Chapter 30 – What Has Annabelle Been Up To?

The next day Molly slept till late. Will left her a note to say he had gone to The Little Book Publishing Company to discuss some ideas for the book with Tom. She was grateful for some time on her own. Molly had been so busy and on such an emotional rollercoaster ride, that she had not had much of a chance to visit Grace in The Attic, or connect with Annabelle. She felt pangs of guilt and reached for her phone to send Annabelle a text message and see if she was able to chat. Molly saw that there was an email waiting for her from Annabelle. It read:

Hey Baybee!

Feeling a little guilty for not contacting you, but I have been so busy. Can you believe it? I thought I would be bored here! Oh but far from it….

Work has been good and the readings have been interesting. I have been sitting at Grace’s desk to do them and she has been by my side giving me inside information. It has been a hoot as she is able to access stuff I never have been able to before! Clients are wrapped and a little gobsmacked with some of the quirky stuff we say.

Other than the readings, well, how do I put this into words….I have been hanging out with Patrick and Lucy. It’s been awesome, we have been having so much fun. Their ability to have an almost physical presence in the house and garden, but only in the house and garden, is amazing! Patrick has been helping me with outside stuff and Lucy and I have been playing in the kitchen creating all sorts of incredible culinary delights together! As for Grace. Her presence is limited to The Attic. So besides doing the readings, she has been guiding me through meditation processes and helping me to better understand the World Between Worlds.

Molly I can’t thank you enough for the chance to be here. I don’t want to go back to Australia, I want to stay here. I think I am falling in love with Patrick….oh shit! There, I have said it! Falling in love with a ghost! I have never met anyone like him before. He is so interesting and has such a different view on life. I love his sense of humour and his endearing ways. He even picks me flowers and leaves them in a vase on the kitchen table. He is so gentle and patient, kind and attentive. Plus he is a bit of a hottie. Why are there no guys alive now like that? Can’t he take over someone else’s body so we can have a physical relationship too? How does that work, coz I am not ready to die just yet…..

Well, hope the book is going well. Have had thoughts of your mum, have you been to see her yet? I am still getting the hang of meeting in The Attic with you and Grace. Where have you been? We have been ready for you a couple of times, but you have not been to visit.

Either meet us tonight at 7pm or write back.

Love you heaps.


Molly sent her a quick text message, not ready to talk or write back to her in detail just yet. Maybe tonight she will meditate and visit The Attic with Annabelle. What she actually needed was a one on one moment with Grace Forrest who had become such a wonderful spiritual mentor for her. She left her phone in the kitchen and walked upstairs to her office, hoping to meet with Grace alone in The Attic. Sitting down at her desk, it was easy to relax into meditation. However, it was not The Attic she went to, to meet with Grace. It was there in her office in the house at Wellington – Grace had come to her! In her meditation she felt the presence of someone in the room with her. Turning around she saw Grace Simpson sitting on the bed. She smiled at Molly, but did not say a word. Her energy was captivating and kept Molly spellbound, unable to take her gaze from her. Grace’s energy seemed to expand and grow around her, like an aura.  To one side, something was beginning to come into the vision. It was like a duplication of her image. As the details developed, Molly realised that the impression was of Grace Forrest sitting next to Grace Simpson. They looked at each other and both smiled back at Molly. Then, next to Grace Forrest another image began to appear, like a photograph negative being developed in solution, taking shape and form, fuzzy at first and gradually becoming clearer. Molly saw before her three figures, the third image of which was clearly what she recalled from photos, her Grandma – Grace McLeary. The three of them sat before her smiling, in what appeared to be faded colour images, except for one outstanding feature they all shared – the piercing blue eyes which matched Molly’s own. As she sat there taking in the detail of these women, the three images began to blend into one and before Molly appeared a mirror image of herself. She sat mesmerised at what she was experiencing and wished to know the meaning of this. Was this due to her lack of sleep? Maybe her tiredness had allowed her to drop all resistance to receive this information. It was the third time this vision had appeared to her and she felt the meaning of this getting closer, more tangible. As quickly as the image had appeared, it disappeared and she opened her eyes to see the faint outline of her own image mirrored in the glass of the window in front of where she was sitting at her desk. She smiled, seeing the resemblance of the three women in her own reflection, and felt a warm, peaceful feeling of acceptance wash over her. In that moment she had no need to understand anything, and was able to just be at ease with a deeper knowing of what was being revealed to her, piece by piece.

The unfolding events of the past 48 hours energised her. Although physically tired, she was wired and awake. That night, at 7pm she sat at her desk ready to meditate. Her phone chimed. It was a text message from Anna. It read: “Ready?” To which Molly replied, “All good,” turned her phone to ‘silent’ and slipped easily into meditation. She could feel herself walking along a long corridor, at the end of which was a slightly opened door, from within a light shone. It felt warm, familiar and inviting. Stepping through the door she found herself at the bottom of the stairs leading up to The Attic room in her own home. Climbing up the stairs she felt the same tingle, that slight static zap, and she skipped up the last few steps, bursting through the door into The Attic, feeling like she had stepped through a crack in the Universe. There was Grace Forrest and Anna, sitting at the small table waiting for her. Anna leapt up to hug her friend. With them here, in this place of Imagination, it felt as real as if it were in the physical. Although everything seemed to have a phosphorescent glow, like an aura outline around it….the table, chairs, and her two friends. Talking was easy. Thoughts flowed readily, effortlessly and there was much giggling as Anna and Molly adjusted to this new way of being together. “This is like being in virtual reality!” laughed Anna. Grace asked for the two girls to be seated and to settle, not slow the energy down, but to become familiar with it. To allow the flow of this high vibrational frequency. It tickled, like a fizzing sensation through their bodies.

Grace addressed them, “I have some explaining to do, and I will do my best to form the information into words acceptable to your understanding. Being in the Physical World has its limitations. And this is all perfect for your experience of this lifetime. However, in the Spirit Realm, there are no limitations to your…of what you would call…‘Imagination’ – your creative thought process. This is our natural way of communicating and creating. Everything here responds to what you refer to as thought – it is all energy. Communication being an exchange of this energy. There are levels of awareness here depending on the evolutionary stages of your soul.  Yes there are areas here too that you would not wish to experience, in the darker, thicker, denser, heavier states of being. These beings create balance and help form the completeness of the universe. For every thought or vibration creates. If you had remained aware of this whilst in your physical world, your life experiences would be very different. And some of you are able to stay aware of this – seeing beyond the confinement of the physical impressions of energy, of what appears as solid forms – with the belief that everything must appear solid, tactile, tangible to be acceptable or ‘real’. However, the human experience is evolving, consciousness is shifting, growing, expanding, developing. For us here in the Spirit World, we experience great joy and satisfaction in seeing this. As your guardians, or angels, whatever you may wish to refer to us as, it is….pleasurable to witness. We continue to prompt you, guide you and answer your questions in ways that are acceptable, receivable. 

Molly, what you are experiencing here with the growing awareness of the presence of these women you refer to as Grace, is the next level of understanding for you, of how we are able to communicate with you, independent of the restrictions of the Time and Space concept of the Physical World. Soul groups or clusters continue to be bonded, for the soul is far greater, bigger than that which has been believed until now – of the soul being a small portion of the physical experience. It is the Eternal Nature of your being. These words all lack detail but are the best way of transferring the information that your soul is familiar with into a concept that the logical mind is able to understand, accept. That’s why the most effective way of communicating is through the process of meditation, imagination and creative visualisation. Never, ever underestimate the power of your Imagination! And the resulting experiences that are the product of this in the Physical  World – of what some may refer to as manifestation, the actualisation of thought. However, the actuality of it, if I can call it that, is that the imagining part of it is delicious because there is no resistance, no limitation of how, where, when or why you are having these inspired ideas, imaginative creations. You can dive into them fully, relishing in the fluid nature of it, unaffected by the doubts from past experiences which sometimes may creep into the conscious mind and abort these magnificent creations. Then again, it is not about the actuality of these dreams, it is in the expansiveness of emotion and feeling that is important. For no sooner have you manifested it into a physical experience, it becomes a memory. A memory becomes an aspect of your Soul, another thread in the tapestry of your Soul’s Story, colouring the larger picture of your continual existence in the Spirit World or Heaven.

Look to the young ones, where their Imagination is still as real as anything else in the human experience. They have no limitations until another expresses their thoughts on the subject, denying what is the truth for them. But this is all a part of their human experience too, the journey of the soul through the playing field of Physical World, There is no right or wrong, and once you return to your full soul consciousness, none of it matters, the level of importance shifts and appreciation of all of the gifts received through the field of potentiality, the Physical World, where you experience the senses of a human body, of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. We observe the difficulties of perceiving existence beyond the Time and Space reality in which you are experiencing, and that some of you are to recall your soul state whilst in a physical body, and some of you will not. Each is to have an individual experience. Some will recognise others and some will not. As you Molly, are recognising the similarities within yourself and the Grace’s. 

Humans have an interest or fascination in history, of past experiences and a desire to know where they have come from, of how they are related to each other. This has been limited to their physical existence. What we are showing you is your ‘spiritual inheritance’ of your relatedness beyond the Physical World. There are lineages, spirit-lines, commonalities between souls, just like you see in the Physical World as lineages, blood-lines, genetics and family relations. There is also the ‘who’s who of the Spirit World’.  And this is what we have been preparing you for, with this gentle unfolding of the Spirit Network or family that you are associated with. In one aspect, you as human beings are all related – you all come from Source Energy/God, are products of the Spirit World or Heaven. And in another aspect, you have your soul-families, of whom you are spiritually related to, which can be determined or understood by the innate feeling of familiarity, of ‘knowing’ another. Never underestimate this sensation.”

Grace looks intently at both of the girls. Molly’s attention is fixed on her every word. Annabelle is lost in the amazement of this new sensory experience she is having, somewhat new to this place Molly has fondly named The Attic, this doorway between realities, worlds, dimensions, this World Between Worlds – between the physical and non-physical worlds, that exists between Heaven and Earth.

“If only you knew just how much truth is in what you are calling fantasy depicted in your movies or books. These are all expressions of creativity, of when there is no limitation other than that projected by the logic mind….” Grace’s voice fades as she  is distracted, captivated by Annabelle, who is still fascinated with the movement of energy in this environment, traces her hands slowly through the ethers, watching the shift of colour, light and vibration she is able to create.

Grace turns to Molly, “That is all for now. Continue your writing, and collecting these precious stories – you have a very interesting one coming up this weekend!” 

“You know?” enquired Molly. 

“Oh yes, I am well aware of what is lining up for you. I could give you a preview but that would remove the element of delight of watching you participate in this with innocence, of not knowing in advance. You tend to be more receptive and less likely to anticipate it in a predictable way. Until next time we meet here, remember that I am with you always.”

The vision fades and Molly feels the heaviness of her physical body return. Opening her eyes she sees that it is now dark outside and  has lost track of time, not knowing how late it is. Sitting for a moment so that she can feel her body again, Molly can hear Will downstairs in the kitchen. It must be dinner time. Walking down the stairs Molly pauses in the doorway admiring Will busy preparing a meal.  With his back to the kitchen door, Molly snuck in quietly and turned the volume back up on her phone, almost instantly it chimed with a message from Anna.  “Annabelle!” she exclaimed with a chuckle. It had been entertaining watching Anna’s response to the non-physical environment of The Attic. Opening the text message, it read: “OMG, how amazing was THAT! Who needs drugs when you can do this? Lol.”

Molly flicked off the phone, the message did not require a response immediately. She turned her attention to Will and the delicious aroma of a lamb roast aroused her appetite, realising she was ravenously hungry. “Well, hello stranger. Returned at last?” He greeted her with a hug and wet soapy hands, which he snuck up under Molly’s jersey. “Arrrgh! Yuck! Will Ferguson…,” she shrieked, struggle to slip free from his tight hug, her efforts abandoned as he kissed her neck, his lips finding hers. Kissing him was too good to resist, but she made her revenge by letting her cold hands find their up beneath his jersey, onto his warm, bare skin. “Ah ha! Revenge is sweet!” Molly laughed as she freed herself from his arms. “What have you been creating in the kitchen? And what time is it?” she enquired.

“It’s just after 8pm, and dinner should be ready in oh, about 10 minutes. Glass of wine?” Will offered. 

“Oooh, yes please! Merlot would be nice with dinner, and one now would be even better!” Molly replied eagerly. “Wow, 8pm….that went quickly.  Oh Will, this visit was amazing…,” she sat down at the table whilst Will poured them each a glass of wine and Molly retells her experience of visiting Grace’s Office with Annabelle.

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