Holding The Space and Tuning In

Reiki creates a safe, private, confidential ‘bubble’ for the client to just be, to let go of their worries and reconnect with Source Energy/God, to be in the flow and to feel at ease, to allow the Physical Body to relax, to let go of worry and stress and receive uplifting energy and intuitive information. 

For animals, Reiki helps fine tune the channel of communication between pets and human, enabling information to be translated easily. They resonate with the energy of Reiki as it is so similar to their own natural state of being. Reiki assists in raising the vibrational frequency of our energy to meet theirs. Tuning into Radio CAT101FM or Radio DOG101FM or Radio HORSE101FM!! 

For those new to Reiki – it simply enables you to switch off from a busy world and for your body to relax deeply.

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