Chapter 27 A Visit From Grace

Keen to do some writing when they got home, Molly left Will to take care of dinner and went upstairs to her little office. She was quite excited about this whole concept of the book they were helping Tom create. Everything about it was inspiring, and it was a great opportunity for the staff to put forward suggestions that may otherwise not have come to pass. Sitting quietly at her desk before she began to write, she closed her eyes and listened. “Are you there Grace Simpson?” she asked in her mind. Nothing. No response. She stood up to get her laptop off the bed and came face to face with the not so ghostly image of Grace. “Oh, woman will you stop doing that!” She laughed, and sat down on the bed in surprise. Grace sat next to her.

“I know you have had similar experiences to this before at your own home. The Spirit Realm is a very, very big place, with multiple levels of existence, and countless means of communication, and…..’transportation’ I guess one might call it.” She smiled at Molly amused. “Even how we appear to those in the physical like yourself, is changeable,” she looked at Molly mischievously, a twinkle in her eye. Just for a moment, Molly saw something very familiar in that look. ‘Could it be……nah!’ She shook off the thought. But it prompted her to ask, “Who are you Grace? I don’t mean who were you, when you were living here in the physical. I want to know who you are now.”  To which Grace replied, “Well, somethings Honey must remain a mystery.” And the apparition disappeared. “Damn it!” Molly exclaimed out aloud. Breathing a heavy sigh of frustration, she picked up her laptop and placed it on the desk by the window. Turning her thoughts to writing about Sarah and Mike, the story flowed easily. Unbeknown to her, Grace sat silently on the bed watching her, an impish grin on her face.

Satisfied with her writing for now, Molly’s thoughts drifted to visiting Grace Forest in The Attic. Even doing a meditation would recharge her before supper. With ease and speed she finds herself at the bottom of the stairs inside of her own house. Feeling that familiar tingle as she climbs the stairs, it really did feel like coming home. In the room Grace Forrest is waiting for her, sitting in the armchair by the fireplace. She smiles at Molly as she walks in the door. “There it is!” Molly said to herself, “that same twinkle in her eyes as Grace Simpson!” She looks questioningly at Grace, glancing at her from the corner of her eye. “Graaaace! What is going on?” To which Grace replies, “Whatever do you mean Honey?” a deliberate conspicuous tone to her voice. “Come sit down, tell me what you have been up to. How is the book going? And the interviews?” Grace said in an attempt to distract her. But Molly was not going to buy it. 

“Grace! Please tell me what is going on!” Molly demanded.

“All the right things in the right time. You will know when you are ready to know,” replied Grace firmly. “Now, do tell me about this book for Tom,” she insisted.

They chatted for while, Molly bringing Grace up to speed with their work. “How is Anna going?” Molly asked. 

“The poor dear is a little slow on the uptake, slightly distracted by other tantalising experiences. Do you know what I mean?” implied Grace.

“Oooh, has she met a man?” Molly asked excitedly.

“Well, kind of,” replied Grace. “He is a man but of a different kind.” Molly looked at her puzzled, and then her face lit up as the penny dropped. “Patrick!” She exclaimed, almost leaping out of her seat with excitement. Grace just smiles and nods her head in agreement.

“Oh my god!” Molly was bursting, almost hysterical, “she has been able to see Patrick?” she asked Grace. 

“Oh, yes very much so. Patrick has been very ‘helpful’, not only for me but for Anna as well. There is a fondness growing there. Not sure where it will go, considering the obvious….that Patrick is a Spirit Person. But it is fun to watch,” she looks sheepishly at Molly. 

“Grace! Give them a little privacy!” Molly said aghast, to which Grace replies, “Well, someone must keep an eye on them! I don’t do it often, just like to check in from time to time. Now, back to you,” How is the house?”

“Oh I thought you would’ve known!” Molly said boldly.

“What ever do you mean madam!” Grace answered, feigning surprise. “Isn’t it time you went home?” And instantly Molly finds herself back in her chair sitting at the writing desk in the house in Wellington. “Damn it!” she shouted out aloud.

“You okay Honey?” Will calls up the stairs, roused by the emotion in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m ok, just frustrated,” she called out the door. “Pop the kettle on Lovey, I need a break,”

“Come down and tell me all about it….” Will sympathised.

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