tarot, will travel! Here let me, I can take care of the dishes and you can get on with your packing,” Molly suggested taking the plates from Will’s hands.

“Nah, plenty of time for that, I’ll give you a hand, lets do the dishes together.” Will turned on the radio and pulled Molly into his arms, dancing her around the kitchen. She laughed as he spun her around and around. In the corner stood Lucy, a silent observer, ever so pleased, knowing that the couple appreciated and now accepted her presence in the house. 

After packing most of what she needed, Molly headed upstairs to The Attic hoping to meet with Grace, and Lucy. As she opened the door, she saw the light from the candle radiating across the floor. Grace is sitting at the bureau writing and Lucy is in the armchair mending clothes. Both of them turn to look at Molly as she enters the room, smiles on their faces, pleased to see her. 

Molly greeted them, “I can now see how busy  you both have been. By the way, thank you Lucy for the scrumptious brunch. How exciting to see what is coming together! Annabelle! What ever made you think of her Grace?”

“Ah, ha, that remains as Secret Angel Business, one of the many mysteries of the Spiritual Network. Isn’t she perfect? I thought so!”  Grace announced proudly, and continued, “Now, Molly there are a few things I need to discuss with you regarding this new adventure to Wellington. Of course, the Number 1 thing is a new journal and for you to write to me each night as before. For there is work to be done here in The Attic that will involve the people you are yet to meet. Oh how exciting! “ Grace exclaims, rubbing her hands together with anticipation. Lucy smiles as she listens to them chatter and continues with her sewing.

Into the evening they talked, covering new topics on Time Travel and telepathic communication. “Annabelle will have such fun!” said Molly, ”This is just the kind of thing she will enjoy, Grace you could not have chosen anyone better. Brilliant idea! And I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to housesit with you. Although I am guessing you and Lucy and Patrick would have done a fine job on your own. However, Annabelle is a treasure and the experience will be good for her too.”

“Oh, more than you realise!” Grace whispers, smiling secretively, and winks knowingly at Lucy, who smiles and nods in agreement. Their lives were about to change in the most magical of ways…

The next morning began warm and sunny.  Molly and Will decided to have breakfast out in the garden, sitting at the table and chairs under the shade of the orchard trees. The grass was cool beneath their feet, and sun warm already, they were grateful for the shade. “I do look forward to having some animals,” said Molly, as she looked around the garden longingly. 

“That time will come Honey and we will have chickens and maybe a couple of ducks, a cat and maybe even a dog, or a pet sheep as a lawn mower here in the orchard. It could be re-fenced….” Will’s voice drifts off dreamily, as he sips his coffee. “Hey, Molly! Did you see that? I am sure there is someone in the yard, they went around behind the barn. Shit! Who could be snooping around here, and why?” Will stood up and cautiously walked around the side of the barn and peered carefully past the corner. Not seeing anyone he continued around the back of the barn, out of the sight of Molly. In his peripheral vision he glimpsed a young man, dressed in bib and brace overalls and a peaked cap. Will froze, realising that style of clothing just wasn’t seen around here these days. Could this be Lucy’s brother,  making his presence felt? “I know you are there. Is that you….um….is that you Patrick?” Will asked out aloud. The faint image of the young man appeared at the far end of the barn. He stood tall and proud, politely tipped his cap, smiled and vanished.

“Oh My God….MOLLY!” Will called excitedly. “Guess who I just saw?” Will ran around the far end of the barn returning to where Molly was sitting amongst the trees in the orchard, not knowing whether to be excited or shit scared. After all it was his first ghost meeting. “Molly! Molly! His fear turned to excitement as he described what he just saw to Molly. 

“I’m jealous Will Ferguson! I wanted to be the first to meet Patrick! Did he say anything to you?”

“Nope,” Will replied, “he just smiled and tipped his cap. Wow!! A ghost! I saw a ghost! In broad day light, I saw a ghost!” He danced around Molly unable to contain his excitement. “Now what do I do?” he asked Molly, slightly breathless.

“Talk to him, when you are out in the garden or in the barn or sheds, just like you would if he had a physical body. He’ll respond.” Molly reassured him.

“Wow!” Will sat down spellbound, treasuring this first of many more encounters of seeing Spirit People. This too was a little of the magic Grace had been preparing for them.

Having gotten everything sorted and packed by late afternoon, they  drove to the airport to meet Annabelle. The three of them would have one day and two nights together before Molly and Will left for Wellington.

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