Chapter 40 – The Truth About Imagination

Imagination, Daydreaming, Cloud Formations – Equinox at Stone Henge Waiarapa.

After making love, Molly and Will had fallen asleep. It was late afternoon when Molly woke, wide awake, aware of the changing light through the bedroom windows.  ‘How long had they been asleep?’ she thought as got up quietly and drew the curtains shut, hoping that Will would continue to sleep a little longer. He was exhausted from the long days in Wellington. 

Grabbing an apple from the wooden fruit bowl on the kitchen table, she tiptoed up the stairs to The Attic, where she knew Grace would be waiting for her. “Good evening, thought you may have slept for a bit longer.”

“Are you kidding me? After yesterday, I couldn’t wait to come back up here and discuss this with you. My mind is still struggling with the concept of what happened here yesterday. Please Grace, explain this to me.” 

“Take a seat and I shall do my best. This won’t take long. It is truly very simple,” Grace began. Molly sat down at the table, eager to hear what she had to say. After a long pause, Grace said one word, “Imagination.” There was another very long pause whilst she drank tea from a delicate china cup. Grace leaned back in her chair, eyes closed, savouring each sip. Finally, she broke the silence, “Ah I do enjoy a good brew of Russian Caravan, it is so fragrant don’t you think?” And looked at Molly across the table. Molly waited politely for Grace to continue.

“Do you have any questions?” she asked Molly. Molly playfully mimicked Grace drinking her tea. Slowly she asked, “Is that it? Imagination?”

“Yes. And no. Yes it is just Imagination. And no, because there is so much more to Imagination than you are aware of. I will explain it as easily as I can. Imagination is a creative process, as you well know. However what you may or may not be aware of is the immense power, energy, associated with this seemingly simple process. Imagination is the best word to describe it, of accessing creative, inspired thought. What really happens is that when a thought comes into awareness, it activates an energy, a creative energy. That thought/energy comes to life in this….umm….space. (She waves her hand in a circle in front of her.) The energy of what we shall call Every Thought has already been created, waiting here to be activated, to be given attention, to breathe life into it, so to say. You receive an idea, an inspiration, it can be left as that, or it can be given focus and drawn into the Physical World. Everything is energy – EVERYTHING. What we decide to do with that energy is our free will. You can as easily create something good or bad, negative or positive. Here in the Spirit World, it is all considered Creation, neither good nor bad, it is purely energy creating an experience. Even the ones you may refer to as hideous or disastrous…..they are all purely an experience for the soul. Each experience creates a memory, and memories are what you are able to keep. They are personally yours, Life after Life after Life and beyond as a part of the Eternal Journey of the Soul. Some call it evolution or growth. However, the Soul is all-knowing, its intention is to experience, and the Physical experience is most desirable because of the senses which come with each individual body, all of which are unique. From the Souls Perception dis-ease, dis-ability, even death, are all desirable experiences. Because the soul knows the eternity of its existence, that there is no death, just various dimensions, or levels of existence. One of which is what we were experiencing yesterday. When two or more souls desire the same intention/experience, that is when it comes into the Physical World. Anything is possible, the only thing that gets in the way is DISBELIEF. That is all. Miracles are when one lines up with the knowing that anything is possible, which is the step beyond hope, faith or belief. When one feels The Knowing, there is no doubt nor disbelief.  It is then that it becomes ‘real’, whether they experience it in the Physical World or the Spirit World, where, of course, anything can be experienced.

The Access Code to this is…..meditation, day dreaming, quietening of the busy mind. That is why so many humans are drawn to drugs and alcohol, because outside of their own addictive nature, these substances are useful but some people, well most, get lost in the desire for more, not realising that they are able to reach this state of relaxation or bliss and access this seemingly invisible world for themselves, purely through their Imagination. Imagination has been undervalued by many, brushed aside as a childish thing. However there is such power in it, more than any amount of money can create.

Imagination. That is it. How you choose to use it is the key. Children have it sorted. If you were to ask them for the solutions to the world’s problems, they will tell you. What if education was reversed? What if Teachers became Listeners, enabling these evolving generations to download creative inspiration and create an improved way of living whilst on this planet? That the Listeners who then had the means to bring this into ‘reality’  saw their role as enabling, assisting things to happen. Now there’s a thought! That the children were respected as the wise ones, of the next evolution of human beings through each generation. A little like when your technology is updated, new ideas and ways of doing things, new devices are created to do them with. Let it come through The Wise Ones. Oh to be a Listener! What a wonderful job that would be! To see with anticipation, each new born child and what they have to offer the world, as a gift. Not as a goal or achievement, rather as a gift. Hmm…” Grace relaxed back into her chair contemplating with enjoyment the new understanding she herself had through this conversation.

“Thank you Molly for being a part of this moment in Time. We have uncovered something very special here. And working with the principals of ‘Thoughts Become Things’, let’s put that thought out there. Oooh, this is exciting indeed!” Grace’s smile was contagious, as she rubs her hands together gleefully, childlike herself. The sheer energy of these thoughts made her look more radiant. Molly could see now how this energy also effected the human body. When energy flows through active creativity, the body responds with a vibrancy, it ‘lights up’. 

“We will have such fun when you and Will go on your road trip south. But first, there is the End of Year Party with The Little Book Publishing Company, and before that, Anna’s return, and of course the celebration of Christmas. Oh, you will not recognise her! Her energy is buzzing. And her relationship with Patrick is out of this world!” They both burst out laughing at her corny play on words. 

“Did that make sense to you Molly?” Grace enquired.

“Oh yes, very much so. Hearing this makes me feel more alive than ever before. Like someone has turned on a switch in my brain. I am buzzing, right through my body, especially in my hands. Grace this is awesome. AWESOME! So Awesome…..” Molly’s words fade as she contemplates all that she has just heard.

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