Chapter 45 – Soul Family.

The next morning, everyone woke with the sensation of a hang over, even though there had not been much alcohol consumed by any of them. Molly rolled over and kissed Will. “Good morning my beautiful angel,” she smiled sleepily. “I think coffee is a must this morning.” She got out of bed, wrapped her bathrobe around her and stumbled out into the kitchen to find Anna already up, sitting at the table with her head on her arms, moaning.  “Ugh! What is this horrid feeling? I only had a glass of champagne!” she grumbled. “Tell me about it!” Molly agreed. The sound of something tumbling down the stairs interrupted their conversation. It made the noise of a small hard object hitting each step, until it got to the bottom, rolled across the floor and stopped at their feet. They looked at each other, puzzled. It was an old fashioned glass marble, made from a beautiful shade of dark blue glass with white swirls inside of it. It was slightly smaller than a golf ball. Smiling at Anna, she picked it up. Taking her coffee cup, she invited Anna to join her, “Coming up? I think Grace wants to see us.” Feeling more awake now, they wandered up the stairs to The Attic, where they found Grace and Callum sitting at the table.

“Good day to you both,”  Callum welcomed them. Standing up as they entered the room,  he bowed his head slightly. 

“Good day to you, kind sir!” Molly replied, curtsying playfully.

Grace smiled at them both, “We thought you may be wanting a little explanation, an understanding of the recent encounters.”

“Oh please do. We feel like crap!” Molly replied, and correcting herself politely, “I mean we are feeling very unwell today, as if we had over-consumed.”

Grace laughed, “Oh Molly! Just be yourselves! You don’t need to talk as we do to be understood.” Molly physically relaxed. “Now, that is better, yes?” Both the girls nodded in agreement.

“Sit back and we shall explain it as best as we can. Yesterday’s luncheon, Christmas dinner was extraordinary, even for us. To have Callum here was very special and an indicator of Divine Timing. It is Time for us to bring you all together. Hence the arrival of your mother and ‘father’ (she accentuated). During our time together yesterday, you had all moved through the portal into the World Between Worlds. It may have still appeared as The Attic to you all, however that is the nature of this space. You were for that time not visible in the Physical World, hence your mother knocking at the door and not being able to find you, nor you being able to hear her. She was able to see the light upstairs here, that was the only physical appearance. You had all taken on your true form, of Soul Lights, emanating an incredible Lightforce energy, illuminating the room. Your mother and father have been guided here to share with you this portal. Today, when they come to visit, you are to bring them up here to meet us and experience it for themselves. 

The reason you were feeling so unwell this morning, is because you have now experienced the contrasting difference between the denser vibrational state of Physical World and the lighter vibration of The Spirit World. And the heaviness  of living with the effects of the Law of Gravity. It is the variation of the vibrational speed of the molecular structures moving through Time and Space, into a non-gravitational dimension and back again. If water was able to tell you what it felt like changing from ice to liquid to steam and back to ice again, it would describe how you are feeling this morning. Coming through the portal here will feel like that until you become familiar with the adjustment. Understanding this will help alleviate any unpleasant symptoms you may feel, and yes the remedy known to you as Rescue Remedy will help. Several drops in a glass of water and sipped will be of benefit. Eventually, it will not be required. Do you have any questions?” Grace concluded.

“Oh yes I do!” exclaimed Molly. “Who is Angus? Really Grace, who is he?

“Angus is the reincarnation of the soul you knew as Sean – your biological father, Molly,” Grace replied simply, to which Molly sat back in her chair and contemplated this deeply for a moment. After yesterday, she had decided that nothing was going to surprise her anymore. She trusted Grace and whatever she had to say. And she believed her now. Grace continued to explain, “ Two years ago Angus McFarlane had a motor vehicle accident where he was in a coma for a month and experienced a return to the Spirit World, where he consented to a Divine Agreement to exchange souls with Sean. His soul now resides in the Higher Realms allowing his body to be the vehicle for the soul you know as Sean. And yes, Angus is very much aware of who he is and his relationship to your mother. He regained consciousness with Sean’s memory completely intact. It took him one year to physically adjust and one year to find Tessa. He had become a topic of interest with the medical department, and underwent rigorous observation, testing and examination by the medical and psychological doctors. For six months they did a study of his recollections. He is in the process of writing a book about his experiences, called ‘Soul Memory’. Pay attention to your mother today Molly and see what a positive effect this reunion is having. Any other questions?”

“Yes. Grace, what is to become of my relationship with Patrick?” Anna asked. To this, Grace’s face lit up. “Ah! Now here is an intriguing relationship, one I have never encountered before! Indeed very exciting!” with a sparkle in her eyes, she rubbed her hands together gleefully. “But I cannot tell you what the outcome is.”

Anna sank into her chair, deflated. Grace was teasing her just a little. “Well, there is a little  I can share with you. There is Destiny at play here. Your relationship is an eternal one. This is the first life time you have not shared in the Physical World together. However, the encounter you are having is unique, as is your awareness of it. You will continue to relate together as you have been, your connection to this house, and The Attic is also important, for you are to assist Molly in the work that is destined for her. Patrick is your soulmate and he will continue to share the Physical World through you in the way you have been experiencing, and this too will grow and evolve. Your time will come to return to Spirit as I did with Callum.”

“You mean, I will just vanish?” Anna looked at her aghast.

“How you will leave the planet is yet to be revealed, it is not my place to inform you of this. Enjoy the many years ahead of you, and there are many,’ Grace smiled knowingly.

“If that is all, you best be getting yourselves ready for your visitors,” she reminded the girls.

With a look of excited anticipation Molly drank the last of her cold coffee, grabbed Anna’s hand, excusing themselves and raced down stairs, calling out to Will, “Will, Will? Are you awake? Where are you?” Molly ran from room to room looking for him, even outside into the garden and the barn. Where was he? Then she stood still and asked in her head, “Where are you William Ferguson, where are you hiding?” And then she received the image of him lying very flat in the bed with the duvet scrunched up on top. That was exactly where she found him, awake and laughing at her treasure hunt around the house. He pulled her into bed and under the duvet with him, tickling her. Squealing, she managed to pull herself away from him. “Will! Mother will be here in….oh my god! Less than an hour. Gotta have a shower, quick!” she said throwing back the bed covers revealing his naked body. “Damn it! Wish we had more time,” she sighed and dashed off to the bathroom. 

Tessa and Angus arrived at precisely 1pm. Molly was ready, having thrown together a delicious spread from the last left overs from yesterday’s Christmas dinner. “Molly, do you want me to take a walk whilst your mum is here?” Anna offered. 

“Please stay, remember Grace said it was important for all of us to be here. You too are an important part of whatever is being revealed,” Molly answered. 

“So are you going to show me around this amazing house of your’s Molly or do I have to invite myself?” Tessa had appeared in the hallway, Angus following her in through the front door.

“Hi Mum, it is good to see you!” Molly hugged her mum, and hesitantly hugged Angus. “Please forgive me, but I would rather call you Angus than Dad.”

“I understand, no worries,” he replied. “I realise it may seem a little weird. I am still getting used to a different body!” he laughed a little nervously. “Please, Angus, do feel welcomed. I am sure we will get used to this.” She could see him relax a little at her reassurance.

The others left Molly and Tessa to explore the house together. Will was so pleased to see them like this, happy and excited to see each other. Will took Angus out to the barn to show him the loft studio. Will was still feeling awkward about the whole reincarnation thing. He had thought that he believed in it, however now that he was witnessing it for himself, he found that he was really fascinated with it. As he talked more with Angus, he began to feel at ease. Earlier in his life, Angus had studied architecture in Wellington and was keenly interested with what Will had done to the barn. Having discovered a common interest, conversation began to flow more easily. When there was a pause, Will took advantage and started the conversation he was really curious about.

“Angus, how did you know that it was Tessa? What was it like when you first saw her?” Will enquired. “Oh sorry man, is it ok to talk about this?”

Angus laughed a little nervously, “Yeah sure. I am happy to talk with someone who is willing to listen and understand. I had always been curious as to what a spiritualist church was like and had been attending the local gathering at Paraparaumu. It had felt like coming home, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I felt at ease. At each meeting they like to welcome and introduce anyone new. This day, they introduced Tessa. I knew who she was as soon as I saw her, like it was only last week. It was difficult to sit  still through the service and meditation and the readings, but then the chosen Medium said they had a message for someone called Tessa. They told her that her soulmate was here in the room and she would know who it was without a doubt. The Medium called her up on the stage and suggested that she look around the room to see if there were any familiar faces. Shyly, she stood next to him and scanned the audience. I remember saying in my head, ‘It’s me, Tessa, it’s Sean! They call me Angus now.’  I  recall my energy being so hot, I felt like I was all lit up. And then her eyes found me and silently the tears welled up and she whispered, ‘Oh it’s you, isn’t it! It really is you!’ She came down the stairs and straight over to me. Holding out her hands, she took mine and we both knew the truth in each others eyes. She recognised my eyes! The room was humming with the immense energy of love, and everyone sat still, silently captivated by this reunion.” Will heard Angus’s voice choke up with emotion even now. “It was an awesome moment being surrounded by people who really understood what we were experiencing. Then they all started clapping and cheering.” Angus went silent, overwhelmed by strong emotion, he was lost for words. Will’s heart resonated with his and he hugged Angus, holding him whilst he sobbed, relief washing over him. 

“Will? Angus? Are you in here?” they were interrupted by Molly and Tessa looking for them.

“All good here?” Molly looked surprised to see the guys hugging. Angus swiped away the tears and he looked at Molly and burst into tears again. “Oh my little angel, I never thought I would get this opportunity! You do understand don’t you?” Angus asked.

To which Molly replied by taking Angus’s hands and looking closely at them. For a man she had not physically met before, there were aspects of him that were definitely her dad.  His eyes said it all, and more than just a feeling, much more than that, it was a knowing in her heart. Her mum had shared their story as they walked around the gardens and house. Like a small child she wrapped her arms around the tall mans neck and whispered in his ear for only him to hear, “Welcome home Dad.” Tessa took Will’s hand and lead him back to the kitchen, wanting to leave Angus and Molly to talk.

It was sometime before Angus and Molly joined the others. Hand in hand they walked through the door, Anna, Will and Tessa already having started lunch. “Couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to leave you guys for awhile. Help yourselves, we did!” said Tessa. They all sat down together, enjoying  the lovely food and casual conversation of a much lighter topic. With everyone full and contented, Will offered to make coffee, after which Molly took her mum by the hand and said, “I have someone I would like you to meet. I would like you all to come, you too Angus.” And they followed her up the stairs. Tessa was delighted to be finally coming up to The Attic, as Molly had diverted her attention every time she asked about the stairs. Entering the room, Molly saw that Grace had arranged six chairs in a circle, and had lit a candle on the writing bureau. Unsure of what to do, she asked them all to take a seat. 

“I don’t want to explain anything just yet, but please share a meditation with me.” She guided them quickly into a relaxed state of being, preparing their minds to receive Grace’s presence. She knew when they all opened their eyes that Grace would be sitting with them. The meditation was to help them relax, lift the vibrational frequency of their energy and allow them to enter the portal. Grace, not wanting to shock them out of the encounter, did not speak, just smiled and nodded to each one of them, acknowledging them individually and sending them the information of who she was telepathically….that to begin with she introduced herself as Molly’s guardian angel. They all sat in awe of her presence, speechless and spellbound by the immense beauty of her energy. Grace closed her eyes, indicating for the others to do the same, leading them back to their bodies sitting in the chairs in the Physical aspect of The Attic, no different in appearance than what they had just experienced in the World Between Worlds.

As they opened their eyes, none of them spoke, just stared at the empty chair. Tessa looked at Molly and was only able to say one simple word, “Wow!” Will smiled, and Anna clapped her hands with excitement like a small child. Angus smiled knowingly at Molly and then to Tessa. He was totally accepting of this, having visited the World Between Worlds after his accident. Tessa was still stunned. Molly got up and placed several drops of Rescue Remedy into a glass of water for her mother, and handed it to her, instructing her to just sip it until she felt better. The others went back down stairs leaving Tessa and Molly alone.

After a long silence, Tessa whispered, “That was Grace?” her eyes wide with bewilderment. Molly nodded in agreement. “Yes Mum. That was Grace.” 

Back in the kitchen, Will put the kettle on. Angus sat down at the table with the biggest smile on his face, shaking his head slowly. Anna looked at him with curiosity. “What is it Angus?”

He took a deep breath and said, “I have never held back with the things that I see or have sensed, despite people thinking I am weird or crazy. I have met that lady before! Not since I have been in this life, but I do recall some things when I was in the coma. I was not surprised to see her and I could hear her talking in my head whilst we were meditating. She whispered, “Remember dear one, remember who you are and know it to be true. Keep your focus. You are with family now!” Anna was intrigued and wanted to get to know this interesting person better. “You know Angus, Molly and Will are going away next week, heading south to Wellington and then on to the South Island, maybe they can catch up with you, hey Will?” 

“Yeah, that would be cool. And Angus, you and Tessa are welcome to come and stay with Anna if you would like to. However, I am not sure about you visiting The Attic, we would need to check in with Grace, you know, respectfully so,” offered Will. Angus’ face lit up. He loved where all of this was taking him, since reuniting with Tessa. This intuitive, spiritual side of his life was his priority and he loved how he was being guided to more like-minded people. Anna looked up to see Molly and Tessa hugging in the hallway. Her heart leapt with a joy that she could feel radiating from her body. Will followed her gaze and he too felt it, as did Angus. The energy was visible to all of them, a swirling of iridescent colours, like the Northern Lights, only more opaque. They all stood still watching this interaction of energy. Then Anna began to giggle, and it was contagious. Joyful laughter resonated through the house. It was the best Christmas any of them had ever had.

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