Chapter 36 – Visitors From The Past

After breakfast the next morning, Molly went out into the garden. Everything was fresh from a shower of rain during the night, the grass wet beneath her bare feet, the sun warm on her body. She loved these fresh mornings and warm days, and starting the day out in the garden was the best thing to do. Walking amongst the fruit trees in the orchard behind the barn, she disturbed a lone sheep, one of their neighbours flock, whom had found its way through a hole in the fence in search of the greener grass on the other side. Startled at Molly’s presence, it froze. Molly stood still and closed her eyes, talking to the lamb in her head, “It’s ok, I’m just looking for a quiet place to sit. You are welcome here, the grass could do with a trim,” and when she opened her eyes, the lamb was grazing, relaxed and at ease with her being there too. Beneath one of the apple trees was an old tree stump. Here was her perfect place to sit! Getting comfortable on the stump, she could feel the warm mid morning sun dappled through the leaves, patches of warmth and coolness. The air was still and she could hear the hovering buzz of a bumble bee busy amongst the flowers which circled around base of each of the trees. Already she felt at one with her environment, a good way to start a meditation. Relaxing into her breathing, Molly felt herself becoming lighter and lighter, floating. It felt as if everything around her in the garden had come to life, each plant, each tree having an individual personality. Even the lamb, who’s name, it told her, was Albert. She could feel the orchestra that was being conducted, each plant talking to another, in harmony with and in respect of each others needs. Even the bees and birds were tuned into this conversation. Molly too felt a part of it, as if her presence in the garden was just as important as any of the plants, insects or animals. She felt something brush across her feet and looked down to see a quiet hedgehog ambling amongst the trees in search of food. A Tui (bird native to New Zealand) sang overhead, providing a beautiful repertoire, together with the song thrush she could hear responding from its home in the wisteria on the veranda. There was indeed magic in the moment.  As beautiful as it was in this magical place, she was well aware of answering the call to go to The Attic and of meeting with Grace. As she opened her eyes, the amazing world continued undisturbed by her movement. Walking inside the house, she wondered how the day would unfold for her.

Walking up the stairs to The Attic, she noticed that same tingle half way up the stairs, then stopped at the closed door and listened. Inside she could hear voices, someone was already with Grace. Knocking quietly, she was met with a welcoming “come on in!” Grace was sitting at the table with a girl who was in her late teens, dressed in jodhpurs and a crumpled white shirt with long sleeves rolled up to her elbow, her untidy honey-blonde hair pulled back in a messy pony-tail, her face flushed with excitement. She stood up politely as Molly entered the room, smiling eagerly, holding out her hand in greeting. 

“At last! Finally, someone has noticed me! Do you know just how long I have been trying to get the attention of someone in the Physical World? Well, I have realised that there is no time frame here, so not even I know how long it has really been, but it feels like decades.  All that jumping about and trying to move things to get someones attention, all to no avail. Seemingly pointless (she sighs dramatically). And then I followed the line of Spirit People to this room, and at last, ah ha….I have found you!” Sitting back down at the table, somewhat coy after her initial burst of excitement, feeling shy now that she had their undivided attention, sat Victoria. However, as she started talking to Grace, she sparked up again, becoming animated, her arms gesticulating dramatically.

“I dreamt of BIG things, but Momma and Poppa insisted that I had to go to Lady’s Finishing School in Europe. I detested having to wear such an unsightly uniform, and ugh these dresses they insist on me wearing. Give me trousers and jodhpurs any day, every day! I love to hunt and they insist in me riding side saddle. I knew this stable hand, Sid, a lovely chap who is ever so helpful and he always helped me to swap saddles prior to mounting up, right at the point when nothing could be done and I must ride out astride. I wore jodhpurs beneath my riding habit, which was easy enough to remove. It was far more comfortable and actually easier to ride in and made jumping a breeze. Have you ever tried to jump in a side saddle? They do love to make it difficult for women by implying a mandatory dress code and some even try to exclude us from participating in the hunt all together.

And boarding school – ugh! How contrite! And totally unnecessary. Whatever is the point of sitting in a classroom when I could be learning at home with my tutor? And must I have boring discussions about socialites with prissy girls and their neatly coiffured hair in ringlets and curls. Give me an adventurous boy to banter with any day! I want to travel, I want to go to Africa! The only consoling element of Finishing School was that I would be going to boarding school in Sweden near where my favourite Aunt lives. My mother’s sister was so different to her, complete chalk and cheese. Aunt Olivia had her own motor car and had promised to  teach me how to drive when I came to stay with her during the last Christmas holidays. So this was the up-side of going to Europe, it was an acceptable pay off. However,  my requests had to be received by my parents, before I would agree to go anywhere. Hmm…yes I had decided that this would be acceptable.”

Molly sat spellbound as this young woman, who was very excited now that she was on a roll, her chatting incessant.  Trying to get a word in sideways, whilst Victoria caught her breath, Grace interrupted, “Tell us Victoria, how did you end up here in the Spirit World? What happened?”

Victoria paused, sipping her tea. “Well….. my parents and I did come to an agreement. I did attend the Lady’s Finishing School, which wasn’t as tiresome as I had anticipated. I loved studying geography, science and history and I have decided to be an archaeologist. I long to visit Africa and Egypt, maybe even India.

During the Christmas holidays, I went to stay with Aunt Olivia, we were having 8 weeks holiday. I was so looking forward to skiing on the alps. Momma and Poppa were coming to share the week over Christmas and New Year with us and Aunt Olivia had been teaching me to drive as promised, with a plan to surprise my parents when we were to meet them at the railway station by me driving the motor car. However, there had been a heavy fall of snow on the night before we were to meet them and the men had not yet been through to clear the roads in our area. Because we had to meet my parents by 11am, we decided to leave a little earlier and allow more time to get to the railway station through the snow. Well, I had only driven in snow once before and it had only been a light dusting. The railway station was about a 30 minute drive in fine weather and I had become quite the expert at driving,” she said proudly. “Even Aunt Olivia was amazed at how well I could manoeuvre the motor car. However, I had not yet experienced driving in such soft snow. We had been travelling for about 10 minutes when we rounded a long, sweeping bend in the road to find a dog, which appeared from nowhere, standing in the middle of the road, seemingly frozen with fear. I applied the brakes a tad too heavily which put the motor car into a spin landing against the embankment stacked with snow, tipping it over and pinning us beneath it. Unconscious, we were unable to move and the temperature was well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The car was not discovered in time for us to be revived, the police only being alerted by my parents concern that we were not at the railway station to meet them. Both Aunt Olivia and I died at that time, however, I have not been able to find her since being here in this place of Spirits. Is it heaven? It somehow looks familiar….” Looking around her, obviously puzzled, her voice trailing off.

Again, there was a pause in her continual dialogue and Grace takes her by the hand, guiding her to sit in one of the winged arm chairs. “Victoria, can we get you a fresh cup of tea?” to which Victoria replied dreamily, “Tea? Oh yes please, that would be delightful. It is so lovely to be drinking tea again, I have not done this since….oh dear……,” she sobs and then bursts into tears. Grace kneels on the floor before her, holding her firmly in her arms and letting her cry. There is a knock at the door and Grace nods for Molly to answer it. Opening the door quietly, she is met by a beautiful woman, eloquently dressed in a fur-lined hooded cloak dusted in snow. Molly held out her hand to invite her in, holding a finger to her lips indicating for them to be quiet. The woman steps inside and removes her cloak, gently shaking off the snow. Molly guides her to the other arm chair, wraps a warm blanket around the woman’s shoulders, and pours her a cup of hot sweet tea. Not a word is spoken as she looks painfully at the young girl sobbing in Grace’s arms. Molly places the cup of hot tea in her hands and she smiles politely, ever so pleased for the warmth and comfort of the room. 

Grace continues to hold Victoria, letting her cry the tears that she had been holding on to for what had felt to her like eons. “Wh-wh-where is Aunt Olivia? I can’t find her…” Victoria sobs.

Aunt Olivia reaches out and touches Victoria’s arm, “ I am right here my dear. I got a little lost, waiting around the car looking for you. I saw everyone come and go, but felt unable to leave, hoping that you would return. But we are here now, wherever ‘here’ may be….” her voice trails off as she looks around the room trying to grasp where she is. Looking puzzled, she enquires, “So where am I, ladies?” to which Grace replies, “This is a special room within my home M’am, it is within the World Between Worlds, not quite physical and not quite in Spirit.”

“Is it Heaven?” Aunt Olivia asks.

“Almost. It is in-between Heaven and Earth. A bit of a stop-over, some say.”

“How did I get here?” Aunt Olivia asks,  looking slightly befuddled. 

Grace explains, “The longing, your desire to be with Victoria became stronger and you finally stopped trying to find her. It was not that you gave up but rather, you let go of the desperate struggle. It is disorientating when you make the transition from your physical body into the Spirit World, and takes a bit of adjusting. You are welcome to stay here until you feel a little more at ease.”

Aunt Olivia nodded acceptingly and turned to Victoria to apologise, “I am so sorry Pet. Damn nuisance that heavy snow. Did you find your folks? Penny and Rupert must have been beside themselves, poor dears!”

Victoria left Grace’s arms and snuggled into her Aunts embrace with a look of contentment on her face. “Please come and join us at the table, I have prepared something for us to eat,” Molly invites them. The faces of both the young ladies lit up.

“Oh brilliant, I am absolutely starving,” exclaimed Victoria. After eating a little the girls started to relax and conversation became very chatty. They were interrupted by another knock at the door. All four of them turned to look at the door, curious at the snuffling sound on the other side. Molly turned the handle and the door was pushed open by a rather excited, large chocolate Labrador. “Oh Sampson!” squealed Victoria, leaping up from the table to meet her dear friend, burying her face into the familiar warmth of his furry coat. Following the dog into the room were two adults, Molly guessed to be Victoria’s parents, initially looking somewhat startled and then pleasantly surprised to see the others in the room. The chatter erupted as recognition settled in, each of them exchanging welcoming hugs. The warmth of this reunion generated a glow in the room which became a brilliant white light, and then, in an instant, they were all gone and the room fell silent. Grace turned to Molly, dusted her hands, placed them on her hips and announced, “Well, just another day in The Attic, what do you think of your new job?” and casually began to tidy the table. Molly sat down in the armchair, taking in what she had just witnessed, this whole new world revealing itself to her.

“My new job?” Molly enquires.

“Well, yes, I guess it is. Before you leave here to travel South, we are helping to prepare you. There will be many soul stories similar to this one for you to download and write about. This time of preparation is to help you become accustomed with conversing, engaging with and feeling at ease with the Spirit People waiting for your attention.” Grace informed.

“Waiting for my  attention? Why not you?” Molly queried.

“Because, my dear, you are the next in line. This is your spiritual inheritance. You are the next ‘Grace’ so to speak.” Grace announced proudly.

“But I don’t understand….” Molly’s voice trails off, more than slightly confused.

“Come, sit down and let me explain.” Grace points towards the chair next to her, inviting Molly to join her. She sat down, a little uneasily, unsure of what it is that Grace has to tell her.

“Where do I begin? Before any of us – us being what you know as Grace Forrest, Grace Simpson and Grace O’Leary – before any of us chose to experience life in the physical form on Planet Earth, we were in a soul family, a form of collective consciousness. We played and created together, this you will understand more as your consciousness evolves or when you yourself return to Spirit. But for now, what you need to understand is that, through the ages, we have helped each other, have been spiritual mentors for those of us in the Physical World, to remind the others of who they are, and where they have come from, and what they are here to do. Do you remember? We have spoken of this already, that you too are what some call an Earth Angel. There are many of you on the planet at this time, and on many other planets also, purely with the common intention of raising the vibration of these various realms, both in the Physical World and on this level of the Spirit World, to help create harmony, joy and assist in  the transition from the Physical World to the Spirit World and of spiritual evolution, for yourself and others. For even in the Spirit World there is always room for growth and evolution.”

Molly sat back, captivated by what Grace was sharing with her. From deep inside her, she knew that what Grace had told her was the Truth. That her connection with Grace transcended Time and Space and Life as she had known it to be. And that she too will have her time as a spiritual mentor as well, on into Eternity, constantly evolving and swapping roles. This information gave her a sense of relief and in that moment, the ability to completely relax into Life, knowing that everything was happening perfectly, just as it should and that all she really needed to do was to allow herself to catch up with what was already, in a sense, mapped out for her. Was this what people referred to as Destiny? That Destiny was actually the blueprint of a soul’s life experience yet to be? Rather than a fixed plan,  that Destiny was fluid, changeable, and at times misconstrued. Her understanding now, along the guidelines of working with The Universal Law of Attraction, was that everything she was about to experience had already been created in the Spirit World, that it already existed within her Imagination, ready for her to be in vibrational alignment with it, and connecting with this through inspired thought, or her intuition. That is, through the power within Molly’s imagination, she is able to download this spiritual information and create it into her physical experiences…good, bad and indifferent. All perfectly divinely designed by her prior to being born into this physical body.

“Where has this information coming from? Grace, can you hear it too? Or is it just in my head?”

“Of course I can hear it! It is your Soul’s Song, the high resonation of vibrational frequencies which transmit information from Source Energy, God, The Universe, and impresses you with creative inspirational thoughts, ideas and prompts. Isn’t it wonderful? Sounds like the music made by crystal bowls, that is the best earth reference I can find words to describe it.”

The Attic room fills with this celestial sound, that hums through Molly’s body and it seems to penetrate the very fibres of the walls of the house.

“What is this space, Grace, The Attic? I mean, really, what is happening here in this room?” Molly asks, finding her voice.

“For want of better words, it is a portal, a doorway between worlds, between Heaven and Earth. It accesses a level of what is referred to as Heaven, but is limitless and boundless, containing access to many, many, MANY levels of existence, some call them parallel dimensions, too many to keep a count of. There are places of beauty, sadness, joy, happiness, contentment, need, darkness and light. Here, in this room you call The Attic, it contains only the high vibration of what some humans call ‘The Light’ or Light Force Energy – the essence of God.  Nothing of a lesser vibration is capable of entering here, unless it is invited. By which I mean, through the Law of Attraction, when like attracts like. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you now meditate before coming up here.”

“Will you be able to visit me when I am away from the house? Or are you limited to being here?” Molly asked.

“Mostly, through my Agreement, My Sacred Contract, I will be here in The Attic. It must be guarded, and that too is a part of my soul’s purpose for now. However, I am able to assist you in the physical in times of need. More so, you are encouraged to come up here. It means you must raise your vibrational state of being, and this is important for your evolution and for communication with Spirit People. I think that is enough for today, and there will be more, oh so much more! For now, go and enjoy the company of that delicious soul you have married. Until tomorrow!”

The room filled with a bright light, an experience Molly will have many, many more times. She finds herself alone and took a moment sitting quietly in the chair, allowing herself to settle into her body again and prepared to go downstairs and see what Will has been up to.

Molly had no idea how long she had been up in The Attic with Grace, she found Will out in the garden weeding. “Oh hello Time Traveller, how was it? Do you realise you have missed lunch?” Will welcomed her with a hug, rubbing his damp, muddy hands underneath her t-shirt against the bare skin of her back.

“Ugh! Will Ferguson, you bugger!” Molly laughed and squirmed, unable to free herself from his hug. Surrendering, she flopped dramatically into his arms, and he kissed her. “Mmmm, I feel like I have been gone for days! What is the time?” Molly asked.

“4.45pm!” exclaimed Will. “I am sad and lonely, out here in the garden with only the birds and Albert the Lamb,” he pouted, reaching out to pat Albert on the head, who was surprisingly accustomed to Will. “He’s my new friend, aren’t you Albert?” To which the lamb replied with a bleat.

“How did you know his name?” Molly asked intrigued.

“He told me of course, didn’t you Albert?” And again the lamb bleated in agreement.

“You continue to amaze me Will!” Molly chuckled. “I am starving. Is there anything left from lunch?” Molly asked, eagerly hoping he would say yes.

“Nope. We ate it all, didn’t we Albert. Had a nice wee picnic here under the fruit trees….however, I am willing to rustle up something delicious, if you are willing to pay me with an honourable exchange….” He looked coyly at Molly, and walked off towards the kitchen, swaying this hips suggestively, his finger teasingly in the corner of his mouth as he looked back at her over his shoulder playfully. “Do you like what you see, huh? Huh?” Molly chased after him, and staggering into the kitchen, feigning exhaustion, “must….have….food……something…to….eat… of wine……” and collapsed on the floor at his feet. Will looked down at her with pretended sternness, “You owe me BIG time. But for now, come tell me about you day in the office of Grace Forrest.”

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