Chapter 18 – Annabelle’s Story

Annabelle shared a house with friends in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney Australia. She was well overdue for a holiday and had been contemplating a visit to Molly and Will. The events that unfolded over the following days gave her a renewed faith in how the Universal Law of Attraction really does work. No less effective than the Law of Gravity, undeniably so. She had been thinking of Molly before falling asleep and that night Annabelle had a lucid dream. It was like watching a movie, but with her in it. She saw herself entering a property, walking down with a long tree-lined driveway, which lead to an established garden and an old Victorian era weatherboard farm house. The front of the house had a beautifully designed herb and rose garden surrounding a fountain. The fine pebbled pathway lead around this to steps onto the verandah. She walked up these steps intending to knock on the front door, but it was already ajar. The heavy wooden door opened easily, and she saw herself walking up the hallway, the pattern in the carpet runner up the middle guiding her forward. To the left of the hallway were two closed doors. To the right there was an open door through which she could see the lounge room with a bay window which took up most of that wall and overlooked the front garden. There was a large open fireplace with an ornately carved wooden mantle and decorative tile surround and hearth. Further on down the hall to the right was an alcove lined with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books, to the left of this was a staircase leading up to an attic room. In the hallway there was an ornate archway carved from honey coloured wood, heavy rich red drapes which hung either side of this. Beyond was a large eat-in kitchen and off to the right of this, a bathroom. The urge to go up the stairs was irresistible and as she reached the door at the top, there was the dim light of a candle’s glow, forming a silhouette of a lady sitting at a writing bureau beneath a small paned sash window. This woman turned in the chair and smiling at her, beckoned Annabelle silently with her finger. Annabelle saw herself gliding through the door effortlessly, unable to resist this magnetic pull. On entering The Attic, she turned to look at what should have been the back wall of the room and saw that she was standing on what felt like the edge of Planet Earth looking out into space, to the moon and sun beyond. The intensity of this took her breath away and she woke up coughing. She reached over the side of the bed where on the floor was her journal, and with bleary eyes started writing down the details of the dream before it faded from her memory. As she was writing, Annabelle realised she needed to contact Molly. An hour later when she had finished, she turned on her laptop she wrote a brief email to her dear soul sister….

“Hey Baybee! Just had a dream where I was shown an old house with an attic….and in this attic was a portal, an access to a dimension between Heaven and Earth. Do you know anything about this?  What do you make of it?”

The laptop chimed telling her that Molly was active on Messenger.  “Awesome, she’s on-line!” she whispered out aloud. Molly’s message read, “Hi Baybee! Fancy staying in an old house with an attic that is a portal to a dimension between Heaven and Earth – we need a house sitter….,” she was busting to talk to Molly. But this call would have to wait until tomorrow, Annabelle was about to go on-line for the midnight shift, she was booked to do readings with overseas clients. She quickly wrote a short reply to Molly, letting her know why she could not talk now and would chat with her tomorrow.

After talking with Molly the next day, Annabelle got online and organised her flight to New Zealand. She would pack the precious treasures not required for this trip  into plastic tubs and stored them in the garage beneath the house. Her room could be let out for the six months she will be away, as there was always someone keen to rent a room. And why not, it was such a cool house to live in with just as cool housemates. There was a musician, a school teacher, a massage therapist, a osteopathic student, and a gypsy who came and went unexpectedly, parking her mobile home in the back yard. The house was a grand old weatherboard mansion, nestled in the bush and overlooking the Megalong Valley at Leura. The beautiful, rambling old-world garden was filled with Rhododendrons, azaleas, tea trees, gum trees, and some ancient old pines. This time of year the spring bulbs were just starting to  flower and the azaleas and rhododendrons were a mass of colour. The views from the front verandah of the house were breathtaking, looking across the steep ravines of  The Jamison Valley. 

Annabelle’s news took everyone by surprise. She was renown for planning well ahead of time, being ever so organised. An impromptu house dinner was planned for that night, as she was leaving the next morning. It would take her most of the day to get from her home to Molly and Will’s. And almost like someone had sent her a message, Jesse the gypsy pulled up, parking her van in the backyard. Jumping down out of the cab of the vintage Kombi van, she called out….”thought there might be a party on tonight!” as she skipped up the back steps, hugging each of the housemates on her way through the house. Leaving her friends to take care of dinner,  Annabelle went to her bedroom to finish packing.

Looking around the room, all that remained was the double bed, a dresser and a wardrobe, all of which belonged to the house. Her few necessary belongings packed into a large suitcase, a smaller carry-on, her laptop and her shoulder bag, Annabelle took a few moments before joining the others for dinner.  Everything had happened so quickly, but it all felt right, as if she was floating along a river feeling the current take her to where she needed to be. Outside the bedroom door she heard her friends laughing and chatting excitedly. Music played quietly in the background. It was more of a dinner party than a Saturday Night kind of party. Her thoughts went to the trip ahead, and of Molly and Will. Molly and her had been close friends since high school. The two girls were talented tarot readers and had attended the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney and Melbourne, flying over from Wellington, where they lived and worked in a local cafe. After Molly and Will got together, Anna had decided to move to Australia to live with friends she had made at the Festivals.  Anna had been instrumental in their meeting. Her thoughts drifted back to when the girls first met Will. 

It was during one of these trips to Sydney for the Festival. At that time, Will’s job required him to work between Sydney and Wellington each month, and he was attending a conference at The Sydney Entertainment Centre at Darling Harbour. On his lunch break as he was heading outside to sit in the sunshine, he noticed that in one of the other Halls there was The Mind Body Spirit Festival. He had never been to one of these before, nor had he ever had a reading. A strong curiosity drew his attention in. Or maybe it was his intuition prompting him, of his own angels nudging him. Whatever it was, he decided to explore this after he finished work at 4.30pm. 

It was 5pm by the time he was able to remove himself from the demands of his work colleagues, telling them that he had a date. That aroused enough attention for them to shift their focus on the conversation. Amidst slightly crude jokes, anticipating for him a good outcome…and that he would at least get laid, he quickly exited out the door. It was good to walk around outside for awhile, get some fresh air before going into the other Hall. Walking through the entrance door was like walking into a movie set. It had the feel of a medieval fare. At first he was amused by the products on display and for sale, such a weird variety. But it did continue to fuel his curiosity and he began to enjoy the different people and the energy in this space. It was like a psychic market place. 

Then he came across The Readers Room. On the temporary wall which partitioned this area for privacy, were nearly 100 photos of the people offering readings and a brief description of their skills and talents. As his eyes scanned the photos his attention was drawn to two people in particular. One simply because he liked her face and the other because she actually had a time slot available in what had been a very busy day. Her name was Annabelle, and she proved to be very accurate regarding work and business matters, but when she touched on marriage – it threw him. There was not even a hint of romance in his life. Will told her that he actually lived in New Zealand but  his work required him in Sydney for a week each month, where the Head Office of the company he contracted to was located. Annabelle was insistent, she said that within the next three years he would be getting married and that she had learnt not to argue with her angels when they were being so pushy. The allocated time had ended so she gave Will her cell phone number and insistently told him to meet her back here at 7pm, when she had finished for the day. There was someone she wanted him to meet, and that was all she was able to say, her next client was waiting.

Will continued to investigate the hundreds of stalls and even sat in on a 15 minute meditation workshop. Arriving back at The Readers Room just after 7pm, he found Annabelle talking to a friend.  She turned to greet him, pleased to see that he had returned, and introduced him to Molly. This was the other tarot reader whose photo had caught his attention! The girls invited him to dinner and Will thought to himself, “Why not?! Two good looking girls for company, no attachments, could be a good night…” The three of them went to dinner at a restaurant walking distance across the wharf. Conversation came easily, and Will relaxed into the company of these very different, intriguing girls and it didn’t take much for them all to feel like old friends. There was a sense of familiarity to them that he just could not put his finger on, beyond them all being Kiwi’s.

Now sitting on her bed, Annabelle looked around the room in this house in the Blue Mountains. She was more than ready for a new adventure.  Reminiscing, her thoughts drifted over the last couple of years. “Just over a year ago I was their Maid of Honour, three years ago I had been guided to bring them together,” she recalled that day fondly and it still gave her a warm fuzzy feeling in her belly. “Well girl, this is it! After 2 years, I am  moving on from what has become so familiar. This is the adventure your angels had foretold you of!”  She said out aloud. They had told her there was a trip overseas coming that would change the course of her life and how she perceived the work she was doing. It would involve advancement of her soul and romance, soul connections, and meeting her soul mate.

She felt a little sad. This had become her home, sharing it with people she had loved so easily, who had become very dear friends. But like any chapter in a story, the old one needs to end to allow the beginning of a new one. With a smile and a sigh of satisfaction, she went out to the living room for dinner, to be met by a cheer from her ‘family’. Dinner was delicious and she sat back soaking up the evening, observing her friends, knowing that her life was about to change… big time. Jesse the gypsy had offered to drive her to the airport in the morning on her way to the South Coast. Knowing that she had an early start, Annabelle excused herself soon after dinner, wanting a hot bath before going to bed. Lying in bed, her body tired and relaxed, her mind racing, sleep did not come easily. Finally, falling into a deep sleep she was soon awoken by the alarm on her cell phone. The anticipation of the day ahead was delicious. She quickly stripped her bed, gathered her luggage, taking one last look at what had been  her little sanctuary and quietly tiptoed out to the kitchen to meet Jesse. Her new adventure had begun!

The others having stayed up until late drinking, Annabelle and Jesse were the only ones up early, in time for the drive to Sydney before the peak hour traffic. Jesse had already prepared breakfast. It was still dark outside, not even a hint of light of the coming day as yet. After they had cleaned up, Jesse helped Annabelle pack her bags into the Kombi van. It would be a slow but fun trip, all the more reason for leaving before 5am. They played music by Queen and sang at the tops of their voices, all but drowned out by the drone of the Kombi’s engine.

Arriving at the airport, Jesse gently grabbed Annabelle’s arm, stopped her before she got out of the car and said, “You know Honey why you are doing this, don’t you?!” To which Annabelle smiled in agreement. Jesse was a dark horse, quiet, sultry, mysterious, sexy and random, totally random in her words and actions, a true free spirit. At the drop-off and pick-up bay at the airport, Jesse, not keen on farewells wanted to keep on the move. The wheels of her Kombi barely coming to a halt, she kissed Annabelle on the cheek and said her goodbyes. “Write to me. I want to know all the juicy bits,” she winked, leaning out the car window, then drove off with a small cloud of smoke following behind her as she accelerated, merging back into the flow of traffic leaving Annabelle on the kerbside outside the door into the airport.

Having checked her luggage in and been through the process of customs, Annabelle bought a coffee and found herself a quite seat in the Departure Lounge. There was still another 45 minutes before boarding. With headphones on and reading a book, she was lost in her own world, when a gorgeous looking guy stood in front of her mouthing something she was unable to hear. Blushing, she removed her headphones, apologised and smiled at the stranger, “Oh I am sorry, got a bit lost in my own world. I beg your pardon, what did you say?” To which he replied in a mellow Irish accent, “Is this seat taken? Or may I sit next to you?” He flashed his blue-green eyes, highlighted by his tanned skin and dark brown hair. Taken by his surprising presence, all she could do was nod and move her bag to make room for him on the seat next to her. He turned and offered his hand to her, “Hello, my name is Patrick. And what is yours?” Annabelle felt like she had just met an angel, “uh, um….my name?” She replied dreamily and then coming to her senses, she sat upright in her seat and added, “Hi…umm, my name is Annabelle. Pleased to meet you.”

“And likewise,” replied Patrick.

“Where in New Zealand are you going?” She asked politely. 

“Oh some wee town in the North Island, you probably don’t know of it. I believe it is called Lockyer”.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding!” Annabelle reacted. “So am I! From what I am told it is not a very big village at all. What are the chances? Who are you visiting? Oh I beg your pardon, that is none of my business,” she blushed again, correcting herself. It was not like her to be so forthright. 

“Not a problem,” he answered laughing at her candidness. “I am going to visit my sister Lucy, she lives just out of the village, in an old farm house called The Muse.” 

“Oh!” replied Annabelle, hopeful that she would get to see him again and maybe get to know him, if he was available of course, her mind flooded with possible scenarios. There was something irresistible about him, maybe it was his old worldly ways, slight intonations in his speech patterns. Probably because he was Irish…she was a sucker for an accent. Plus, man, he was hot! 

The boarding announcement cut their conversation short, “Attention all passengers for flight NZ206 to Auckland, please proceed to the boarding gate now. Passengers with tickets numbered 1-24 first please and anyone with infants or wheel chairs requiring assistance please proceed to the boarding gate now. Thank you.”

“Well, that’s me!”, said Annabelle nervously.

“And me too,” Patrick smiled at her. 

In her mind Annabelle is thinking, “please sit next to me, please sit next to me, please sit next to me! Oh come on angels, if he sits next to me I will know that he is available and you are instigating this!”

Locating her seat, she placed her laptop and smaller suitcase in the overhead locker, Annabelle took her allocated seat next to window, removing from her bag her iPad and journal before putting the shoulder bag under the seat. Settling comfortably into the seat and fastening her seatbelt, she closed her eyes. Her mind drifted instantly to the guy she had just met. Feeling movement in the seat next to her she opened her eyes to politely acknowledge her new travelling companion for the flight, to discover that it was Patrick! She could feel her face flushing, embarrassed by her private thoughts and now this guy was sitting right next to her! “Well you did ask Annabelle,” she heard her angel whisper. Smiling at each other, they both laughed a little nervously and sat in silence until the flight announcement. As the plane accelerated up the runway, Annabelle commented on how she loves flying. To begin with they both felt a little surprised, and their chats were brief and words a little stilted, but it did not take long for them to relax into each others company. The conversation became effortless, time passed quickly and soon they had landed at Auckland. Having an hour to wait until their connecting flight, they decide to share some afternoon tea in the lounge. Chatting like old friends now, Annabelle felt confident that there was something more to their meeting than coincidence.  She knew her angels had something to do with this. And there was, however a little more than she was ready to realise in that moment. 

Sharing the same connecting flight, they felt more and more relaxed together, and not to their surprise, they had adjoining seats again. Together they playfully commented on the coincidences. As they prepared for landing, Annabelle could hardly contain her excitement. She completely forgot to get Patrick’s cell phone number. Walking down the airbridge together, she could not wait to introduce Patrick to Molly and Will. But excitement overwhelmed her on meeting her dear friends that when she finally turned to introduce her new friend, he had gone. Vanished. Not a trace. Her heart sank momentarily. Nothing misses Molly, and she took Annabelle by the arm, Will taking her by the other, and Molly said, ”Now, tell me about this gorgeous man you met on the plane” Annabelle looked at her alarmed. “Just kidding” Molly laughed teasingly. With Annabelle firmly locked between Will and Molly they walked through the terminal. One of the staff members passed a comment, “Oh Will you man-slut! Is Molly not enough for you?” Meanwhile, Annabelle’s eyes were scanning the room for a possible trace of Patrick. “I guess he will remain a mystery,” she thought to herself. “Unless… I should happen to bump into him at the Village?” That thought brought a smile back to her face. After all, Lockyer was a small village….and there can’t be too many people called Lucy…..

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