Chapter 28 – Tom and Kelly’s Story

Molly and Will’s next story was to change their lives in a very unexpected kind of way. It was time to visit Tom and Kelly. Tom had become good friends with Will. They had a synergy that was effortless and fun. Tom’s persona oozed natural, infectious confidence that put you at ease immediately. His wild, curly, sun bleached hair had been tamed into neat dreadlocks pulled back into a pony-tail. There was a boyish Peter Pan kind of energy to  him, a can-do kind of person. He often rode his skateboard to work wearing faded Levis jeans, T-shirt and a jacket from a suit together with Converse shoes. His golden tanned skin and dark eyebrows highlighted his deep blue eyes. 

Kelly too had an energy that was attractive, more than just a physical attraction. She was someone you would enjoy getting to know, easy to talk with. Her long, blonde hair fell in soft, loose ringlets gracefully over her shoulders. She reminded Molly of a young version of Stevie Nicks. Kelly was quiet by nature but once you engaged with her in  more than just chitchat she became animated and expressive. She chose her words mindfully, sometimes pausing before offering an answer or reply. Molly was intrigued by Kelly and her work with animals, and was looking forward to getting to know her. 

The following Saturday they met up at Tom and Kelly’s for brunch. Tom had ‘whipped up’ another culinary delight, simple and delicious, together with espresso from his very professional-looking machine. Molly was impressed. She and Kelly took their brunch outside to sit with the animals on the balcony overlooking the walled garden and where they could chat more intimately. It was a warm day with a brisk Wellington ‘breeze’, which they were sheltered from by the house. The garden was of a Tuscan influence, ochre coloured rendered walls decorated with a border made from an assortment of tiles which Kelly and Tom had collected on their travels both locally and overseas. It had a cottage garden with a combination of edible, fragrant and ornamental plants, scattered randomly within the paved paths, with the occasional paver decorated with mosaics Kelly had created by some of the broken tiles.

After brunch, with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, Kelly took Molly downstairs to the courtyard garden. The animals were excited to have lured the girls outside. Even Coffee the cat followed them out and as the excitement settled, the dogs relaxed around a sweet set of vintage caste iron table and chairs, by the girls feet, waiting attentively for each of their own ‘interviews’ with Molly. Whilst watching Kelly interact silently with the animals and how well they responded to the non-verbal conversation, Molly breathed in the rich aroma of her coffee before tasting it. “Tom makes a very good coffee,” she breaks the seeming silence. “How do you do that Kelly?”

“Do what?” Kelly replied, unaware of what came so naturally for her.

“Talk to the animals,” Molly answered. Kelly smiled knowingly, looking at each of her beloved four legged friends. “It’s just something I have always done. When I was little, the animals were the only friends I had. Growing up on a remote sheep station in Central Otago as an only child, I did not go to school until I turned 12, being home schooled by my Mum, who was a teacher before she had my brother…..” Her voice trailed off with a hint of melancholy. Molly waited, feeling the sensitive nature of that part of Kelly’s story, letting her share more only if and when she was ready. “I remember pretending that they could talk, but as I got older I realised that I was not actually pretending. The important step was to simply listen. You can do it too, if you want to.”

“How?” Molly asked.

“Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Imagine the animals sitting around you by your feet and let them talk. When you listen, what do you hear?” Kelly guided her. Molly sat still for a couple of minutes, her face and body relaxing into her breathing, lost in the moment, listening intently. Then a smile danced on her lips and spread across her face, and her eyes opened wide with a look of astonishment that lit up her face. “Oh Kelly!” she exclaimed, “I heard them! They said – ‘Is she here yet? Can she hear us now? Hello? Molly? Can you hear us?’ – and it was Coffee! Oh Kelly, how exciting! I heard them!” Molly looked down at her feet to see Coffee looking up at her, her tail swishing mischievously. Was that a grin on her Cheshire Cat-like face?

Kelly looked at Molly with a cheeky glint in her eye and said to her, “So how do you do it?”

“Talk to animals?” asked Molly, slightly confused.

“Nooo!” Kelly laughed, “How do you talk to Spirits?”

“Oh that ‘it’!” Molly said. “Well…..”, she paused for a moment before replying. “It is very similar to how you talk with the animals. You can do ‘it’ too. It is the focus that determines where the energy is directed. You have been focussed on the animals, and I have been focussed on spirits. They both communicate in very similar frequencies, vibrations. You know, like tuning in on a radio station. Being receptive is the key, feeling open to receive information. That’s why animals can pick up if there is a spirit in the room or within close proximity,” Molly explained. 

The next couple of hours passed quickly as they played communication games with the animals. Molly felt a special connection with Coffee, out of all of the animals, even though she was able to communicate clearly with every one of them. Tom and Will came down to the garden to see what the girls were up to, having not heard from them for quite awhile. It was way past lunchtime, but the girls had been too busy to even think about being hungry. Tom had prepared some afternoon tea and invited Will and Molly to stay on for dinner. Conversations flowed easily amongst the four of them. Molly was keen to hear more of Tom’s story, in particular about Grace Simpson. Kelly and Will took care of dinner later that afternoon, and over a glass of red wine, Molly listened to Tom’s story about Grace Simpson. He even mentioned about her long term love affair. Of how she adored her husband but also loved another man. She had managed to keep it quiet, being such a bright light in the social circles of Wellington. However, when Tom inherited the house, he also received some her of personal belongings, amongst which was a locked journal. The lock could easily have been broken, but respectfully, it had been left intact and as he sorted through her treasures, he found the tiny key inside a golden locket, which had the words engraved on the back….Mon Cheri. The diary contained a very interesting story, of how Grace Simpson had been able to communicate with her lover via writing in this journal. Somehow, her lover’s replies were penned in the journal too, in distinctly different handwriting. You could clearly see how they were having an actual conversation through the journal entries. This piece of information sent chills all over Molly, for she had had the very same type of experience with Grace Forrest. Molly felt confident in sharing this with Tom, feeling that he was ready to listen to her story. Beyond dinner and late into the night they talked. Will and Kelly joined them as well. Tom brought up the subject of Ouija boards, to which Molly replied without thinking, “Ummm… Tom, no way, I will not touch one even with a very long stick! Nope, no way!!” she exclaimed adamantly. Tom and Will looked at her pleadingly, keen for a bit of mischief, and they eventually coerced her. Reluctantly, Molly consented, and with great enthusiasm, they cleared the dining table. Kelly brought to the table some candles and Tom went upstairs to get the Ouija board that had belonged to his Great-Great Aunt. Molly asked Kelly for some salt and drew a circle around the outside of the table and chairs. She invited the animals in to join them, asking them to be the gatekeepers, to only allow into the circle those who come of a high vibration and with good intention.

Kelly lit the candles and they sat around the table holding hands. The animals relaxed at their feet, with Coffee sitting in her new friend’s lap. Holding hands, Molly said a prayer for protection and to invite only those who come with a message for their highest good. In silence, they closed their eyes and each of them could feel the energy moving around the circle they formed. It felt good and Molly relaxed into the experience with her friends. Personally, she was excited, wanting to know if she could find out more about Grace Simpson and Grace Forrest. She was curious to know if somehow they were related or connected. The room filled with a bright light, it seemed to come from the centre of the Ouija board on the dining table. Molly could see the brightness through her closed eyelids. Curious and keen to see what was creating this, she opened her eyes slightly, peering through her lashes. Something or someone appeared to be hovering above the table. She squeezed Kelly and Wills hands firmly, urging them to open their eyes too. All four of them looked up to see a glowing apparition. Coffee remained relaxed in Molly’s lap, so she was not concerned about what was unfolding before them. The impression was of two women, large, almost life size standing side by side hovering above the table. As the four of them sat focussed on this, the vision became more detailed. Their clothing, their hair, and the same piercing turquoise-blue eyes…..then something very odd began to happen. Next to the two women, came a third impression, a woman dressed in 1940’s styled clothing. And then next to her came another image, of a woman dressed in modern clothes, jeans and a jersey. All of the women had the same intense blue eyes and all had bare feet! The impression of the fourth woman was not very clear, although vaguely familiar. As the light intensified all four of them blended into one and with a combined gasp from those seated around the table, they realised it looked like Molly!

Aware of the importance of holding the energy, Molly said very loudly and firmly,  summonsing courage, “Hold your focus and continue to hold hands!” In a strong voice she said a prayer, “We give thanks to the archangels who continue to protect us. We give thanks to the spirits whom have attended this gathering. We give thanks for the information you have shared with us. Please go in peace, love and light. Amen.” The impression vanished and the room was again lit only by the candles. The animals slept undisturbed by their feet, except for Coffee, comfortably asleep on Molly’s lap. 

“Can I speak now?” Tom whispered, to which Molly nodded, too stunned to talk.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!! Holy shit, did you all see that too?” Tom was dancing around the table shaking his hands, energy coursing through his body like he had been electrocuted. Will sat there stunned, speechless, looking across the table at Kelly, who mirrored back the same dumbfounded look, unable to move. Out of all of them, it was Molly who was the most shocked. Was it really herself that she saw in the ghostly impressions? What was the connection she felt with these women and who was the third one? What she was to discover in the weeks that followed, went beyond anything she had ever experienced during her life as a clairvoyant and tarot reader. And she had seen some very unexplainable things! 

It took quite some time for Tom to settle down and for the others to be able to actually talk again. The animals stirred as if woken from a sleeping spell, responding to Tom’s animated voice. Unable to believe what he had seen, he wanted to continue talking about it, to keep a clear vision of what he had witnessed. In that moment, he did not realise who the other women were, although gradually he put some of the pieces together, since talking to Molly earlier. He could relate to two of the women, and see the resemblance of Molly in the fourth, but there was no information from any of them as to whom the third woman could possibly be. All of them had the same coloured eyes, ,just like Molly’s.

It was after 3am when they had finally wound down enough to consider sleep. Tom offered for them to stay for the remainder of the night, it seemed the most logical thing to do. Making them all a hot chocolate laced with a nip of French Brandy, they settled down sleepily on the lounge, the two couples snuggled up either end of the large modular sofa pushed together forming a large square bed. Sleep came easily for all of them, deep, dreamless and peaceful.

It was a little after 11am later that morning when they woke, feeling rested. Slightly concerned, the dogs had woken Kelly first. Tom got up and made coffee for all of them.

“OH MY GOD!! What a night! I can’t thank you enough Molly for guiding us through an amazing experience. To think that there is some kind of link with Grace Forrest, Grace Simpson and you! But who was the woman in the middle, the mysterious one? Any idea Molly?”

“Hmmm? Oh sorry Tom, what was that?” Molly’s mind had drifted off contemplating the information from last night.

“Last night. The women, Molly what do you make of it?” Tom asked, still seemingly fired up about the experience and keen to know more.

“I’m not exactly sure….,” she replied vaguely, gazing out the window into the courtyard, watching the dogs lying in the sun. “Animals, they are so much easier. They already know, they just know and accept. Unlike us, we need to understand why, how, where and when” Molly replied dreamily. 

“Well you are right there Molly, this is a whole new experience for me and I do want to know how, when, where and why!” Tom laughed at his own impatient excitement. “So are you going to give it to me willingly, or do I need to milk it out of you!” he teased. “How about if I make you another coffee and a little snack….,” he coerced her. She looked up at him, her glazed, dreamy eyes clearing at the mention of more coffee. “You could be onto a good deal there Tom,” she returned the jest. “Coffee and one of those chocolate profiteroles from last night…I know you were hiding some at the back of the fridge,” she winked at him knowingly.

“Oh! How did you know?! I was hiding them, maybe just for this purpose,” he said, playing along with the banter. “Nothing like culinary seduction,” he grinned that cheeky boyish grin and went to make them some fresh coffee. Returning to the lounge equipped with bribes, and anticipation of more information on this new insatiable subject, he sat eagerly opposite Molly like a child waiting to hear another chapter of an enthralling story. 

“So, what do you make of it, Molly, of these women? I am fascinated,” Tom urged.

Molly smiled at him, relishing in his eagerness. “Weeelll…..,” she drawled out the word, building on his anticipation. Tom was hanging on her words. “Do you want the logic explanation or what I feel?” she asked.

“Both! All of it, anything you can give me,” he sat looking at her waiting with expectation of a good story.

“Here’s what I think,” Molly began. “My logical explanation, or quantum theory is that we have had the privilege to see into a time warp, where this spirit know collectively as Grace, be it Grace Forrest or Grace Simpson and whomever the other woman is, and whatever my connection is, has the ability to transcend the limitations of our time-space reality, and communicate with us. What the purpose of her mission is, I am not yet clear.

On a feeling level, and this is where it spooks even me, is that….there is a karmic kind of experience happening here, that she is the reincarnation of the one soul, and somehow she is connected to me. Why me? I am looking forward to being able to answer that one for myself  Tom,” she replied with a slight smile and a twinkle in her eye. For the first time, Tom recognised those turquoise-blue eyes of Molly’s and the similarity of the eyes in each of the women last night. And those of his Great-great aunt, Grace Simpson. Realising this, he excused himself and ran upstairs. He was gone for some time before returning with a box. Molly had dozed off, waiting for the caffeine to kick in. Sleepily she bolsters herself on the lounge with pillows, interested to see what Tom had to share with her. Inside the box were some old photos, which he spread out on the sofa. He rummaged through them until he found an old photographic portrait of a woman that had been coloured the old fashioned way of hand painting. Tom wriggled around so that he was next to Molly and silently handed her the portrait. Molly’s face lit up. It was the woman whom had appeared to her briefly at the house, confirming that it was  indeed Grace Simpson. The stark reassurance was the brilliant turquoise-blue eyes. A match for Molly’s own. 

“May I borrow this picture Tom?” she asked, understanding the precious nature of it.

“Better still, I’ll colour copy it for you now.” He disappeared into his home office and she could hear the copier warming up. Still a little lost for words, she said a brief prayer to Grace.

“Grace, are you there? Oh of course you are! I know you have had something to do with this,” she said silently in her mind, to which she heard a audible chuckle. It sent chills down her spine. “What is going on? Please tell me!” But her private thoughts were interrupted by Tom returning to the lounge with an A5 size colour copy of the portrait of Grace Simpson.

“Tom would you mind if we go home? Please excuse me, but I am feeling a little weary.” Molly explained.

“Oh I am sorry Molly! I had gotten swept away in my own enthusiasm! How insensitive of me, I do apologise!” Tom explained. “Sure, I think we all need a good sleep and a little time to understand what we all shared last night. I’ll catch up with you both at the office tomorrow?” He suggested.

“Yeah, that would be good. Now, where is Will?”, Molly said as she began her search for him and Kelly. The dogs caught her eye outside. Wanting to say good bye to them, she walked out into the courtyard to find Will asleep in the hammock, and Max asleep underneath him. Kelly was sitting in the sun looking intently at her iPad. 

“Oh! Hello! Gosh Molly there is so much information available about quantum physics. I find it fascinating!” she looked up at her, smiling with eagerness.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening….well it was a bit more than an evening!” She hugged Molly. They both turned to look at Will. Kelly silently communicated with Max, whom woke with a start bumping up against Will in the hammock, almost tipping him out of it.

“Whoa! Huh, where am I?” he looked at them startled and a little disorientated. Both girls laughed and Max licked Will’s face, wagging his tail, pleased to see him.

Molly and Will said their goodbyes, and agreed to meet with Tom at the office the next day. The couple walked home, enjoying the warmth of the mid afternoon sun. Molly was silent, lost in her own thoughts. Will too was quiet, still processing what he had seen the night before. He, like Tom had not seen or experienced anything like it before. He quietly contemplated his own thoughts as they walked home together, hand in hand. Suddenly he stopped, facing Molly, taking both of her hands and looking at her, he said, “I love you Molly. I wouldn’t want you to be any other way,” and he kissed her. As they turned to continue walking along the path, Molly looked up and caught an old woman watching them out of the front window of her house, a smile of remembrance on her face. She smiled and waved to Molly, who returned the gesture.

That night Molly and Will slept restlessly, visions and dreams of days from a life neither of them could remember when awake. It was in the early hours of the morning, lying awake in bed Molly decided to go to her office. Lighting a candle, she sat at her desk in the soft light, eager to have a conversation with Grace Simpson. She caught herself nodding off in the chair. Standing up to stretch she turned to come face to face with Grace Simpson. “Jesus woman! No apologies this time! But, must you!” Molly exclaimed. Grace just smiled at her. She knew it was time to have a chat with Molly.

“Come and sit with me, I have a story to share with you.” Sitting together on the spare bed, Molly was now wide awake.

Grace began, “Molly do you know who your grandmother was? Your mother’s mother, I am referring to.”

Molly squirmed uncomfortably. Family matters where not her favourite subject, particularly when it came to her mother’s side of the family. Molly and her mother had had a falling out years ago, and she only made contact with her for birthdays and a card or phone call at Christmas. Her mother did not agree with the work Molly had been doing as a tarot reader. It used to scare her. The truth be known, Molly’s mum had the same abilities, but was fearful and very superstitious.

Grace took Molly’s hand. Amazed, Molly looked down at their hands, well aware of a warmth generating from the gentle sensation of what should be Grace’s hand, translucent in appearance and not physical at all. It tingled and made her smile.

“There, that’s better!” Grace reassured her. “Now, tell me more of what you know…,” she encouraged Molly.

“To be honest Grace, I know very little about her. I know that she died when I was only one year old. To be honest, I don’t even know her name. My mother would not talk about it. There was some mystery about her death, but she refused to discuss it. So I never pushed the issue. Where is this conversation going Grace? What is it that you know?” she looked at her suspiciously.

“I think you need a visit to your mother, Molly. Take advantage of this whilst you are so close, staying in Wellington…My dear, it is time!” Grace looked at Molly with a familiar twinkle in her bright blue eyes, which sent chills of recognition through Molly’s body. She got the message and was not willing to argue. And then as quickly as she appeared, Grace was gone. Molly sat on her bed, asking her angels for the courage to do this, to make this meeting with her mother a pleasant one and to get the answers she required.

Later that morning they met with Tom and Delilah. Molly wanted to check with Tom on just how much he was willing to share of his story for the book. They had gotten a wee bit side tracked with the unexpected events that had unfolded. Whilst Molly was at the office, she organised a suitable time with Luke for their interview on the following weekend. Eager to get her attention, Tom waited in the background and when Molly was free, he took her aside.

With a childlike curiosity in his eyes, he whispered, “Any news?”

“Is there somewhere private we can talk?” Molly suggested.  There was a small room set aside for the staff for private meditations, a kind of time-out space. Sitting on a pile of  large cushions on the floor, Tom looked at Molly, unable to take his eyes from her, his enthusiasm made her giggle and they both relaxed. Molly shared with him her encounter with Grace Simpson earlier that morning and how she was planning to visit her mother on her days off later that week.

“Wow Molly! How exciting! Does Will know?” 

“Oh of course Tom, but I will do this visit on my own. I want Mum to be relaxed about this, if possible. Maybe I will tell her that I am researching family history, which is not a lie. If I hold the vision of her being receptive, only good can come of it eh?” She looked at Tom with a reassuring knowing in her eyes, a reflection of what she felt in her heart. It’d been a long time since she had had a friendly chat with her mum, stubborn “Irish Colleen” that she was! In that moment, Molly began to feel excited about this. She knew that she would not be on her own, that her angels were paving the way for a good outcome.

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