Chapter 44 – The Magic Of Christmas and More

Will woke to the sound of giggling and whispering coming from Anna’s room. Molly was already awake and had snuggled up with Anna in her bed, like two excited school girls. He laid in bed for a moment longer relishing in the delightful sound. This Christmas did have a certain kind of magical feel to it. 

With thoughts of making breakfast for them, Will tiptoed out to the kitchen to find that a sumptuous breakfast banquet was laid out on the kitchen table. Lucy had been busy  during the night again. But Will did notice one thing….the missing chairs. Oops! He hurried out the backdoor to the barn to see what he could find. He had a  collection of older Bentwood chairs awaiting  Molly’s attention for restoration. “These should do the trick,” said a voice from inside as he walked through the door. It was Patrick and he had gathered up the old chairs “Hey Patrick, these old things, really? Can we use them?” Patrick had a twinkle in his eye indicating they were exactly what they needed. “Can you join us for breakfast?” Will invited him. 

“Thank you, but I’ll just be the silent observer, until dinner,” Patrick replied. “Quickly now, before the girls are up,” he followed Will back into the kitchen. When he had placed the old chairs around the kitchen table, Patrick waved his hand over them and said, “By the power of Light, make it right. All is as it should be.” And with a twinkle of light which danced around each chair Will could not tell the difference between the rickety old chairs awaiting restoration  and what was originally in the kitchen. 

“How do you do that?” he asked Patrick, amazed. 

“Just one of the privileges of being in the World Between Worlds,” Patrick replied smugly, standing with his hands on his hips, looking very pleased with himself. He could hear the sound of the girls voices coming closer. “Must go now. Farewell until dinner!” Patrick left Will staring at the table, still unable to grasp what had happened. Luckily for him the girls would have perceived his puzzled looks as a reaction to the delicious spread awaiting them on the table. Squealing and running down the hall like small children, Molly leapt into the kitchen and wrapped herself around Will.

“Merry Christmas my beautiful angel,” she said kissing him passionately. Anna looked on with adoration. She was so happy to see Molly content with her life. It had been void of intimacy up until meeting Will and she so deserved this. And then she felt the sensation of hands around her own waist, of being cuddled from behind, and heard a whisper, “Merry Christmas my darlin’.” It was Patrick! Anna smiled, closed her eyes and focussed on his presence, returning the sentiments in her mind.

After breakfast they exchanged gifts and began to prepare for Christmas Dinner. The atmosphere in the house was electric. Anna walked into the kitchen to find Molly rummaging through the pantry and the cupboards in the kitchen. 

“What are ya doin’ bay-bee?” Anna sang playfully. 

“I know I had them all set out to dress the table and now I can’t find them,” Molly replied flustered.

“Find what?” asked Anna.

“”The cutlery and crockery. I had set them aside on a tray yesterday and now I can’t find them. Wiiiill? Will! Honey where are you?” Molly called out as she walked down the hall looking for him. She saw him coming down the stairs, looking very sheepish, Molly asked him if he had seen the tray. “And what are you doing upstairs?” To which he replied, “Um, uh….taking the tray upstairs…..” His voice trailed off, attempting to cover his tracks. “There is something I want to show you,” he took Molly’s hand and lead her up the stairs. He stopped her at the landing before opening the door, Will said, “Close your eyes and follow me. Don’t open them until I say. Promise?” To which Molly nodded in agreement, her face beaming with excitement. ‘What had he organised?’ she wondered. Turning her around to face the table, beautifully decorated for dinner, he said, “Surprise!”

“Oh!!” exclaimed Molly, opening her eyes to the scene before her which took her breath away. “Will, it is beautiful! Oh thank you. But why is it up here, why are we not dining downstairs in the kitchen?” Will’s answer was a nod of his head towards the table, “count the chairs,” he suggested.

“But….whose’s joining us for dinner? What have you been up to William Ferguson!” she scolded playfully.

“Why else would we need to be dining up here in The Attic?” he prompted. A look of pure delight swept over Molly’s face as she realised he had done this so that Grace could join them. Emotion welled up and tears made her eyes sparkle.

“Will, you are amazing! I love you! This is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you!” She hugged him tight and kissed him with all the love she felt in her heart. It was a  very, long kiss…

Lost in that kind of moment only lovers understand, they were interrupted by Anna calling from the hallway, “Molly? Will? Where are you? Oh please don’t be making love now! Can someone answer me so that I know that it is safe to move from here? Molly! Will! Stop teasing,” she pouted playfully.

“Wooooohhhhh, I am the Ghost of Christmas Past!” Will called from upstairs. Anna smiled and ran up the stairs to join them, but stopped in her tracks when she saw the intricately decorated table. Grace had been adding her own favourite pieces to the room, a pair of silver candelabra’s and special Victorian Christmas ornaments  made from silver and cut crystal.

“Oh wow! Will did you do this?” Anna asked excitedly. “This is magical!” she exclaimed, “and so beautiful. It is like a childhood dream!” Anna was awestruck at the vibrant magic she saw and felt in the room. Everything sparkled. Astonished, she sat on the floor and looked around her in amazement. The room glistened like it had been dowsed in fairy dust. The three of them held the moment, precious to them all. Their thoughts directed at Grace, so strong was the desire that she became visible to all of them. 

“Merry Christmas my family. Welcome Home!” Grace greeted them.

Will, Molly and Anna were all lost for words, staring at Grace like Jesus, Mary and Joseph themselves had just entered the room.

“Why so surprised? Had you not all wished for this? To experience the child-like spirit of Christmas with family? Well, our family goes far beyond the limitations of this Time and Space reality. We have known each other for many, many life times. Have you not already realised this, or at least contemplated it? I have threaded enough clues into your recent life experiences,” Grace laughed, the three of them now all sitting on the floor with their  eyes and mouths wide open in astonishment, looking very much like small children that had just seen Santa come down the chimney.

“I wonder who will be joining us for Dinner?” Grace teased, and vanished. No one moved for quite awhile, wide eyes blinking in amazement.  

“Unfortunately, dinner will need to be brought to the table by those of you in the physical, I am not able to help you with that one,” chuckled Grace. Like a spell had broken, the three of them stood up and with growing excitement went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare the meal and bring it upstairs to The Attic. Speechless, they busied themselves, individually contemplating what they had just encountered. The silence was broken by Molly giggling. “I could never have dreamt of anything like this!” she exclaimed.

Placing the last article on the table, a dish of spiced apple sauce, Molly sat down to join Will and Anna. A contented smile on her face, she looked around the table, and the room, taking in the delights. This truly was, after all, a magical moment in Time. But there was news to come that would surprise them even more. Holding hands, Molly wanted to say a prayer of appreciation for everything that was before them, for their special bond, for the house and for this incredibly special room. “And,” she added, “for Lucy and her amazing treats that have appeared just at the right time, and for Patrick and the magical ways in which he has helped Will around the house. And of course, for Grace Forrest, without her, none of us would be here.” She suggested to the others to close their eyes just for a moment and think only of these three amazing spirit beings. They opened their eyes to find that they were not alone at the table! In the chair at one end of the table was Grace, beside her on one side was Lucy, and on the other side of her was Patrick, and next to him was Anna. Molly and Will sat on the opposite side of the table. But there was still an empty chair at the other end of the table, opposite Grace, who smiled knowingly. Anna squeezed Patrick’s hand under the table, and Lucy smiled silently. Molly had never heard her speak. Reading her thoughts, Patrick apologised for Lucy’s absence of voice, ‘“Lucy has never spoken verbally since she was born into her previous life. I don’t think about it any more because we just read each others thoughts.” They looked at each other and smiled.

Grace interrupted, “Before we commence our meal, I would like to give thanks also. For  the willingness of you all to be here collectively in this moment in Time. And to the man who has instigated all of this… beloved Callum.” As Grace said this, the room filled with a brilliant white light, forcing them all to close their eyes against the intense glare. When the glow subsided and they were able to focus their eyes again, there sitting at the end of the table opposite Grace, was her precious husband, Callum Forrest! The love that flowed between them was phenomenal. Molly had never seen before how love could be so visible, as a field of energy. Everyone at the table was touched by the combined presence of these amazing souls. Grace indicated for Callum to carve the roast. As he handed a plate to each of them, he also exchanged an incredible energy. The room was electric. Spellbound, they absorbed the experience, soaking it up, enjoying it all – the meal and the company they were sharing. There was no room nor no need to exchange words. When they had finished the main meal, Callum cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair, holding a glass of champagne up for a toast, demanding everyone’s attention. 

In a thick Irish brogue, he said, “I have come to not only share this incredible Christmas dinner – thank you girls (he bowed his head in appreciation). It is time to share with you a story.  The story of this house and this very room we are sitting in.

On our wedding day in Ireland, we were confronted by a leprechaun. He had a message for us. He told us of how we have known each other for many life times and will share many more to come. However, there was a specific purpose for our union at that time. Grace had agreed to forsake the experience of motherhood in exchange for being a spiritual guardian, that she would have many children, none of which would actually be in the Physical World. And that at a particular time and place, she would become the Gatekeeper of the Time Portal, the doorway to the World Between Worlds. He bestowed to us a house. It was a miniature house, small enough to fit in a carry-all box. He told us that we would be guided to a special piece of land, across the oceans, far from here, and we would know it when we saw it. All we needed to do was place the house in a clearing on the land, and make a wish for eternal love, and it would become our new home.

My work took us to New Zealand, where we indeed did find that special piece of land. Gifted to us by the local Maori people, who knew the significance of this place and of our calling to New Zealand. They had been expecting us.  We did as the leprechaun had instructed, place the tiny house on the land. Before our very eyes the house transformed in size. After establishing our home, for many years, I travelled at sea, returning to my beloved Grace, ever so pleased to see her each time, and brought back for her beautiful gifts from many, many different cultures to decorate our home. Patrick and Lucy had come with us from Ireland, having worked for us on our estate there. I trusted them to look after my Grace whilst I was away. We wrote many letters to each other. One day Grace shared with me a dream she had had, that my ship was in a ferocious storm and the ocean I so loved kept me. She pleaded with me not to return to the sea, her being so affected by the dream. But alas I did and so it did, the ocean that I loved, took me and me ship. I did not return to New Zealand again, well, not in a physical form. (He looked fondly at Grace, holding her gaze for a  long pause).

“And then the leprechaun paid Grace another visit, telling her how we could converse by writing. Whilst she grieved she would write to me and I would in turn reply, creating a story written by use both. I shared with her information that could only have come from someone in Spirit.  Over the weeks and months she waited more patiently for me to return for her, knowing that one day it would be time for her also to leave the Physical World, and return to The Spirit World with me. And it was so. I did return, and she did come with me. It was then that she was reminded of the Sacred Contract that she had agreed to prior to this incarnation, when she was to be the Gate Keeper here in this portal, The Attic room, assisting and guarding those coming and going from the Physical World to the Spirit World, and the many who dwelt here in-between. 

Her dear sister and her daughter, typically superstitious, did not handle Grace’s disappearance well at all. Hence clearing the house of furniture and boarding it up together with my library of books on spiritualism and the staircase, the only access to The Attic room. Mystery surrounded the house for many years and it was not until Grace’s great niece’s passing that the house was legally released of a binding agreement that her Great Aunt and mother had created. Thankfully, her superstition had actually protected the house, keeping it untouched, waiting for the right people at the right time…that being you, Molly and Will.” Callum paused, refilling his glass, obviously enjoying this long awaited encounter.

“Molly, I have watched on as Grace has woven the story for you, creating experiences that have brought information to your awareness. Do you understand now, your contribution in all of this?”

“Kind of, sort of….a little. I understand that somehow The Grace’s are all linked, and that  my granny and myself are also apart of this,” Molly replied.

Callum continued, “The other Grace’s, and your granny and you included, are all the spiritual children Grace was promised. As you are becoming more aware of, here in the Spirit World, things are defined very differently. There is not the separation as is experienced in the Physical World. And how we relate to each other is very different. Now is not the time or place to be going into great explanations of the functionalities and dynamics of the Spirit World, or Heaven as some may prefer to call it. However, there is a job at hand, and one to be inherited. Spiritual Inheritance far surpasses any agreement made in the Physical World, of biological inheritance. It cannot be broken, ignored or refused. 

Molly, the time is coming soon for Grace to return Home with me. I believe there is a journey to the South Island for you that is of great importance, and another to the North Island – as the gathering of the Lost Souls and Forgotten Stories, and for the release of these Lost Souls at the northern cape, Cape Reinga. Argh, what a special place that be! Once these journeys are completed, and you and Will are satisfied to settle here, I will return. And Grace will accompany me Home. Your responsibility Molly will be to continue in Grace’s place, as Gate Keeper of the World Between Worlds.” Callum stopped, aware of the plunge in Will’s energy, as the colour drained from his face. Callum began to laugh, which distracted Will long enough to regain a little more of his energy. “No need for concern young William! Molly will be staying here with you in the Physical World for many years to come. However, she will require your support whilst she works with these Spirit Beings as they come and go. She is to maintain the Lightforce energy that keeps this place active. Grace will prepare her for this over the preceding months prior to her departure. 

Now, if you will pardon us, Grace and I have some catching up to do.”

The others gathered up the plates and remaining food and took them back down to the kitchen, leaving Grace and Callum to enjoy The Attic on their own.

“Oh my love, how I have missed being with you in this way…..” Callum’s voice trailed off, as he closed the door to The Attic behind them.

In the kitchen, Will, Molly and Anna started cleaning up. None of them able to find the words to discuss what they had just witnessed, the washed the dishes and tided up in silence. With the kitchen clean and tidy, as Molly placed the table clothe, napkins and tea towels in the washing, her phone chimed. It was a message from her mum, which read, “Called by for a surprise Christmas, sorry you weren’t home. But the display of lights in the upstairs room were impressive. Staying at The Seafarers Bach  B&B in the village. Call me when you get this message. Love Mum xo.”

Molly looked at the message bewildered. She read it out aloud to the others and said, “What does she mean we weren’t home? We were dining upstairs. Did anyone not hear a knock at the door?” Will and Anna looked at each other and shook their heads, slightly perplexed.  Patrick and Lucy were no longer visible. They had nothing to do with what was happening now. 

“And what does she mean about the Christmas lights up stairs. We didn’t put any up in The Attic!” Molly exclaimed. “I think I need a cup of coffee,” she said putting the kettle on, feeling her head swooning from what she thought was too much champagne.

After coffee and feeling more sober, Molly rang her Mum and arranged for her to come and share supper later that evening, around 7pm. There was more than enough food left to do another meal easily. She took Will’s hand and led him out into the garden. “Come for a walk, I need to clear my head. Maybe I had a little too much champagne…”

“Molly, you only had one glass and a half a one at that. Don’t you think it was more from what we experienced up there in The Attic?” Will reassured her.

“Oh my god Will, can you believe it? You saw it all too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes Molly I did. And I cannot find the words to talk about it just now. I feel so……blissed out…so….in awe of…….so…..grateful. What Callum had to say has put a whole new view on the house and our ‘invisible’ house mates. And of the books you are to write. And of our road trip south. And now I know we have one to do up north too. And now…I am starting to ramble!” Will laughed at himself. “Are you excited Molly? I am!! We always said that we did not want to live an ordinary life! Your wish is my command,” and he bowed dutifully towards Molly’s feet. 

“It doesn’t scare you off Will? After all, it is a bit spooky, even to me!” Molly asked.

“Nah, bring it on, I say!” Will wrapped his arms around Molly, holding her tight. “I am here to protect you, that’s my job. And love you – that’s the easy part!”

“Oh Will, I love you too – more and more!” Molly replied.

Molly’s mum arrived punctually – 7pm as arranged. Tessa was always on time, unlike Molly. Tessa brought with her someone she was wanting Molly to meet. Angus was a tall, good looking man who appeared somewhat younger than her mum, probably closer to Molly’s own age. After a light supper, Tessa told them how she and Angus had met at a Spiritualist Church meeting, and recognised each other immediately. Molly was so surprised that her mother would even attend a meeting like that, let alone admit to a spiritual connection with another man! Tessa took Molly aside. “Oh Molly I am so happy! Can you believe it? We recognised each other from the moment we met. We looked at each other and I saw it in his eyes. I said, “it’s you isn’t it!” Molly – Angus is the soul which we knew to be your father! He is Sean reincarnated!”

Well, that was just too much in one day for Molly and her knees went weak and she crashed to the floor. The noise got the attention of the others and Will was beside her in an instant, “Anna get her a glass of water. There is Rescue Remedy in the bathroom cupboard,” he instructed as he sat on the floor and held Molly, reassuring her. Looking up at Molly’s mother, he said, “What did you say to her?”

“Oh Will, there is nothing to be worried about, it is good news. It will just take her a moment to get used to the idea, that’s all,” Tessa laughed calmly. Molly had never seen her mum so at ease. This in itself reflected some truth in what she had been telling her.

“It’s been an extraordinary day Tessa, you won’t mind if I take Molly to bed and we can catch up again at lunch tomorrow.” Will excused himself as he led Molly to their bedroom. Tessa turned to Anna and whispered, “Is she pregnant?” Anna nearly choked on a mouthful of mince pie. Clearing her throat and having a drink of water before continuing, she explained briefly. “We have had an exceptionally extraordinary Christmas celebration. I think maybe Molly will feel more able to tell you about it after a good sleep. If you will excuse me too, I am going to make them some hot cocoa. Good night Tessa (giving her a hug) and pleased to meet you, Angus (she reached out to shake his hand). You are most welcome to call back tomorrow,” Anna said as she ushered them up the hall to the front door. “Maybe for lunch, yes? Say….1pm? Nice, we’ll see you then. Good night.” Anna gently pushed them out the door, closing it firmly behind them. Leaning against the door heavily, she sighed with relief. Outside on the verandah, Tessa turned to Angus, slightly startled and said, “How interesting. What an intriguing day.” Angus, excited by the whole unfolding of events, took Tessa in his arms and kissed her passionately. This always rose a mischievous feeling within her, a sparkle from the inside out. Instantly she felt more at ease. Together they walked with their arms wrapped around each other, down the tree-lined driveway, towards their car parked out on the road giggling like they had had too much champagne.

Late into the night, up in The Attic, Grace and Callum enjoyed each others company in this World Between World, part physical and all spirit. “I feel like a fairy godmother,” Grace whispered. “That is because you are my Darling, indeed, that you are…” Callum whispered back.  “Is it time to invite Molly’s mother and father up here when they next visit?” and she chuckled quietly. “Love that bit of mischief, bringing those two together again! Yes, I think they are ready for this. Well they will have to be, for it is Time. The lining up of events is just as it has been intended. Destiny is at play now.” And she snuggled down on the daybed with Callum, resting her head on his chest, his arms holding her, enjoying Grace’s presence. Callum was only permitted to visit The Attic for designated purposes, and this was one of them. Despite the absence of the measurement of Time in the Spirit World, he cherished the moments where he was able to be here in this space, this world between worlds with his beloved Grace.

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