The Secret Life of Pets – Angels In Disguise.

Honouring the sentient nature of our animals, and acknowledging that they are indeed our greatest teachers of Life’s Lessons. But how do we interpret their wisdom?

There is one simple answer to this. Listen. Be still, quiet the mind, focus and listen. This too applies to our inner guidance system – call it what you will….God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides. The way in which this form of communication functions is the same. By tuning in to the subtle nuances sometimes so easily missed, we open up a while new level of communication, information and guidance.

Our animals, or the animals who find their way into our lives, be them wild or tame, come with intention. They are lining up with a desire or need within us, from a soul level. They are responding to the resonance of our Soul’s Song, answering The Call, one we are often not aware of ourselves.

Animals remind us of the importance of being still, meditating and listening, and of our own abilities to transcend time and space, be this through our night time dreams of daydreams.  

Connecting with my Angel Grace and subsequently with animals also, came through a creative writing exercise which became a daily routine for me for over 20 years now. This technique has evolved over time and has always helped me to tune into that higher vibrational frequency of communication – known as non-verbal communication.  

I would like to share with you a reading I did for a beautiful Soul Cat by the name of Sunny. I met him through a client I was doing a house call for. As I met with Grace to prepare for a Reiki session with this lady, I felt the presence of her cat – Sunny.

1st October, 2020.

I sit quietly in the busy cafe and begin to write.

Dear Grace,

What do I need to focus on now?

“Sunny, the cat.”

“He doesn’t have anything to say to me Grace. I see him just sitting there by the glass doors in the client’s bedroom, where the massage table goes for her Reiki session. He is picture perfect in his orange tuxedo, tail neatly wrapped around his front paws.  He knows who he is and what he is here to do.”

“Sunny, is there anything you need?” My mind races trying to pick up some signal or words from him of something he may need. He continues to sit there in front of me purring loudly, eyes partially closed.

“I called you here! She needs your assistance. Do not underestimate the power within our (the animals) thoughts and non-verbal communication.

We (the animals) know that everything is being taken care of, and how we just simply need to ask. Ask from The Heart. If you could see what we see, of the Quantum Mechanics of The Universe and the efficaciousness of the power, energy and possibilities in focussed, directed intention with thought alone.

Humans are so sloppy in their thinking, their use of thoughts and words. Be direct, clear and intentional in your Asking. Or don’t do it at all! Go play with mice, a ball of wool, or anything to distract the mind until clear purposeful thoughts come into the logic mind.

Meditate! We do it often. It allows access to information that is so readily available. All problems have solutions ready for instigation but you get so tangled up in the “how to’s” Do you see me having scheduled meetings, phone calls, discussions? No! I may appear to be sleeping but I am actually downloading information. What some may say, ‘having a chat with Spirit.’

Keep it simple – have a problem – ask for the solution to come – take a nap, meditate, go to bed. ALLOW the solution to come effortlessly, don’t try to make it happen. It will come to you in many ways – sometimes inspired thought, sometimes through the mouth of another, an ad on the TV or song on the radio…

Humans get so lost in the ‘how to make it happen, in the doing of it’ – no patience in the waiting, knowing it will come – Hmph!

Patience is allowing everything to unfold perfectly in Divine Time, not always in the time frame you may demand! Hold the energy of The Knowing that the solution is already available and ready for you.

You need to un-busy your mind so that it can be revealed to you  -‘You’ being anyone – nothing personal intended…although….maybe just a little!” He looks at me sheepishly, winks and with an aloof air twitches the tip of his tail, tilts his head and looks over his shoulder out of the window with a certain superiority. And I hear, “That is all for now.

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