The Benefits of Reiki for Companion Animals

Companion Animals or Pets come into our lives in many ways. Some come undercover as a part of the family, some have trained jobs as Assistants, or as pets in a childcare facility and some are used for Equine Guided Therapy and the Riding for the Disabled. Whatever their role, they feel the effects of the way we are feeling every day.

The Secret Life of these furry angels is their ability to absorb emotion from us, taking on our worries, anxieties and fears. I remember as a teenager sitting bareback on my pony for hours at a time whilst he grazed telling him all about the worries in my life which at that time felt huge. Silently he grazed, and listened his ears flicking back and forth as he took away my worries. He never judged me, told me off or criticised me.  After sliding from his back, I would groom him and then watch him roll in the dirt. Back in those days I didn’t understand what he was doing and I would feel frustrated that I had just brushed him, cleaned and painted his hooves and there he stood covered in dust, he looked a mess!

Animals are the best examples of unconditional love. Some say the affection is purely related to food, and can sometimes be mistaken for this when treats are involved with interactions. Put the food aside and watch a whole new level of relationship unfold. I have seen this countless times myself with animals we have cared for whilst housesitting.

Reiki, for people and pets, is a relaxing experience. It quietly and gently downloads the stresses from the body and mind, distressing the nervous system in particular. Brushing is another form of releasing a build up of emotional energy. All animals benefit from grooming. In the wild they naturally groom each other. Being apart of our families, it is our job to do this for them. It is also a lovely way to have some one-on-one time with them. 

Animals love the energy of Reiki, being so familiar to their natural state of being.  Just like children and adults, animal’s behaviour can appear as inappropriate – when they are unable to shake off a build up of emotional energy, similar to static electricity, it accumulates and creates irritation, unease and even disease. Unexpressed emotions do have an effect on our physical body and Reiki is a very beneficial therapy of gently releasing this. Non-invasive and passive it releases the tension, relaxing the body, declutters the mind and recharges depleted energy reserves.

If you have not yet experienced Reiki, I encourage you to give it a go. Over the past 22 years I have seen some amazing outcomes with both people and pets.

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