Chapter 41 – Catching Up With Anna.

The last stretch of any journey has a tendency to always be the longest and slowest. Annabelle was on her way to Molly and Will’s home returning from her road trip with Patrick to Cape Reinga. Christmas was only a week away and ‘The Plan’ was for Anna to be back at The Muse to share Christmas with Molly and Will before they  headed south to Wellington for The End of The Year Party with The Little Book Publishing Company, and then to commence their road trip in the South Island.

It was just after midnight as Annabelle drove along State Highway going south. Molly and Will’s home was still another hours drive away and she could feel her eyes getting heavy. It had been a long day of driving. “I wish you could drive Patrick,” she said sleepily. “Gotta pull over for a nap. So much for making it back before midnight.” Patrick smiled at her and patted her knee, “What a good idea. I think my abilities to drive might attract a bit of attention,” he laughed. They parked the car at the next roadside stop, where several large semi-trailers were parked already. Reclining her car seat, Anna quickly fell into a deep sleep. Patrick watched over her, having no need for sleep. These past few weeks had been a new experience for him too. Through  connecting energetically with Anna he had been able to visit the Physical World and  interact with it in a very different way. He discovered that by focussed intention he could have a presence in the Physical World. With practice it became effortless. It was more than just being able to move things around like a poltergeist. He was able to influence the cellular structure of an object, changing its shape and qualities. When he was at The Muse, he was able to help Will by giving him inspired ideas, moulding the energy of his thoughts. And Patrick found also that he was able to alter the cellular structure of plants, timbers, stones, bricks, even the paintwork on the old house, purely by influencing, altering and effecting how the cells are arranged. To him it was simply like a potter shaping wet clay. 

However, interacting with Anna was different again. Still an energy exchange, he was able to ‘feel’ her, and she too could share this experience. With the two of them focussing with intention, they could create an intimate physical response, like the sensation of kissing, holding hands, and making love. Physically it appeared that Anna was in deep thought, or meditation or even asleep. She could have her eyes open and be walking along the street, fully aware of and interacting with Patrick, a conversation between them being felt as an exchange of thoughts, telepathically. If she were to explain this to someone else, the best way to describe it would be to say that it was in her Imagination. But as this group of friends were all learning – Imagination is far more than just creative thoughts, or pretending.

Anna was wanting to surprise Molly but it was not possible to drive silently across the pebbled part of the driveway leading around to the back of Molly & Will’s House. Molly had been sleeping restlessly, knowing that Anna was on her way home. The crunching sound of tyres on pebbles roused Molly from a brief but vivid dream, of a wizard-like man holding a large jewel-encrusted leather-bound book. His piercing blue eyes lingered on after the dream had finished. There was a familiarity to them she could not recall. And the sound of muffled voices and footsteps on the loose gravel outside was enough to get her out of bed. 

Hastily grabbing her bathrobe, she roused Will, “Honey, they are home! Will, wake up!” She said, shaking him gently, before running out to the kitchen. As she felt her way in the semi-darkness of the predawn light, she heard the door open and saw Anna’s silhouette. 

“Hey Bay-bee!” Anna’s excited voice sang out in the still early morning air. Molly wrapped her arms around her dear friend, holding her tight, happy for her to have arrived safely. Turning the kitchen light on, they discover that there is a breakfast laid out on the table for them. Lucy had been busy during the night. Freshly baked croissants arranged neatly on a large wooden chopping board, together with slices of ham, Swiss cheese, tomato and spiced beetroot jam, and a pot of coffee brewing on the wood stove.

“Oh yum, thanks Molly, I am starving!” Anna exclaimed sitting down at the table and helping herself to a croissant.

“Where is Patrick?” Molly asked.

“He’s right here, next to me,” says Anna, patting the chair seat beside her. “Stop looking for him in the Physical Molly. Remember how you see Grace.” With this reminder, Molly closed her eyes briefly and on opening them she was able to see Patrick sitting in the chair next to Anna. “Beg your pardon Patrick. Welcome home. After all, this is just as much your home as ours. Well, I guess, actually it has been your home for longer. And of course there is Lucy. Lucy where are you? Oh now I am rambling!” Molly laughed, babbling with excitement. Anna almost choked on a mouthful of croissant, pointing towards the doorway leading up the hall, and Molly turned to see Will, standing naked in the kitchen, still too sleepy to realise that they had company. Bleary-eyed and more than half-asleep,  he said drowsily to Molly, “You said something about someone?” 

Trying to contain her laugh behind her hand, Molly gathered herself and said gently, “Um, Will…Honey… Anna and Patrick are home.”

“Oh hello!” Will replied sleepily and  turned around and walked back up the hall and into their bedroom. Molly shrugged her shoulders and both of the girls giggled, returning their attention to breakfast. Even Patrick was chuckling, he had never before seen anything like Will’s casualness. Moments later Will returned, dressed and with feigned surprise in seeing Anna. In a exaggerated way, he greeted her like he was completely unaware of his original ‘grande entree’. “Oh Anna, how delightful to see you. When did you arrive? How was your trip? Did you make it to Cape Reinga? Is Patrick here with you?” He asked, looking around the room and under the table, playfully.

“Oh Will, cut the crap!” Molly laughed at him. “Coffee?” she offered. 

“Oooh, yes please! Molly, croissants? Really? How long have you been up?” Will replied.

“Not me! It was all Lucy’s doing. She must be pleased to have you home Patrick?” Molly added, in-between mouthfuls.

“Oh indeed she is M’am. She is standing right here next to me.” Patrick replied. Will paused mid-mouthful, looked up from drinking his coffee, his eyebrows raised comically as even he could hear Patrick’s voice. 

“Did I…did I hear correctly? It was not my imagination, was it? Did I just hear a male Irish accent? Are you girls playing tricks on me?” Will asked nervously. And then Patrick moved his cup across the table and Will almost spat out his mouthful of coffee! Swallowing excitedly, he said, “Did you see that! The cup moved! Did anyone else see that? The cup moved!” The girls both laughed at him, and adding to his surprise he could here a male voice laughing also. Patrick thought he could have some more fun with this, but Anna caught his thoughts and said, “Go easy on him Patrick, he needs to get used to you being around again.” And Will did get to know Patrick better over the following days leading up to Christmas. Will enjoyed feeling Patrick’s presence when out in the garden and when he was working on his loft studio. The inspired thoughts had evolved into what Will could best describe as mental conversations. Although he was not quite ready to see Patrick as Anna and Molly did, he appreciated the company of his new friend. 

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