Chapter 46 – New Worlds

Will woke early, just as the sky was beginning to lighten. For once Molly was still in a deep sleep. He took a moment to admire her,  loving the peaceful contentedness on her face, before quietly getting out of bed. He was keen to see Patrick and do a meditation with him. Not wanting to disturb either of the girls, instead of making a coffee, he filled a bottle with rain water and went out to the barn. Up in the loft, he made himself comfortable on a large round cushion covered in Indian fabric. The first rays of the sun were colouring the grey light of pre-dawn, that delicious time of day when the night sky and stars give way to a moment of grey stillness before colour bursts across the horizon pre-empting the arrival of the sun and a new day. He understood now why Molly loves this time of day. He had never experienced it like this before. Maybe it was his heightened state of awareness from the events of the past few days. It had given him an insight into a whole new way of looking at the world. He wriggled around and found his comfy spot and did as Patrick had told him, just focussed on feeling his breath coming in and out of his body. He also set the intention of wanting to meet with Patrick, to be able to see him. With each breath he felt lighter and lighter, until his physical body felt numb. It was then he sensed a light tap on his shoulder. Opening his eyes, there before him was Patrick! Will smiled, pleased to see him and conscious of maintaining his energy in this way. Together they chatted for quite awhile, Will had so many questions he was hoping Patrick would be able to answer for him. Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of Molly calling for Will. Patrick reached out and held Will’s arm firmly. 

“Remember where you are Will!”  Patrick cautioned him. “Keep your breathing calm and be aware of your physical body. Close your eyes and count backwards from 10 before you open them again, wriggle your fingers and toes before you try to stand up. Do not let Molly distract you from this process, it is very, very important. You must reconnect with your body. Will! Are you listening to me? This is something you must do each and every time, no excuses.”

Will followed Patrick’s instruction and when he had completed his meditation, he answered her call….”I am up here Molly, in the loft.”

“What are you doing up here at this time of day Will Ferguson – this is not like you! What are you up to?” Molly climbed the stairs to find Will sitting in the lotus position on the large Indian cushion.  Molly spluttered and giggled at what she saw. “Oh I am sorry,” she chuckled. “This is so not like you!” Will looked so peaceful, not that he was a stressful kind of person by nature, but he had never shown any interest in meditation before. He smiled serenely at her and invited her to come and sit with him.

“I was planning a surprise for you, but you have caught me out. I have started meditating, and Patrick is helping me.”

“Patrick? Oh wow!” Molly said with surprise. “This is great Will! What’s it like? Tell me all about it. Can you tell me about it?”

“Sure,” replied Will, and he shared with Molly his experience meditating in  as much detail as he could recall.

Wrapping a sarong around her body, Anna wandered down the hall and into the kitchen. The house was so quiet. Molly and Will’s bedroom door was open and they were obviously not in there. She walked out into the garden, the grass still wet from the nights dew, the early morning sun was warm on her bare skin. She pulled the sarong a little tighter, wrapping it firmly around her naked body, the breeze was still cool. It was then that she heard faint voices. Anna walked into the barn, paused and listened – by the sound of their conversation she felt it was ok to join them. 

“What are you too up to at this hour of the day?” she called up the loft ladder.

“Come on up Anna, we have something to share with you,” Molly replied.

“Oh this is a sweet, cozy little soiree,” said Anna as she crawled across the floor on her hands and knees, just managing to keep her sarong wrapped around her torso. “Will when are you going to improve the access up to here?”

“I like it the way it is, keeps it interesting,” Will replied.

“Anna, guess what Will has been up to?” said Molly.

“Channeling wisdom from The Ascended Masters?” Anna suggested playfully.

“Almost,” replied Will. “I had a chat with Patrick.”

“Really?” She said surprised. And then, her faced dropped, unable to hide her disappointment  “Ohh! I thought that was just for me!” she pouted. 

Will reassured her, “Don’t worry Anna, you were not in the topic we discussed.” Will smiled lovingly at her.

“Wow, Will, how come you are so blissed-out?” Anna asked, intrigued at his response. Will had no words to describe it and just sat there smiling. So Molly spoke up, “He has been meeting with Patrick through a meditation and he can see him, and touch him too!” 

“Will, meditating? Really?” Anna was surprised. She had never known Will to do this, always brushing any invite off as it being ‘Molly’s thing’. “What was it like for you Will?” she asked, her curiosity aroused.

“Pretty much like sitting here with you. Except when we touched, it was like touching an electric fence. But he told me that will settle down the more we meet.” Will continued, “And I felt incredibly peaceful, you know, like getting stoned. He has asked to meet with me here each morning, he mentioned something about doing some preparation before we head South. I thought the trip was mainly for Molly, to help her with the next book. But he seemed to think it was important for me to be able to support her. What this actually means, I don’t know yet. Anyways…I am sure we will find out along the way. Must be lunch time or at least brunch? What happened to breakfast? I am hungry. Does anyone else want something to eat? I could whip us up something, I’ll just visit the garden and see what we can use. Molly can you put the kettle on, could do with a cup of tea,” Will had come to life, animated in his words and body language, unable to sit still now, he was charged with a new energy he had not felt before. “I am buzzing, can you tell?”

The girls replied in unison, ‘Oh no Will, we would never have guessed,” trying dismally to keep straight faces, their excitement of what was unfolding here overriding their feigned sternness, they both burst into laughter. 

There were three days before Will and Molly would start their road trip south, stopping for a couple of days at Wellington to stay with Tom and Kirsty and attend the End of Year Party with the team at The Little Book Publishing Company. Each morning Will set an alarm and went to the loft to meditate and meet with Patrick. They discussed many different subjects and each visit brought to Will a sense of peace he had never, ever experienced before. He had tried recreational drugs on occasions, but none of them even touched this as an out-of-body experience. This was far more. He felt switched on and energised – so… alive! That was the best word he could find to describe how he was feeling. Everything seemed easy, nothing seemed to stress him at all. Not that he was the stressful type, but he had allowed particular events and experiences in his life to make a lasting imprint. At last he was feeling free of these old patterns, and was able to see Life through new eyes, from a new perspective. He kept these meetings with Patrick private, only sharing some details with Molly. And she was respectful of this, not questioning him, just allowing him to share what he felt was necessary, or what Patrick may have told him to pass on. 

All of these new experiences for Will had a positive effect on his relationship with Molly, which seemed to have a natural evolution of its own, and this he found exciting too. This was something else they shared, these visits to the World Between Worlds. He explained his impression of this as best as he could to her. That it was like looking at a multi-storied office block, where there are many different businesses, different people all going about different tasks in different ways, one level on top of another, quite oblivious of each others activities, and yet sharing the same location on the planet. He was fascinated by what he was learning from Patrick, soaking up as much as he could in the couple of days that were to come. Molly had been busy herself preparing for the road trip south, and meeting with Grace in the early mornings also. Together they were getting ready for a very different kind of road trip, one like never before.

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