Chapter 39-Surprise!

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Molly’s phone chimed, barely audible to her as she drifted in and out of sleep. Realising it was in the middle of the night, she sat up to see who it was from, wondering if it may be Will. To her surprise it was from Annabelle. The message read, “Wake up! Txt me and go to The Attic.”

Excited and a little concerned because of the time the message was sent, Molly sent a quick reply to Annabelle, wrapped her bathrobe around her and headed up the stairs, calling quietly, “Grace! Grace! Come and join me.” She opened the door to find Grace already sitting at the writing bureau, concentrating on writing.

“Good morning,”  she smiles welcomingly.  ‘Anna has been writing to me! Look!” she exclaimed excitedly. Molly pulled up a chair and sat next to Grace who handed her several pages of writing. “You best read this as quickly as you can. I feel  Anna is wanting to pay us a visit,” Grace explained, her eyes twinkling with anticipation. “It it time, she is ready to do this!”

Molly read over Grace’s handwritten script from Anna. It was a conversation similar to what she herself had experienced when travelling earlier this year whilst communicating with Grace through meditation and journal writing. Anna spoke of her adventures whilst travelling, and of how her relationship with Patrick was evolving into a unique experience like she had never had before. Before Molly had read the last page, she felt a gentle breeze move through The Attic, ruffling the lace curtains on the window, the candle flame flickered. 

“Ooooh, I sense a presence,” a spooky, wavering voice announced, followed by a wicked giggle. Grace and Molly looked at each other eagerly,  It was Annabelle! Molly leapt up out of her chair in elation of the arrival of her dear friend in The Attic. “Annabelle? Grace, how can this be? We did no preparation or meditation….” Molly’s voice faded, shaking off the disbelief that had risen in her mind. “Oh my god Anna! How did you do it? We haven’t prepared for this, I was just reading the information from you that Grace had been writing.”

Annabelle stood before her, hands on her hips looking like a larger than life Peter Pan. “Grace and I have been doing a little magic of our own, haven’t we Grace? I believe I have achieved what some may call…..Time Travel!” she exclaimed eagerly.

Molly flopped back into her chair, her mouth gaping open like a stunned mullet. Anna and Grace burst out laughing. “Oh you do look a treat!” Grace laughed. “It is time for both of you to witness a little more of the magic this room is capable of.”

“Can I touch her?” Molly asked, looking up at Grace who was now standing next to Anna.

“But of course!”  Grace replied nonchalantly, as if this kind of thing happened every day.

Still sitting in the chair, too astounded to say much, Molly realised that she had been holding her breath. Giggling quietly at herself, she stood up and wrapped her arms around Anna, a strong zap like static electricity shot through her body as she touched her. Anna felt it also, they both squeal and laughed nervously, exhilarated by the experience they were sharing.

“Fuck Anna, it is really you! How can this be? Grace?” She asks, turning her attention to Grace, expecting a logical answer. “It really is Anna isn’t it? I’m not dreaming this, am I?” Grace smiles knowingly and reaches out to touch Molly on her third eye with her index finger. With a jolt like a zap from a electric fence, Molly woke to find herself laying in her bed. “What the fuck just happened?” She exclaimed out aloud, her eyes wide open, heart racing, body sweating, having thrown the duvet off. Lying on the bed she looked around the room, trying to get her bearings, taking in her surroundings. Yes she was lying in her bed but why was she so disorientated? Then the realisation made her giggle. She was lying with her head at the foot of the bed, all the pillows scattered on the floor! Her phone chimed. It was a message from Anna. This message read,” OMG! What a buzz! Literally eh!”

Molly felt exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time. Her body heavy and hot, but her mind and heart racing at the potential of what she may have just experienced. Then she heard Grace’s voice in her head. Or was she in the room with her? “Take a cool shower and walk in the garden barefooted – you need to ground yourself back in the physical world.” With an effort, she got herself to the bathroom, but every step felt heavy. Standing in the shower, the cool water running over her hot, sweaty body, Molly reminded herself to breathe and pay attention to the simple sensation of water on her skin. Closing her eyes and focussing on this, she became aware of another pair of hands washing her body. They felt like Will’s. After what she had just experienced, Molly thought that maybe Will was thinking of her or dreaming of her whilst he was in Wellington. Relaxing into the sensation of his hands on her body, she also felt his lips kissing the back of her neck and his arms wrapping around her. The intensity of the sensation startled her. The hands were indeed very real – Will had come home a day early and had wanted to surprise her. He had caught a taxi from the airport and had come in the back door, quietly undressed and stepped into the shower with her. And surprise her he did!

Startled by the awareness that he was actually in the shower with her, Molly turned around and nearly slipped. Will caught her, pulling her body into his, holding her tightly, laughing. “Hello my beautiful angel! It is so good to see you! Oh how I have missed this body of yours….” he whispered, kissing her wet shoulders. Molly grabbed him firmly, needing something stable to stop her from spinning, her head light and dizzy. “Oh Will! It is so good to see you!” she exclaimed, holding him tightly, her heart racing. The unexpected happenings during the night and the surprise return of Will made her knees buckle and he supported her as she lifted her legs over the sides of the bathtub, sitting on the smooth edge. He turned off the shower. “Whoa Babe, what’s been going on? Are you ok?” He paused, looking at her with concern. “You’re not… pregnant, are you?” Will wrapped a bathrobe around her and guided her out of the bathroom and into the kitchen sitting her down at the table. Molly smiled at Will’s assumption. “No Honey, I am not pregnant! But I do have a story to share with you. Pop the kettle on Lovey and I will tell you a tale or two,” she said a little more light heartedly, feeling more at ease in her body. “You make the tea, I’ll be back in a minute or two…” and took herself outside to walk around the gardens. The cool wet grass beneath her bare feet felt comforting.

Over a pot of tea and some Vegemite on hot buttered toast, Molly shared with Will the events of the past few days. Will leaned back in his chair, captivated by what she was telling him. “Wow Molly, can I do this too?” he asked her like an eager child at a fun park wanting to go on the biggest, scariest rollercoaster ride. Molly laughed at him, “Oh Will Ferguson, your enthusiasm far surpasses my own! I guess because they have taken me by surprise, I have not had the anticipation you have now. Am I ready for more? I think so, now that I am more aware of what may happen. Expect the Unexpected. That’s it! If I expect the unexpected every day, I think I will be more at ease about this. Your turn now, tell me a story.” Molly wrapped the bathrobe tightly around her body, tying the sash securely, she made a fresh pot of tea and sat back to listen to Will’s adventures in Wellington with Tom and  Delilah. 

In great detail he shared with Molly the past couple of days he had at The Little Book Publishing Company. “Molly, these people are so inspiring! It is awesome to work with a group of people who are so switched on! And fun.” Finishing off his story, he concluded, ”The Book is ready to go to print. As much as the original idea was for the book to be a gift to the staff members, together with their own Shares Portfolio, Tom wanted to share the concept with his staff and to ask their  to use this book as an inspiring business model, to encourage other companies to consider a gift of appreciation for their staff. He will be meeting with his team in a couple of days to present the idea and allow them a little time to consider this. He would like them all to be ok with it, otherwise he will rewrite the proposal with a not so personal approach, something more generalised. Of course he is hoping that they will all agree as it is the personal stories which will have the most impact.”

Will sighed deeply and gazed across the table at his beautiful wife, so glad to be home with her again, his eyes soaking up every movement she made, adoringly. He just wanted to unwrap that bathrobe and kiss every part of her delicious body….and that is exactly what he did…  

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