Chapter 47- What Dreams May Become.

On the day before they were to begin their road trip South, Molly woke before sunrise restless. She quietly got out of bed, leaving Will to get up with his alarm. She tiptoed upstairs to find The Attic room empty. She sat in the captain’s chair and sighed heavily. As much as she was excited about going away, she would also miss this house. Staring out the window, deep in thought, she was unaware of Grace standing behind her, watching. Grace admired the shift in these people she was getting to know so well. She had encountered them in different incarnations, as different personalities, and was fascinated at how over life times they would swap roles. In one life one will remain in spirit and the other will have a physical experience. They had never, ever shared a physical experience together – yet. This was the closest, Grace thought, of her having the ability to make her presence felt as almost physical and for Molly to be able to visit the World Between Worlds also. It was extraordinary, even for her. Placing her hand lightly on Molly’s shoulder so as not to startle her, she said, “Good morning my darling.” Molly smiled, continuing to look out the window, she placed her hand on top of Grace’s. The sensation tingled and made her giggle. And then she sighed again, “I will miss this room.”

“Rubbish! You will be back here just as often. Remember what it was like when you have been away from here before? That was just a practice run, a preparation for this next level, the evolution of your physical experience. Oh we will have such fun with this! Now, there is something I would like to share with you….” Grace sat down next to her, took Molly’s hand in both of hers, and sat silently for quite some time. Molly looked at her and patiently waited, getting the sense that this was something which needed her undivided attention too, something of great importance.

“Molly, this information I am about to share with you will help you significantly with the encounters which are lining up for you to experience.” Grace paused again, as if searching for the best words.

“What if Life were the dream you had already created whilst in the Spirit World, before you were born – of what dreams may become.

I know you understand, that this life you are currently living is only a minor portion of your  Soul’s experiences, and that Heaven or the Non-Physical Spirit World is where our souls dwell in-between life incarnations. This is where we choose, plan and set up the next incarnation. The best metaphor to describe this is when you plan a holiday – of when you arrive in your new life and how, your parents and siblings, the people you meet, the schools you attend, the holidays you go on, the subjects you study, who you hang out with, what you get up to, who you partner with, the children you may or may not have, the countries you visit and with whom you do this with, the houses you live in, the jobs you have. Of the varied states of wellbeing you experience, and a number of exit points where you have a choice to leave this life and return Home to Heaven if you feel you have had enough of this physical experience. And, the inevitable closure of this life and the eventual return Home. There are choices and options along the way, all of which are perfect for the soul’s experience. The soul does not need to grow or improve, for it is wisdom in itself, it knows all. It is far greater than the logic mind can ever perceive.

What you call Intuition and I like to refer to as Soul Talk, it is the communication between the soul and the conscious mind – the physical aspect of the thought process within the human body. Intuition is the transmission of information, ideas, Imagination, creative thoughts that are subtle, and for some vivid, received as Inspirational thoughts. It is how the soul downloads the next step for you to take. If you stop wanting to know what to do next or needing to know the solution to a problem and just ask for the next step to be revealed to you, the answer will come with ease. Struggle or doing it the hard way, is purely the resistance to this subtle information, a learned behaviour from others around you, instead of tuning into your inner wisdom which comes from your soul and trusting what comes as a result. It is not about creating, for the creating part has already been done in Spirit, Heaven. It is about the realisation of aligning with your inner being known as Soul, and allowing it to come into being, to play out, as already planned, into the Physical World and to be experienced through the five senses.

Your physical body is only but a small part of the Soul’s existence. Eternal in its nature, there are many, many, many lives it has had and will continue to have. The purpose of these lives, cycles, visits, experiences? You are yet to receive that information, some call it ‘the remembering of who you really are’. 

Religion, spiritual teachings are all apart of the growing thirst for knowledge of what life on Earth is all about. Each prophet, each teacher has tapped into his/her own Soul’s wisdom, imparting guidance applicable for that era of life on Earth. But the truth is, you all have that access to the answers being called for. Was this not the ultimate message within the teachings of these Masters – that the answers come from within? The only way to access your inner guidance, is through calming the mind and being open to receive the subtle stream of information from your Soul, your own Soul Talk or as some say, to listen to God.

What is that which you call the Soul? There is the need to name it something as a reference point, something you can relate to. It is your eternal nature or being, collectively it is known as God, individually as the Soul. Imagine God as the vast oceans of this planet Earth and knowing that your Soul is a single drop of water. It has its own journey, but will always remain a part of that immense mass of water. Who created the Soul, where did it come from and where does it go to? What is its purpose? These are all good questions and the answers we know that will come to you when you are ready to receive such information, and will be suitable for this era, for you and for others who are ready to receive such information.

What if the Soul is like a puppeteer and the body a puppet? Or God playing a giant chess game and your body is one of the pieces…..” Grace’s voice drifted off in contemplation of what she had just shared with Molly. Was it too much for her? No, because the desire had been there in her from an early age, and she had now lined up with it perfectly – after all, it is already in her Divine Design, her soul’s blue print.

Molly sat there with a huge smile on her face. This was all familiar to her, she had been aware of this information, it had been floating in the back of her mind for a very long time. Each time it surfaced, she would push it aside and continue to look for the answers in others. There was nothing to say, but the look on her face told Grace she had received the information well. 

“Right-o! We are done! Don’t you have bags to pack?” concluded Grace, standing up she dusted off her hands and placed them on her hips, standing so tall she appeared to fill the room, indicating that this discussion was complete. Molly stood up and hugged her, the tingling of energy rushing through her body as they embraced. “I love you Grace,” she whispered in her ear. There was no need for Grace to reply, Molly could feel it.

The following morning after breakfast with the car  packed and ready to go, Molly, Will and Anna said their goodbyes. They were all excited, with not an ounce of sadness. Anna was prepared to stay on at the house until their return, whenever that may be. Molly and Will had not set a return date, but would let Anna know as to when they were to be on their way home.

As Anna watched the car move slowly down the treelined driveway, Molly hung out the window, waving madly, and Anna felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist and the firmness of Patrick’s body pressing against hers from behind. He said quietly into her ear, “Mmmmm, I have been waiting for this moment, to be able to share this physical space with you again.” Anna turned to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling the warmth between their bodies,  she kissed him longingly.

This Chapter concludes Book 1 of The Attic.

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