Chapter 35 – Getting Ready

Later the next morning after Anna had left for her trip to Northland, the house felt empty. Molly wandered from room to room reconnecting with her much loved home. She was intrigued at just how good the house was looking. Everything felt fresh as if it had had a new coat of paint, inside and out. The polished floor boards glowed a rich honey colour, and the old original scatter rugs were vibrant in colour and patterns with not a trace of wear, you would never have known their true age. And the garden, well…there was no way Anna could have achieved how it was looking on her own. It would have taken a team of gardeners. Anna had explained to Molly about how Patrick had been visiting her in the physical world, and how he had also been helping her around the house. The gardens were spectacular, the box hedges and garden edges neatly trimmed, the fruit trees had masses of fruit not yet ready for picking. The herbs and roses were thick and vibrant in colour and the wisteria across the verandah provided a luminous green shade, sheltering the inside of the house from the hot summer’s sun.  The vibrant green leaves, cascaded down from the fascia boards and wound around the verandah posts. She and Will had removed the old wooden lattice that had been tacked on many years ago, opening up the verandah and letting in more light. The song thrush had returned to nest in the corner of the verandah amongst the wisteria vines, content to be sharing the house with them. Each morning she provided a beautiful song letting Molly know it was time to get up.

Having done a tour of the whole house and garden, leaving Will to continue with work on his loft studio, Molly knew it was time to visit The Attic. Pausing at the bottom of the stairs, she looked up and realised there was little difference in visiting The Attic in the Physical World or through meditation. Climbing the stairs she felt that same familiar tingle as if passing through a energy veil. Opening the door to The Attic she found a candle burning on top of the writing bureau, on the open desk top was a hand written note which read:

“Are you ready?”

Molly looked around the room, she could not see anyone else here. But she knew that was not always the case. Sitting in the chair, staring at the note she asked out aloud, “Ready for what?” Closing her eyes enabled her to tune into the energy of the room, which would help her to see Grace or whoever else was here. She swung around in the captain’s chair and opened her eyes to see sitting on the daybed not only Grace Forrest, but Grace Simpson and Grace O’Leary! The three of them stood up facing Molly, who watched on as one stepped inside of the other and they too stepped inside of the third Grace, becoming as one in the image of Grace Forrest. The single form of Grace sat down at the small table and motioned for Molly to join her.

“Molly, it is time for us to help you prepare for the work that is calling you. Have you not felt it – The Calling? This journey that you will be embarking upon requires you to be tuned-in to this World Between Worlds, so we shall do some work to assist you in feeling more at ease with this. Over the coming weeks we ask that you join us here in The Attic each day. Think of it as your classroom. Be ready!” and with a bright flash, Grace was gone, leaving Molly staring at the empty space before her. “I guess I will have to get used to this appearing and disappearing stuff,” she said to the seemingly empty room. The candle flickered in response. She snuffed it out and went down stairs in search of Will.

As she walked into the kitchen, Molly found him standing at the kitchen table dressed in  an apron with a bib. He was whisking something in a large bowl. “Oh hello you. Omelet?” he asked and turned towards the stove to reveal to Molly that he had nothing on underneath the apron! Molly glanced admiringly at his beautiful, lightly tanned muscular body beneath the apron, the bow of which tied neatly above the crack in his somewhat paler buttocks. She giggled as he wriggled his arse cheekily at her, pretending to be oblivious of her watching him. Then he turned and pouted like a drama queen and said, “well, I had to get your attention some how, entice you to stay downstairs for a little longer…” he winked at her and blew a kiss over his shoulder, then continued cooking the omelet. “That part of your body needs a little sunshine Will Ferguson,” Molly giggled. 

“I have thought of taking up Naturalist Gardening, you know, doing the garden naked, that would give me an all over tan don’t you think?” Molly laughed at the thought. “Gum boots and maybe a g-string to protect your precious bits whilst mowing maybe? Shall I make a salad?” Molly asked in one breath, casually not missing a beat. “Done!” Will replied, “But you can pour us a glass of wine, this naked chef is parched!” Giggling, Molly went to the pantry to find a bottle of white wine, and set the table for a late lunch. Through the afternoon and into the evening they played, childlike in the gardens, oblivious of Time. The faery folk watched on, pleased to see the positive changes occurring on the property.

The following morning Molly woke early, excited about this idea of learning new information from Grace. She got out of bed carefully so as not to wake Will, who was still sleeping deeply. Tip toeing down the hall to make a pot of tea, she turned to see a ray of light rippling down the stairs. There was a candle lit in The Attic, Grace was awaiting Molly’s presence there. Taking up a tea tray for two and some hot buttered raisin toast, she greeted Grace with a cheery good morning. Grace nodded her head and pointed for Molly to join her at the small table.

“Oooh! Raisin toast! I am famished!” Grace exclaimed, pleased to see that Molly had made enough for the two of them. “I had no idea you could eat food Grace…” Molly’s voices trailed off as she poured the tea. “The more I am with you here in The Attic, the more I am able to engage with the Physical World. I guess you could say that I may becoming more human,” Grace chuckled.

“One can always learn better with a full stomach and good tea of course. Now….” Having finished her tea and toast, Grace cleared away the cups and plates, making way for a huge leather-bound book which appears as old as Time itself. Eagerly, Molly looked on, and asked, “What is this?” to which Grace replied, “It is the Almanac of Angels!” announcing proudly, stroking the cover of the book fondly. “You too Molly have a little bit of “Grace” in you. It is time for you to understand that you are also an angel. There have been many books written about angels and more recently information about what has been labelled Earth Angels. Each and every soul comes into a life in the Physical World with a purpose. For some it is to learn, or remember, or explore or create. And for some, it is to be a guiding light for others, an angel in a physical body. This is for you Molly. Your purpose is to be one of those guiding lights. But there is a lot more to it than just helping others. You are about to be reminded of how the Spirit Realm interrelates with the Physical World and what goes on in-between. What was once your ‘normal’ state of being, your Soul State has been seemingly forgotten. Taking on a physical form and a logic mind, has its limitations. However it is possible for you to recall information from the Spirit Realm or what some may call Heaven, where Source Energy or God emanates from. It is not a place as such, for there is no physicality to it. However, it is the existence of all that was, all that is, and all that is yet to be, and there is no limitation or confinement to this energy. It is accessible by all of those whom desire it. This realm, known as Heaven is also infinite creativity, where everything is created by thought first, which is accessed through what the logic mind refers to as Imagination. This is why we insist that you meditate every day, at least once. This process will enable you to stay in-tune with us and maintain the continual flow of creative prompts, translated into feelings by your intuition, and then thoughts by your mind. You are constantly receiving information but not all of it comes from this Realm of Creation. Like the tuner on a radio, there are many ‘stations’ you can tune into. There are as many channels or variations of vibrations as there are individuals. Each and every soul has its own ability to transmit and receive information. This information translates into creative prompts. Now depending on what level of vibration that prompt is coming from and whether you are tuned into that specific vibration will determine what kind of information or prompts you receive. As you focus on the higher vibrational frequencies, the information you receive will be of a more pure source.  There are many, many sources of information, some of them not so good. So depending where you set your focus on and what level of vibrational frequency you choose to focus on will determine what kind of experiences you will have in the Physical World. For there are countless levels within the World Between Worlds also, some of which are best left alone.

Do you feel ready to experience this for yourself? You can sit in on this first one and watch what transpires.”

“Ok!” Molly replied eagerly.

Grace contemplated for a moment, “Maybe that is enough for today. Let’s start with a ‘visit’ tomorrow. I want you to meditate tonight and again in the morning before you come up here. Walk around the garden and feel for a nice place to do this. Until tomorrow” and once again with a bright flash, Grace was gone. Molly sat still, taking in what she had just been a part of, unaware of a whole new world unfolding for her.

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