Synchronicity – Divine Lining Up of Events

Yesterday we went to a new cafe. We sat outside on the verandah despite the builders working just off the balcony, choosing to see it as interesting watching these workers creating a new room. But what took my attention was that here in suburbia, was a kereru sitting in a native tree in the corner of the garden. It did a little dance with its head in a way I had never see one do before. Several times. We enjoyed a good coffee and a yummy lunch, but my attention was on the kereru, also enjoying its lunch.

I remember thinking it would be so cool to see one up close. When we had finished eating I looked over at the tree again and saw a special moment unfolding in slow motion. I saw this beautiful bird take flight, right towards me! And she flew directly in-between John and I as we sat on the verandah. I could feel the draught from her slow beating wings, as she effortlessly swept between our heads. She could have flown up the side of the building but instead chose to fly between us. How cool was that! 

For me Kereru (wood pigeon) represents Messages from Spirit, Spiritual Guidance, to take a spiritual perspective. I know there is something I need to be taking close attention to over the next few days. There were several other coincidences that day, not quite so profound, but still demanding my attention. On our morning walk we were met by a beautiful Labrador cross puppy, about 6 months old. She was such a happy dog, carefree and playful. She walked by our side like she had known us forever. I wondered where she may have come from, but more so where was her home? So I asked St Francis of Assisi and Archangel Michael to help her find her way home safely. Within minutes a car pulled up with a young couple in it very excited to have found her! Later that morning we visited a park where I noticed in the distance a new metal sculpture. We walked around to it and there was a sign with information about the sculpture and how it was commemorating the woman involved with the planting of the trees in the park over 100 years ago. As we were reading the information, a man approached us and explained the story of the sculpture and invited us to stay on for the official unveiling in a couple of hours. There was a photo of two men sitting by the original wooden carving on the sign taken in the 70’s. One of them was him!  And even now as I am writing this, I can feel the emotion prickling my eyes. These seemingly small events and their timing in our day brought to my attention the orchestra being played out for us by The Universe. As we felt our way through our day, listening to our intuition whispering….’go here, now go here, now over here, come this way, come this way….’ I felt blessed to have been privy to these subtle but meaningful events of our day. 

It is only when we declutter our lives, slow down the pace of the day are we able to perceive the nuances being whispered to us. Regardless of how busy our days may be, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being still or meditating for just 15 minutes before the momentum of the day sweeps you away. This moment in time connects our conscious mind to Source Energy/Spirit/God/The Universe and helps us to fine tune to these delicate but precise messages. We have a constant support system when we choose to focus on this. It just requires us to ask, ask to know more, ask to see more, ask to understand more. To tap into the eternally evolving nature of The Universe/God. To what appears to some as miracles becomes the understanding that every event is a miracle. For some, being able to get out of bed is one of these. Miracles come in many shapes, sizes and forms….and our days are filled with them, when we tune into the rhythm of life which interconnects us all. 

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