With Grace – Spiritual Guidance For Everyday Living.

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What is it like to have a reading with Grace?

Grace does not sugar-coat it or spoon-feed you fortune telling. Her readings are educational and give you information to help you  understand the current or past events in your life from a different perspective, for you to grow and evolve. They are empowering, and uplifting. Sometimes playful, sometimes cheeky, sometimes very matter-of-fact and to the point, but always with Love and Respect.

Most of my readings are done via email, whether they are for people or animals. In person readings can be done if locations line up. For me writing is a process of accessing information from Grace, the information flows easily.

Personally, I love interacting with Grace in this way, whether the reading is for myself or for others. For me, it is like sitting down and having a cuppa and a chat with a very dear friend who is a wise old teacher. It is intimate, personal and I always learn something new. Because we are all connected Spiritually, I can see the relatedness in the information I receive, for all of us. There is always some pearl of wisdom in every reading for me too.

I look forward to sharing this kind of experience with you. If you would like to have a reading with Grace, please send your request through the contact page.

With Love,

Monica & Grace.

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