Chapter 43 – Weaving Some Magic.

The next day was Christmas Eve and Will helped the girls hang the last of the Christmas decorations along the walls of the hallway. The lounge room looked amazing, simple but beautifully decorated in the colour theme of red, white, black and green, with just a touch of gold. The tree stood proudly in the bay window. It appeared to shimmer with a life-force despite having been cut from a tree. Beneath it already was a collection of gifts wrapped in white paper adorned in red and green ribbons. Molly had insisted on a simplistic Christmas and that all presents must be hand made, giving just one gift to each other. What she had not considered was a gift for their new friends. Sitting on the floor by the tree staring out the window contemplating what she could give to Grace, Patrick and Lucy, Molly was lost in thought and did not even see Will come into the room. 

“Molly? Hello? Anybody home?” He laughed and kissed her sweetly on the cheek.

“Oh sorry Honey, was wondering what we could give Grace, Patrick and Lucy for Christmas. What can you give a ‘ghost’?”

“I have it all taken care of” Will smiled at her, not giving any indication as to what it might be.

“Tell me Will, what is it?” Molly pleaded eagerly. “You know I hate being left out of surprises,” she pouted.

“Not this time Molly, because this surprise will be for you too. I am not saying another word about it. I’ve made coffee, would you like a cup?” He said distracting her purposefully. As they walked down the hall to the kitchen, he wondered what Patrick  had organised as a diversion for the girls tonight. To which he heard a whispered reply, “It’s all taken care of, I have been to see Grace.” Now his curiosity was roused, wondering what will happen before tomorrow. There was an amazing magical feeling growing. He loved this house, and he loved living here with Molly, and even enjoyed Anna’s company. Not to mention the company of the original family he was now getting to know quite well. He shared coffee with Molly and then excused himself to finish something in the barn. He wanted some time alone to talk to Patrick.

Closing the barn door behind him, he whispered, “Patrick? Patrick? Are you here?” 

“Of course I am here, I followed you from the house!” Patrick laughed, taking Will by surprise. Jumping at the clarity of Patrick’s voice, Will laughed too, “Shit man, can you stop doing that sneaking up thing that you do!”

“Sneaking up thing? Oh no, I don’t sneak up. It is you, your energy is not consistent, but that is a hazard of being in the Physical World. This causes it to appear that I am sneaking up on you, whereas I have never left. You will get used to it.”

“Can you tell me what Grace is up to, to distract the girls tonight?” Will asked. Patrick rubbed his hands to gather excitedly, his eyes bright wiht mischief, “Oh it is brilliant Will! She is sending some young children as carollers to come and sing at the door. They will invite the girls to join them. When we are finished in The Attic, she will place a spell on the room, so that the girls will not even think of going up there,” Patrick replied, smiling cheekily.

“Awesome!” Will said, “Thanks for taking care of that Patrick. Hey, how do you think I can improve my…um…energy consistency?” Patrick smiled at him knowingly, “Meditate. As Grace would say to the girls…meditate. It helps to raise the vibrational resonance of your physical body to meet that of your spiritual body, or soul, whilst still maintaining a strong presence in the Physical World.

“Meditate? I’ve never done it before. That is always something I have left up to Molly, you know, with her work doing readings and reiki. What do I have to do?”

“We can try it now, if you would like. It is easy, well, the technique is easy. There are many different ways of doing this and some people have done years of training, but let’s start simple. May we use your loft space, less likely to get interrupted there?”

“Sure. Sounds good. Yeah…ok, now?” Will asked as he started up the rustic ladder. Each getting comfortable in a chair, Patrick guided Will into a relaxed state,  helping him to focus on his breathing. “Close your eyes and just feel the chair you are sitting on…..hear the sounds outside of this room… listen to your heart beating….and feel your breath coming in and out of the body. If your mind starts to think, just remember to breathe, or even say this in your mind….’I am breathing in, I am breathing out’ – as you are doing each breath. Or count them. But stay focussed on this. Give it all of your attention, gently.”

As Will followed Patrick’s slow, calm words, he felt his body becoming lighter and lighter. He felt relaxed and at ease, nothing bothered him in that moment. He felt warm and happy, from the inside out, and his hands became very hot and tingly. Patrick’s voice startled him, for he had drifted off. “Focusing on your breathing again, count backwards from 10……..feel your body sitting in the chair, feel the weight of your physical body and wriggle your fingers and toes, stand up and stretch. How do you feel?”

“Great! I feel so alive and relaxed at the same time. Everything looks like it is shimmering, energised, kinda like after a thunder storm. Thanks Patrick, can we do it again?”

“After Christmas celebrations, the day after, we can meet here again before breakfast. Molly will be pleased,” Patrick replied.

“Can we keep it as a surprise for her? I would like to ask her up here to mediate with us. But first I would like to get in a little practice. Maybe on the day before we go away we can ask her to join us?”

Patrick nodded and tapped the side of his nose with his finger, indicating the secret was safe with him.

Will had a question he had been contemplating for awhile now and he thought it was a good time to ask Patrick, “Patrick?”

“Yes Will,” Patrick replied, knowing what Will was about to ask him, he gave him his undivided attention.

“How come you look the age you do, and not an old man? How did you….how did you die?”

Patrick replied with a silent smile, then added, “I appear to you within the context of this situation, the house, Grace, Molly, Annabelle….I didn’t transition like most people. You see….Lucy and I left with Grace. So it appeared to everyone else that we too had disappeared, adding more intrigue to the mystery of the disappearance of Grace Forrest,” he chuckled.

“Wow! So was that any different to how other people die?” Will asked, intrigued by his new friend.

“No, not really. Most just step out of their bodies, the Spirit, their soul now free. But for us as, we are what some may call…Time Travellers, we take our bodies with us. Actually it is a process in where we are able to raise the vibrational state of it so that it ceases to exist in the Physical World but continues to do so in the Spirit World. Now I am able to fluctuate this easily, shifting my presence as I wish,” Patrick replied. “Molly is learning how to do this, as she visits The Office when you are both on a…what did Anna call it…..roadtrip?”

Will nodded in agreement and then his expression shifted to one of concern and Patrick felt his energy drop, instantly picking up on his thoughts. “Oh no Will, it is not like that! Molly will not disappear on you never to return! She will always be with you, even more so as you too become acquainted to this way of being. More people transition from the Physical World in this way than you would think!”

Will’s face relaxed, his shoulders dropped, and he replied, “Good to know. Mind if I just sit here on my own for a bit Patrick?”

“Not at all! I do beg your pardon, it is a wee bit of information to absorb. I shall leave you to it,” he winked at Will and disappeared. Will felt so excited he could hardly sit still, and yet his body felt so relaxed that he just wanted to stay in the chair and stare out the window. Something had shifted in him, and Life would never look the same again.

With the Christmas tree dressed and all of the food preparations completed, Molly, Will and Anna enjoyed an evening meal together. Whilst they finished the dessert that Anna had made, there was a knock at the door. Not expecting visitors, the three of them looked at each other and shrugged. Will sat back, having an inkling that this may well be a part of the distraction Patrick was involved in, he nodded for Molly to answer the door. Walking down the hall she could hear muffled voices and scuffling outside of the door. She was met by a large group of children all under the age of 10 and a gorgeous dog dressed in a Santa’s helper costume, their faces lit up with delight as they burst into song….

“We wish you a Merry Christmas……we wish you a Merry Christmas…..we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

As they sang on, Molly called for the others to come and see, “Oh they are so cute!” she exclaimed. The three of them hugged in the doorway surrounded by carollers, all dressed in red, green and white. After the third song they stopped and one of the mum’s behind them invited the three adults to join in. As Molly looked to Anna for her agreement, Will said, “you girls go ahead, I’d rather listen than sing – you do know how good I am at that, eh Molly!” Molly screwed up her face, looped her arm in Anna’s and they skipped like little children, out into the garden, through the gate and down the drive with the carollers. Will shut the door and laughed, he realised how perfectly this had been timed.

“Patrick? Patrick are you here?” Will asked, closed his eyes and wished to see him. Startled by a tapping on his shoulder, Will jumped, then laughed realising it was indeed Patrick. “Wow, that worked quick!” He exclaimed, and Patrick smiled knowingly. 

“Let’s get on with it, you take the chairs and tell me what else I can move upstairs, something a little lighter perhaps,” Patrick offered. Together they went into the kitchen and gathered up the table clothe, cutlery and glasses that Molly had set aside earlier in the day. Will looked a little concerned, but Patrick put his mind at ease, by waving his hand gently over these things he said, “they will be oblivious to them having been moved. All is well,” picked up the tray of plates and glasses and headed off towards The Attic whilst Will stacked a few of the Bentwood chairs from around the kitchen table. The boys had fun setting up the dinner table in The Attic. Just as Will expressed his desire with Patrick  to see Grace Forrest, they both heard a woman’s voice. Feeling like he had been caught in the act and thinking at first it was one of the girls, Will looked over his shoulder to see the source of the voice to see Grace standing there right behind him. “The silver cutlery could do with a wee buff,” she said, handing him a soft cotton clothe. Will stood there spellbound, his eyes wide open, as was his mouth. There right in front of his very own eyes were two people from the past! “I….I… oh shit…..oops…..I do beg your pardon Grace… just….kinda surprised me….” Will stuttered. Grace laughed and jiggled the clothe in front of him, “Go on, you’ll do a much better job than I can.” Will took the clothe and stood there staring at it disbelievingly. 

“Despite the amount of magic in this room, the silver won’t clean itself, it does need your help,” she encouraged, chuckling quietly. “And having any disbelief will weaken our presence William, so hop to and lift up that energy of yours!” Will’s doubt quickly shifted to excitement as he began to accept what his logic mind had been resisting. Together the three of them created a magical setting for the very unique Christmas they were about to share. 

“I want an extra setting at the end of the table,” Grace requested, “Opposite me,” she smiled and winked at Patrick. “We have a special guest joining us,”  and turning away from them ended any further enquiries as to whom it may be. Will thought it was for Lucy, but there were already six places set. Molly had prepared enough for 8. Did she know something that Will was unaware of? 

“Some surprises are best left for the magic of Christmas Day!” exclaimed Grace, who dusted off her hands, placing them on her hips she nodded her head in satisfaction and then disappeared. Patrick looked out the dormer window, having heard the girls voices coming up the drive and said, “It’s time for me to go too. See you tomorrow Will,” Patrick winked at him and vanished. Will looked around the room and smiled. Then he heard Grace’s voice but was not able to see her, “All of this delight will be invisible to the girls tonight,” and with a bright flash, the light turned off and Will was left standing in the dark. Waiting for his eyes to adjust, he then stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen to put the kettle on, pretending to be calm and having just woken from a nap.

The girls came down the hall, singing the last of a song and laughing. “Oh Will, that was such fun! The children have beautiful voices and are such an inspiration, nothing held them back, we were dancing down the road to the neighbours house and on into the village. One of the mum’s gave us a lift back and you will never guess what her name was!” Molly paused waiting for an answer from Will…..” Ummm….Molly?” he asked hesitantly.
“Noooo! It was Grace! Can you believe it?” Molly replied. 

“Nahhhh! Really?” He exclaimed playfully, chuckling at the suggestiveness of all of this and the possibility of where it was all coming from. What was The Attic, and who was Grace Forrest? Somehow, he knew something very unique was to be revealed to them tomorrow.

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