Chapter 23 – Magic In The Attic

The alarm woke Molly at 6.30am. Will groaned, “do I have to get up?” To which Molly replied, “No Hun, you can stay in bed.” “Mmmmm,” Will rolled over and pulled the duvet over his head. “Happy meditating,” he mumbled from under the covers. Dressed in comfy clothing, Molly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Whilst the kettle boiled she looked around the room taking in the vibrant colours of the garden through the windows. The morning sunshine seemed to make very thing sparkle a little more today. She loved being able to continue her morning ritual of making tea and taking it upstairs to her little office. It reminded her of The Attic in her own home. 

Sitting comfortably in the chair, looking out the window of the little room upstairs enjoying her tea, Molly glanced at her phone, it was 6.50am. She took in the view from the small window overlooking the treed reserve behind the house, and took pleasure in the warm sun, as she listened to the morning chorus of the birds outside in the trees. Having finished her cuppa, Molly lit a candle, got comfortable in the chair and settled into the familiar breathing pattern she used for meditation. It did not take her long to visualise and then feel herself standing at the bottom of the stairs in her other house. Poor Anna had no idea what she was in for….

Annabelle, already sitting in The Attic in Molly’s house, felt unfamiliar with the discipline of meditation, but excited as to what might transpire. She purposefully calmed her breathing and kept focus by counting her breaths. She could feel herself drifting off, when she heard Molly’s voice. Startled, she looked around to see Molly standing just inside of the door into The Attic.

“Hey Baybee!” Molly had taken Anna by such surprise and this being a new experience, caused Anna to lose her focus. Startled by Molly’s presence in The Attic, she opened her eyes to see that the room was silent, empty. “What had just happened?” Anna said out aloud. Looking around there was no evidence of Molly at all, but Anna was sure she had seen her standing at the door. Didn’t she just open her eyes? Now she was feeling really confused.

For Molly, it was familiar to be visiting The Attic in this way. However, Anna being unsure of what to expect, had lost her focus instantly. This particular experience was new to Molly too, she had not shared this with anyone other than Grace. Anna’s surprise had shifted both of their focus, broken the psychic connection and Molly’s spirit-body was spontaneously returned to where her physical body had been sitting in the house in Mt Victoria.  She sent Anna a text: “u ok?” Molly’s phone rang in reply.

“Oh my god! I could have sworn you were here in the room with me Molly, standing just inside the door!! What the fuck just happened?” asked Anna, more than a little rattled.

“Well, I am not exactly sure. I haven’t shared this space with anyone in the physical before. Not even Will, it spooks him out too much,” Molly replied. “Shall we try it again tomorrow morning? Same time?” to which Anna replied excitedly,” Absolutely!”.

“This time, expect me!” Molly laughed.

The following morning Molly was up at 6am, making tea and preparing to meditate with Anna. Taking her cup of tea up to her office, she sat and watched the morning sun gradually colour the tones of grey of the predawn light. She could feel the presence of someone in the room with her, and relaxed into allowing communication to open up.

“Good morning Molly.” The voice greeted her. “This too was my favourite time of day….,” the voice drifted off with the sense of reminiscing. Molly brought her attention to the room, but the presence had gone. Her phone chimed, it was a text from Anna: “good to go?” To which Molly replied, “yep”.

Molly was surprised at just how quickly she felt herself arrive at the bottom of the stairs to The Attic. She felt the familiar tingle as she walked up the stairs and through the open door to find Anna sitting in the captain’s chair. “Hey girl,” Molly announced her arrival, to which Anna turned to look at her, a smile of delighted surprise on her face. “Don’t attempt to talk, just think what it is you want to say, it will form as words in my mind too,” Molly told her. 

“Wow, so this is what telepathy is?” asked Anna.

“I guess so, but a bit different as we are here on the doorstep of the Spirit World.”

“Holy crap! I can’t believe that you are here!” said Anna, and with that thought, the connection dissolved and instantly Molly found herself back in her office in the house at Mt Victoria. She laughed at what had just happened. “Oh Anna, mind your words!” She said out aloud.

Anna rang her immediately.“What happened? You were there and then you weren’t.” Anna asked.

“You need a little practice Honey. Thoughts become things immediately in the non-physical dimension. You said you couldn’t believe it, so that ended that!” Molly laughed, keeping the experience lighthearted. “Not a problem, together we’ll work it out. For the next few days keep practising meditation and we’ll give it a go again next week. I need to focus on work for the next couple of days. How’s Tuesday?” she confirmed with Anna.

“Yep, all good. See ya then.”

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