Chapter 31 – Luke’s Story.

The night before the next scheduled interview with Luke and his family, Molly had a dream. Or was it a dream? In the vision she was lying asleep in bed next to Will and was woken during the night. She felt a presence of someone sitting on the end of their bed and heard faint giggling. She sat up and looked towards her feet where she saw the outline of a small child, the moonlight shining through the open window emphasising the halo of blonde curls. The small child turned to look at Molly with an intense look from his bright green eyes. The energy of this child took her by surprise and she woke to find herself lying in bed next to Will. Looking around the room, she noticed that the curtain was drawn back and the window was slightly open, the full moon shone through lighting up the room. She did not recall opening the window and thought Will must have gotten up whilst she was asleep. Mystified by the dream, she sleepily got out of bed and closed the window leaving the curtain drawn back so that she could take in the moonlight.

Luke had already mentioned to Molly that he had a very special family.  He did not like to use any limiting terms or labels to describe his eldest son for those meeting him for the first time. The timing of their visit would need to fit into a well-scheduled routine. Lunch would be at 12 noon, and she and Will were required to be there one hour beforehand, to allow Jack to feel at ease with them. He had requested that Will not use a flash with the camera, and to sit with Jack and show him what it is he was wanting to do with the camera prior to taking any pictures.

As they stood at the front door of Luke’s house, before they had even got to use the weathered brass knocker on the old wooden door, it slowly opened with a soft creaking sound and there peeping from behind it was a small boy, no more than 4 years of age, a round cherub-like face with intense green eyes, white blonde hair and olive skin. His hair was a mixture of fine fuzz  and tight curls, which appeared like a halo around the top of his head. His presence was similar to that of meeting the Dalai Lama! She was captivated by this small, but impressive little human being. He took Molly’s breath away as she recognised him as the child in her dream! Luke appeared behind him speaking quietly, “Jack…this is Molly and Will. Remember I told you how they were coming to visit today?” Luke asked, to which Jack nodded his head gently, not taking his eyes from Molly’s. Molly felt a ripple of energy run down her spine. Here was what Grace had been talking about last night, the sense of familiarity when meeting someone with a strong sense of soul. She felt it, and as she realised this, a huge smile spread across Jack’s face, he pushed open the front door and took Molly’s hand gently, leading her into the house. He took her from room to room and would look up at her, not saying a word. But it was like Molly was able to read his mind, hearing his little voice in her mind giving her a description of what each room was used for. The look of surprise on Luke’s face was priceless. He had never, ever seen Jack respond to any visitors in this way before. Luke and Will followed at a distance behind Jack and Molly, at this seemingly silent tour of the house. Jacinta, Luke’s wife, came to meet them with Tilly their daughter on her hip. Tilly was 11 months old. Her features were just as stunning as Jack’s but in a different way. Jacinta too had the same shade of pale jade green eyes, like she was wearing coloured contact lens, the colour of which was enhanced by her dark skin and even darker curly hair. And on meeting Jacinta, Molly understood where the children got their eyes from. Jacinta had grown up in the Cook Islands, her parents were an interesting mix. Her grandparents on her mum side were originally from Ireland. Both her mum and her dad were born and grew up in Rarotonga, her dad being a Cook Islander of many generations. Luke on the other hand was New Zealand born, fifth generation, his ancestors migrating from Scotland in the mid 1800’s. Bright blue eyes stood out against a fair complexion, his up-turned nose sprinkled with brown freckles. Shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair pulled back into a ‘man-bun’, and some unruly stray curls framed his round boyish face. There was an impish energy to him. Luke had grown up in a fishing village south of Dunedin and had moved north to Wellington to attend university, where he met Jacinta who was studying child psychology at the time.

The house felt calm and relaxed, even Tilly sitting on Jacinta’s hip sucking on a carrot, was also calm and relaxed.  With the house tour completed, Jack led Molly into the kitchen to a specifically chosen chair at the table and climbed up onto her lap. Luke and Jacinta watched on in amazement. This was the first time they had  seen their son so comfortable with someone he had never met before! Jacinta placed Tilly on the floor and she walked her way around the furniture, still learning how to manoeuvre her little body. Tilly brought over to Jack another carrot stick from the bench top where Jacinta was preparing vegetables for a salad for lunch. Pleased with her son’s change in behaviour, she continued silently preparing the food, watching from the corner of her eye the magical interaction between Molly and Jack, and even Tilly.  From Molly’s lap, Jack looked intently at his dad, locking his eyes on him and silently telling him something. To Molly it was no different to how Kelly communicated with her animals. She understood completely the exchange that was going on between Luke and his son. Luke nodded his head at Jack who climbed down from Molly’s lap, contented now to play with some toys on the floor by the glass bi-fold doors over looking the back yard garden.

Luke brought over a cup of coffee to Molly and said, “How did you do that? How did you know?” 

“I heard him in my head, just like when I communicate with spirit people,” she replied calmly, as if it were the most normal thing to do, and for Molly it was. “I am more interested in hearing how you learnt to communicate with Jack in that way.”

Luke sat down at the table with Molly and Will. He looked across the room at Jack, who looked up at him from the toys and nodded his head. Approval given, Luke continued, “When Jacinta was pregnant, I would place my hand on her belly and talk to Jack. I could feel this incredible energy passing through my hand, it was almost like I was able to touch him inside the uterus. This may sound weird, although somehow I know you will understand Molly, but he told me that he knew he was a wise soul and was coming into the world at this time to bring a sense of wisdom that would encourage other children to remember who they really are! Of these amazing spirit beings who are coming into this physical world for the first time, that they have lived in other lifetimes on other planets, but that this is their first visit to Earth and this physical reality as we know it to be.

He has shared with me insights to solutions for problems at work that not even the most experienced in the field have had access to. Of innovative ways for the business to grow. He often attends staff meetings with me, and mostly plays quietly, but I know he is listening. The others at The Little Book Publishing Company are aware of his ability to transfer information to me in the way that he does. He is almost like our secret guru.  I acknowledge the old soul in him and this innate wisdom he carries with astute awareness, I also remind myself that he is a child and he needs to play. But even his playtime is different. At times I can see his playmates, not so invisible….pixies, fairies, goblins, and all kinds of what others many call  creatures of fantasy or make believe. He is able to bring them into a more physical existence. Although, sometimes they do wreak havoc around the house. We have learnt to install surge protectors on all appliances because we found out the hard way that these creatures can short circuit even our computers! A little like a scene out of the movie Gremlins, don’t you think! Particularly at night on a full moon, it is quite normal to come out here and find Jack playing with them. This is his favourite place over by the glass doors. On a warm full moon night we will find him outside playing with them. They keep him safe, they have reassured us that no harm will come to him, for he holds The Light within, they call him The Keeper of the Light.

Luke paused as he looked from Will to Molly and asked, “Am I freaking you guys out?”

“Oh not at all!” Molly reassured him and quite fascinated. ”I am loving it!” Will added, “Can you ask him if it is okay for me to take his photo Luke?”

“You can ask him for yourself, but do it non-verbally. Tell him you would like to show him your camera. He will already know of its functions and may teach you a few things himself!” Luke replied.

Will looked across the room at Jack, thinking what he wanted to say to him. Jack came over, climbed up on Will’s lap, cupping his face between his tiny hands, he looked Will in the eye. Surprised, Will eyes glance towards Luke and whispered, “I heard him! I heard his voice in my head!” Jack looked at his dad and they both  laughed. They were enjoying this, never having been able to share their communications with visitors before. Jack took the camera from Will’s hands and got down from his knees and sat on the floor at his feet, he looked at the buttons on the back of the camera, then looked up at Will and clicked the shutter button. He then climbed back up onto Will’s knees and shared with him the photo he had just taken on the small screen. Will looked disbelievingly at the image that had been captured. Behind Will there was an outline of a fairy-like impression. Jack looked at Will and held his hands creating a ring above his head. Will heard the word “angel” in his mind. Looking at the image again, it began to appear much clearer, with more detail. He shook his head and laughed nervously. “You were right Luke, he does have something to teach me.” He turned to Jack and said quietly, “how did you do that?” To which Jack shakes his head and wags his index finger at him scoldingly. Watching the interaction with great delight, Jacinta stifled a giggle.

As Luke set the table for lunch, Jack turned on the iPad activating some wireless speakers and the most beautiful classical music by Ludovico Einaudi filled the room. The whole house resonated with this music that was capable of uplifting the sadness from anyone. Molly and Will were so taken by this amazing family, the potential of this child was mind-blowing. They shared lunch together and then leaving them to settle the young ones for an afternoon nap, Molly and Will headed back to their house to do some work on the book. Molly realised that she had not asked the require questions, but felt in her heart that their story was to be just as unique as this sweet family was.

Sitting at the desk in her little office upstairs in the house in Wellington, Molly contemplated the story she was about to write. She liked to meditate before writing, it enabled the words to flow easily. Whilst sitting in the stillness, she felt the temperature in the room change, becoming warm, almost humid. Opening her eyes, she turned to see Grace Simpson sitting on the bed behind her. Grace motioned for Molly to come sit next to her. Molly could feel the warmth of her presence, this time it was tangible. Grace took Molly’s hands and in an instant, Molly felt herself falling, like the floor had gone from beneath her. She could feel Grace’s hand in hers and although startled, was not afraid. She fell lightly, floating and gently turning until she was aware of her body landing on the same bed she had just left, although the linen was different and lace curtains had replaced the plantation shutters. The writing desk had been replaced by a small table covered with a lace doily. There was an oil lamp hanging from the ceiling and she could smell the sharp odour of burning oil. She knew where she was, but she did not understand what was happening.

A quiet but strong, deep, rich voice beside her announced, “Welcome to my home.” It was Grace Simpson. Molly could not believe what she was experiencing, feeling a little like Alice In Wonderland. “There is something I wish to show you….” Grace’s voice trailed off as she pulled a tin trunk out from beneath the bed. Lifting the lid, she revealed to Molly a small bundle of sepia photographs tied with a ribbon. Startled by what she was seeing, Molly took one of the photos in her hands, turning it over and over to register that it was real. It sure felt real! The photo’s were of Grace Forrest! “How can this be, Grace? I don’t understand.”

“There is much more to the Spirit World than you remember Molly. We are all related, soul sisters so to speak –  Grace Forrest, myself, your grandmother Grace O’Leary, and you. The one similar characteristic for us to recognise each other across the generations, these past lives of human existence, was with the name Grace. And of course the colour of our eyes. All of us are with you now, here to guide you, and in truth we are all as one. We come to you now as your spiritual guides and mentors known as Grace. Of what you perceived when you were a child as your invisible friend and then as an adult as your spirit guide, your guardian angel, whom you called Grace, do you not remember?”

‘Oh yes, I do remember, without a doubt! She has travelled with me all of my life, I am well aware her. She has stood by me, even when I chose to ignore her advice, waiting patiently for me to listen to her again. So you are telling me that, each of you is the same? You are all what I have known as my guardian angel Grace?”

Grace Simpson smiled knowingly at her.

“So what is with the seperate incarnations? Of these lifetimes?”

Grace Simpson paused a moment, finding the best words to help Molly understand this.

“At differing times we have swapped roles – you have been my guardian angel whilst I was in physical form – you were my ‘Grace’. We have done this for many, many life times. These Grace’s are the only ones you have recollected or accessed, that your logic mind has the ability to recall. For now. In time to come, you will recall more or reach an understanding that the information is already within you  and the answer to these questions you are asking is not a necessary thing to be obtained. For now, know that we are with you – all of us appearing as a memory of Grace, the human link with the Divine or God as many know the meaning of this word to be. Our individual stories of lifetimes passed were to give you an easier way of accepting us. That we had a history, a story you could relate to. And yes, we did choose to have an experience in the Physical World, one of the five senses, of what some call a Life Time. Intriguing, is it not?”

“Oh very!”, Molly replied…feeling more than a little lost for words.

“Hold my hand now, and I shall take you home.” Grace reached out to Molly and again she felt herself falling and spinning downwards, aware of the changing temperatures of the varying vibrational frequencies as she travelled through Time and Space, landing gently on the bed, back in the office where she was sitting previously. Stunned, she lay on her back on the bed in silence, having completely forgotten about the story she was about to write.

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